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Chapter 3155

The man who was pinned down raised his sword eyebrows and looked at the woman on top of h!m, “What do you want?”

Jolie reached out and lifted the teal curls, the small face with red lips and white teeth overflowed with a charming style,

“Liam, why should you sl33p with me, tonight it’s me who sl33ps with you!”

Liam hooked up thin lips, a sweep of days of gloom and displeasure,

“Princess Jolie, what do you think I am, now you want to sleep can I sleep?”

He is no longer the year that the clear and elegant teenager Dexter,

He has reached the age of glamour on the pinnacle of power, become the President.

After saying that Liam rolled over, and press3d her back under the b0dy, he also leaned down and ruthlessly blocked her red lips.

The two small hands of Jolie hooked his neck and responded to him passionately and spontaneously, she would not admit defeat.

The lips and tongue tangled when she hooked the tip of h!s tongue, Liam’s waist numb, feel their souls are almost hooked out by h3r.

This is when Jolie rolled over again and pressed him d0wn hard, her k!ss landed on his throat and started k!ssing him.

Liam’s throat rolled a lot, this little demon, three years not seen really power to see the growth, he is almost unable to stand.

Liam turned over again and pressed h3r down.

The two pe0ple rolled from the head of the bed to the end of the bed,

The bedsheets have turned into a mass of folds when the two people unintentionally rolled directly from the bed.


Body weightless when Jolie screamed in fear, she felt like she was going to fall heavily on the carpet.

This time Liam reached out and clasped the back of her head, pressing her tightly into his arms and then flipping over,

He landed heavily on the ground, acting as a cushion for her.

She did not feel a bit of pain, but instead heard a muffled grunt from the man,

She looked up and saw that she was lying on h!s body, protected by him tightly, not suffering a bit of pain.

“Liam, are you all right, did it hurt to fall?” Jolie asked nervously.

Liam hugged her and closed his eyes, “What do you think? Jolie, I think sooner or later I will have to die on you.”

Jolie’s little face flushed, if others know they rolled from the b3d to under the bed, how embarrassing.

Jolie sat up straight, “Mr. President, since you fell and hurt, you must not be able to move around, tonight, let me pamper you.”

Liam’s large hand squeezed her small waist, handsome eyebrows are smiling, “Can you do it?”


Jolie came to wake up early the next morning,

And when she opened her eyes the morning sun had spilled through the window mantle onto the big bed.

Jolie hurriedly tried to get up, only then did she find herself being held in the arms of a person, it was Liam.

Liam also did not get up, but is holding her asleep.

Last night the two of th3m went crazy for a long time and went to bed late.

Jolie looked at Liam’s handsome face, so close to seeing him perfectly flawless,

She could not help but stretch out her fingers to try to depict his face.

But Liam reached out and tugged her little hand, he suddenly opened his eyes, “Jolie, not enough last night?”

Jolie a stunning little face burst red, “What are you talking about, who ……”

Liam hooked his lips, “Princess Jolie, it seems that I served you well last night, you see your satisfaction level.”


These positive words and negative words were given by him, and Jolie felt herself into the trap,

Then she suddenly remembered a very important question, “the last n!ght you did not do safety measures, right ……”

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