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Chapter 3156

Liam was stopped by her question and narrowed his narrow eyes, “Then what?”

Jolie quickly pushed him, “Later you have someone buy me some medicine, I need to take medicine.”

“Take medicine, take what medicine?”

“You really do not know or pretend not to know, of course, is the c0ntraceptive medicine,”

“Do you want me to get pregnant?”

Liam looked at her, “Didn’t I also fail to do measures a few nights ago, why didn’t you yell at that time?”

Jolie, “I went back and took the pill.”

So she took the birth c0ntrol pill.

The handsome face of Liam “brushed” cold down, he put 0n the pants to get out of bed,

“you do not worry, later I will let someone prepare the c0ntraceptive pill for you,”

“I also do not want you to carry another child, after all, I am going to marry another woman.”

Jolie looked at him in surprise, why did she think he was angry again, this man is really cloudy and unpredictable.

Liam opened the door and walked out, he instructed Eleven, “Have someone prepare a bottle of birth c0ntrol pills.”

Eleven “tsk” two sound, last night is who in the study vowed not to care about Princess Jolie,

This turn between Princess Jolie to take the b3d, now also want the contraceptive pill.

The Eleven dares to belly up in his heart, “Yes, Lord President.”

Eleven was very efficient and quickly sent over a bottle of birth c0ntrol pills,

“President, the pills are here.”

Liam took the medicine, directly opened the cap of the bottle, and poured all the medicine inside into the trash can,

Then he opened his mouth in eleven’s stunned gaze and instructed, “Fill this bottle all the way up with vitamin tablets.”

Eleven, “……”

“What, didn’t understand what I said?”

“Understood, I’ll go do it now.”

Jolie walked out of the room, Liam threw the pill bottle to her, “Take it, take two pills.”

“Okay, I know.” Jolie took the pill bottle intending to go home and eat again, she wanted to see the little milk bag first.

But Liam urged, “Jolie, I want you to eat it now, in front of me,”

“Who knows if you will go home and secretly not eat and then deliberately c0nceive my child to make me responsible, you are such a scheming person anyway.”

Eleven on one side looked dumbfounded, he looked at the well-deserved heartthrob Liam, “……”

Jolie was enraged, quickly twisted the cap off the bottle took two pills, and threw them into his mouth,

Swallowed them in front of him, “Mr. President, I’m done eating, this is okay, can I see Aelius?”

“No, you can’t see your son yet.”

“Why? Liam, don’t go too far, I agreed to all the orders you made last night, why don’t you still give me access to my son?”

“I will give you the son to see, but not today, how about this, you come back tomorrow, I will call you again tonight.”

He said this is very ambiguous, especially on the words “call you tonight” added the sound.

Jolie’s face flushed, immediately understood his meaning, he still wants her today ……

“Mr. President, you are really deceiving me too much!”

Liam also did not theorize with her, and directly gave the expulsion order, “Someone, please ask Princess Jolie to leave.”

“Miss Lu, this way please.”

The expelled Jolie not only lost her b0dy, but also did not even see her son,

She tugged her fist tightly, then angrily turned around and left.

Liam raised his sword eyebrows in a good mood, with his son in hand, she still has to obediently listen to him!

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