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Chapter 3194

So, he turned and left.

In the past three years, he has kept his promise, never disturbed their mother and daughter, and even he never hugged Lisa once.

Feeling Lisa’s soft little hands now, Jetter pulled his pale thin lips and smiled.

Lisa also smiled sweetly at him.

At this time, a knock on the door came, and a rude male voice sounded outside the door, “Open the door! Hurry up and open the door!”

Christel was startled, and her heartbeat suddenly jumped to her throat. The man in black has found them.

Before Jetter’s men arrived, these men in black had already noticed the clue and quickly came to the door.

“They’re here, you and Lisa hide first, and I’ll open the door to see what’s going on,” Christel said immediately.

Jetter was also alert, and his narrow eyes exuded a faint light.

Christel opened the closet door, “Jetter, you and Lisa hide in the closet first, there are no surveillance cameras here,”

“And they can’t be sure that you are with me, you hide, I’ll deal with them first and get rid of them.”

Jetter looked at the narrow wardrobe door, frowning, “Do you think I’ll hide in there?”


Come on, is this the time to be arrogant? It’s more important to save your life.

At this time, the knocking sound of “bang bang bang” was more impatient than before, “open the door quickly, if you don’t open the door, we will kick the door!”

“Whatever you want, I will open the door.”

Christel quickly walked out and opened the door Closed, and then opened the main door of the house.

There were two men in black standing outside the door. They looked at Christel up and down, “Why did you open the door so late? Are there any suspicious people hiding in your house?” They broke in.

The room was quiet and there was no trace at all, Christel followed behind them and said in a low voice, “Brothers, I didn’t see anyone suspicious, I was sleeping just now, so I came out a little late.”

The eyes of the two men in black fell on Christel’s body, looking at her gentle and beautiful face and graceful and moving figure, they looked at each other, revealing a lewd light.

“Little girl, we seemed to see you and your boyfriend hugging by the door just now, why didn’t your boyfriend stay with you for the night?”

Christel shook her head, “No, we’re not married yet, so… “…”

“Hahaha, it turns out that it’s still the same place. Since your boyfriend doesn’t accompany you, let’s accompany you.” The two men in black stretched out their hands and touched her.

Christel backed away. She didn’t expect to escape the interrogation. These two people actually wanted her. Tonight, her luck was too bad.

Christel glanced at the closed door, feeling a little nervous. She was afraid that Jetter and Lisa would be discovered, so she could only apologize,

“You two big brothers, stop joking, my parents are setting up a barbecue outside. Stall, they’ll be back soon.”

But the two men in black jumped forward without any fear, “It’s okay, little sister, just play with us.”

Christel stepped back, and the men in black rushed over. At that time, she took out an anti-wolf electric shock stick and hit the man in black with force.

The man in black closed his eyes and collapsed to the ground.

The other man in black had a gloomy expression on his face,

“Damn you b!tch, don’t you want to give your face, let’s see how I kill you tonight.”

The man in black raised his hand and slapped Christel.

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