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Chapter 3236

Conrad is really getting more and more excited, “This is not up to you,”

“Now you don’t want to follow me, after tonight you will be willing to follow me!”


Christel opened her mouth and bit Conrad.

Conrad felt the pain, dmn it!

He wanted to give Christel a slap in the face, but looking at her stubborn little face,

The more he looked at such a woman, the more it could arouse his desire to challenge and conquer, so it was fun.

“Come on, take her away for me and wash her well.”

“If she doesn’t take good care of me, then I’ll ask my brothers to come and have a taste of what Jetter’s woman is like,” Conrad said slyly.

The brothers present immediately became enthusiastic, “Thank you, boss!”

Christel hugged Lisa, her heart was desperate, but the more adversity her eyes became,

The firmer her eyes became, and she must find a way to escape with Lisa.

At this moment, a low and quiet voice came over,

“Conrad, have you ever asked my opinion about my woman like this?”

This voice…

Christel raised her head, and the next second was clear. Her pupils shrank suddenly, and Jetter appeared.

Isn’t he dead?

She watched him fall in a pool of blood with her own eyes.

She touched him, and he died.

How did he come back to life?

Lisa also saw her daddy, she immediately jumped up happily,

“It’s daddy! It’s my daddy here! Mommy, daddy is not dead, I did say that my daddy is very powerful!”

Jetter’s clothes were covered in blood. It was true that he was stabbed by Melisa.

Now his handsome face was very pale, but he was not dead.

He brought his men around and surrounded the place.

Conrad was dumbfounded, “Jetter, you are not dead.”

Jetter hooked his thin lips, “You are not dead, how can I die before you?”

It’s over, now that he is surrounded, Conrad understands Now, he looked at Jetter in shock,

“Jetter, you are doing it on purpose, you are planning to do it or not,”

“You are also using the tactic to delay me, you are trying to catch me on this island.”

“Conrad, it seems that you are not hopelessly stupid, yes, I’m just trying to figure it out,”

“Melisa has actually helped me a lot by joining forces with you,”

“So I didn’t need to come to you, you brought me to your door yourself.”

Conrad looked at Jetter With the blood all over his body,

He felt that this man was so fcking cruel, he wouldn’t blink his eyes when the knife stabbed him.

“Jetter, don’t be complacent, now your woman and your daughter are still in my hands!”

Conrad was about to snatch Christel.

Christel knew that she could no longer be kidnapped,

So she quickly pulled out the knife that had been hidden on her body and stabbed it into Conrad’s chest.


Conrad screamed, and he wanted to draw his weapon.

But it was too late, Jetter was already here, he stretched out his hand to protect Christel in his arms,

And then pointed the black hole at Conrad’s head.

“Close your eyes.” He whispered to Christel.

Christel immediately closed her eyes obediently and reached out to cover Lisa’s eyes.

With a bang, Conrad fell to the ground.

Conrad was dead, and his subordinates became headless.

Jetter’s subordinates quickly subdued the place and controlled the audience.

When the crisis was over, Christel breathed a sigh of relief.

She looked at the man beside her, “Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t dead, I really thought you were dead.”

At this time, Jetter couldn’t hold it any longer. He fell down.

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