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Chapter 3159

“Mr. President, since you have said so, your fiancée will look good in any wedding dress,”

“Then why do you need me to come over, I don’t think you need my help here,” Jolie said.

Liam raised his eyebrows, “Then you can be a spectator and watch Claudia try on the wedding dress.”

Said Liam casually picked a wedding dress and handed it to Claudia,

“Go in and change, wear it for us to see.”

Claudia, “……”

Claudia went in, Jolie sat on the sofa, Liam sat beside her, looking at her withholding anger,

He hooked his lips and laughed, “Jolie, are you jealous?”

“I’m not jealous!”

Liam gave a laugh and didn’t speak again.

The hardest thing is Claudia because Liam selected the wedding dress is not perfect and did not take into account the figure of Claudia.

Claudia desperately sucked in the small belly, but the waist zipper still can not be pulled.

“Miss Liu, I shout three, two, one, you breathe in a little harder.”

“Three, two, one ……”

Along with Claudia sucking in cold air hard, the maid finally zipped up her back.

Claudia carried the wedding dress hem and walked out, happily spinning around in front of Liam, “Liam, am I beautiful?”

Liam knitted his sword brow, Claudia this wedding dress is on, but the waist excess fat is undoubtedly on display,”

“In terms of the body, Claudia and Jolie are not a level, of course, in terms of looks, Claudia is not called Jolie’s rival.

Liam stepped forward, reached out, and wrapped his arm around Claudia’s waist, appreciating, “Claudia, you’re so beautiful.”

Jolie looked at the two people you follow me thick, Claudia wears a white wedding dress,

While he is wearing a white shirt and black pants, which surprisingly match, she still felt her eyes were deeply stinging.

At this time Liam said, “Jolie, what do you think of this wedding dress?”

“It looks good, Mr. President and Miss Liu are really a natural pair, I wish you a happy wedding in advance.”

Liam’s handsome face sank, angered by this indifferent look of hers.

Claudia then felt Liam pinch her waist hard, hiss, so painful, how she felt she was now a cannon fodder.

“Jolie, at this wedding you to be the bridesmaid, you go pick a bridesmaid dress to try one on.”


He is crazy, letting his ex-wife be a bridesmaid, thanks to him thinking out.

Jolie refused, “Sorry Mr. President, I don’t like to be a bridesmaid for others.”

Liam did not consult her, he swept a glance at these wedding dresses,

And then picked one and threw it into her arms, “Go try it on for me, or you won’t want to see your son.”

Again, what else would he do but threaten her with her son?

Jolie stared at him.

The maid next was so scared that she didn’t dare to give a single breath —

Mr. President, you’re wrong, there are no bridesmaid dresses here, and the one you picked for Jolie is also a wedding dress.

At this point, Jolie compromised, “Okay, I’ll go in and change, as long as Mr. President is happy.”

She went into the changing room.

Liam let go of Claudia and sat back on the sofa, he also did not forget to comment to Claudia, “You really need to lose weight.”

Claudia, “……”

Soon, Jolie came out, Liam looked up towards her, soon his pupils shrank dramatically,

He looked at Jolie who was wearing a wedding dress for the first time ……

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