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Chapter 3195

At this time, a sharp big hand buckled over and grabbed the wrist of the man in black.

The slap didn’t land on Christel’s face, Christel looked up, and Jetter came out.

With a wave of Jetter’s hand, he attacked with fierce force, and the man in black was directly slammed against the wall, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“Jetter, why did you come out?” Christel quickly stepped forward to help him.

Jetter’s forehead was covered in a cold sweat. Although the man in black was seriously injured with such a wave,

His own wound was torn open again, and the blood inside immediately seeped out.

“I’m fine.” Jetter glanced at the man in black.

The man in black reluctantly stood up, and when he saw that it was Jetter, he was already scared to pieces. He thought that Jetter was not here, but he was hiding right here.

“Wait, I’ll call someone now!”

The man in black didn’t dare to fight Jetter alone, he turned around and ran out, wanting to call someone.

Jetter narrowed his eyes and said suddenly, “You can’t let him go out, he will cause endless troubles when he goes out!”

Of course, Christel also knew the great relationship among them. There were still a group of people in black. , let them encircle and suppress them. Today, she, Jetter, and Lisa will be dead here.

“Don’t go!” Christel rushed to close the door.

But it was too late, the man in black was already leaning against the door, and he was about to slip out.

At this critical moment, Christel’s heart was about to jump out.

At this time, a small figure rushed out quickly, “Boom”, and directly closed the door, Lisa stretched out her small arm to block the door, the tender milk voice was indescribably brave and determined, “Bad guy, you can’t leave this place!”

It turned out that Lisa had been observing the situation here, and she bravely stood up when the man in black was about to run out.

Lisa is only three years old, a little grown, and even holds a cute doll in her arms, but now she is looking up at the man in black, her big black eyes that look like Jetter overflowing with superhuman eyes. Calmness and courage directly blocked the door.

Anyone who sees it will give the three-year-old little girl a thumbs up.

“Little baby, who let you stand in the way, you are courting death!”

The man in black became angry and reached out to grab Lisa.


Christel looked at her daughter in danger, as if she couldn’t breathe.

Jetter said solemnly, “Lisa, bite him!”

Lisa opened her mouth and bit the hand of the man in black.

Unexpectedly, the man in black screamed.

Jetter, “Run!”

Lisa let out a sigh of relief, turned around, and ran, the whole person ran into the room like a nimble little beast.

The man in black still wanted to struggle, but at this time Jetter took out a knife from his waist and threw it directly at the man in black.


The sharp knife sank into the chest of the man, and he closed his eyes and fell directly to the ground.

When the crisis was over, Christel gasped for breath. She ran over and hugged Lisa, looking at her body up and down, “Lisa, are you alright, are you injured?”

Lisa shook her head and said in a milk voice, “Mummy, I’m fine, you don’t have to be nervous.”

At this time, Jetter came over, he slowly squatted on one knee, stretched out his big palm, and rubbed Lisa’s soft black hair, “Lisa is awesome.”

Hee hee.

The little girl smiled happily and sweetly.

Christel is still afraid now. She doesn’t know how Lisa dares to rush out. However, Lisa has been calmer and more courageous than her peers since she was a child. This personality…really resembles Jetter.

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