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Chapter 3281

“Yes,” Christel lovingly k!ssed her daughter’s little face.

“Mummy, Daddy, and I got up very early. Daddy said to let you to sleep a little longer, so we didn’t disturb you.” Lisa said.

Is this what he said?

How could he be so considerate?

At this time, Jetter came over, “Let’s go, go back to breakfast.”

Christel felt that he was in a good mood today as if he had eaten the food he had coveted for a long time.

Maybe she was overthinking it.

The family of three came to the restaurant when the maid hurried over,

“Master, the old master called and asked you to answer.”

Jetter showed no expression and refused directly, “Not answering.”

“But…I heard that the second lady was clamoring for a stomachache and was hospitalized,”

“The old master meant to let the young master and young lady go back together.” The maid said tremblingly.

“Then you go back to the old master, there is no time.”

“No time” These two people are thrown out, it is indeed Jetter’s arrogant temperament.

He sat down and saw Christel still stunned, he looked over with one look, “Stupid? Don’t want to have breakfast?”

Christel took Lisa into the seat, she hesitated,

“The old master is very fond of the second lady’s belly.”

“The little kid in the house, last time she suffered a loss from us, she must have gone to the old master, can we really not go back?”

Jetter put a cup of hot milk in her hand, “Don’t you dislike them?”


“You are in charge of taking care of Lisa, you have nothing to do with work, there are servants at home, and you don’t have to care about anything else.”

Christel looked up at him.

“By the way,” Jetter suddenly added, “Also, your most important task is…to serve me well.”


Christel was a little moved. , but when he said these words, she instantly lost all goodwill.

“Eat quickly!”

The family of three had breakfast and planned to send Lisa to kindergarten. This time, Jetter and Christel went together.

But the old master came suddenly, and as expected, he still had to come.

“Lisa, you go upstairs first, Daddy, Mommy, and Grandpa have something to say.”

“Okay.” Lisa jumped upstairs.

The old master rushed in front of Jetter, and the one who covered his face was scolding,

“Jetter, I heard that you did something to your sister-in-law and threatened to abort the child in her stomach.”

“You are really lawless, that’s the man from our Zhang family. It is also your little nephew!”

Jetter stood tall and straight, his face a little indifferent,

“Then you go and tell her, don’t run around in front of me if she has nothing to do, or I will beat her once I see her. “


The old man was about to die of anger, and he said angrily,

“You are so dragging, you are dragging to give birth to a grandson for the Zhang family, I can’t wait to hug your son.”

On his stomach, he looked very dissatisfied.

Christel felt that she was also shot while lying down, why was it suddenly pulled on her?

“You all know that I want to hold a male grandson. If you are pregnant,”

“I will also treat you as the same. In the end, you are useless and your stomach is not good enough!”

Christel, “…”

Jetter didn’t change his expression, he stretched out his arms and hugged Christel directly in his arms,

Then hooked his lips, “Okay, old man, then you go back first and wait for our good news.”

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