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Chapter 3154


Why did she want her to go to Liam’s room?

“What does your master want, can you say it clearly, is it interesting to beat around the bush like this?”

The maid was very innocent, “Miss Lu, you have to talk to him about this,”

“We are subordinates who follow orders, please don’t give us a hard time.”

Jolie could only go to Liam’s room, he didn’t lock the door, and she directly pushed the door in.

Late at night, Liam was still awake, he stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window wearing a black silk nightgown,

When he saw her coming, he slowly turned sideways and gave her a look, “You’re here?”

She and her son were in a hurry, but he was calm and relaxed, Jolie gritted her teeth and said,

“Mr. President, what do you want, do you have fun torturing me like this,”

“If you have anything, come at me, why are you taking it out on your son!”

“Fine, I’ll come at you now, go in and take a shower and change into your pajamas.”


Did he tell her to go in and take a shower?

Jolie saw a black silk halter pajamas on the big bed, looking like a couple’s model with him, she was internally alerted, “And then?”

“And then ……” Liam looked up and down at her, with a man looking at a woman’s gaze, frivolous and evil survey, “Then sl33p with me.”

Jolie’s absolutely beautiful little face immediately burst red,

She picked up the silk nightgown and smashed it on his handsome face, “Ra5cal! Vile!”

Liam caught the pajamas she threw at him, “Jolie, no one is forcing you,”

“If you don’t want to, you can leave now, but, you don’t want to take your son away anymore.”

“Liam, you villain, we agreed before, you said to give me the custody ……”

“Jolie, I all learn from you, originally said to live with me for the rest of my life people turn head and can abandon me,”

“In terms of out and out villain, compared to you I am far better!”

This psychopath, after all, he just hates her for having abandoned him.

Jolie really does not remember, why did she abandon him, was she really a big sgum girl before?

Then she did deserve it!

“Why don’t you go to your fiancee?” Jolie suddenly straightened her back, thinking she got the bargaining chip,

“If you dare to touch me, believe it or not, I will go tell your fiancee tomorrow, and then it will be ugly for you!”

Liam hooked up his thin lips, a little emboldened, “Okay, then I expect you to make a scene tomorrow.”

Jolie, “……”

He is really not afraid at all, also right, that Claudia has been backward on him, he is the active one.

“Jolie, only one chance, do you want it or not, if not you can get out!”

Jolie considered for a moment and could only compromise for the sake of her son,

She went to get her pajamas and also scolded him fiercely, “Ra5cal!”

Liam is not angry at all, just likes to see her angry and can’t fuck him up.


Jolie took a shower inside and then came out, Liam looked at her, just after the shower her little face was white and red,

Seaweed-like curly hair dripping with water mist draped over her thin back of clean shoulders, black thin suspenders hooked,

Her body is delicate and soft, beauty out of the bathed figure, let people’s blood spurting.

Liam lying on the bed, he patted the position beside him, “Come here!”

Jolie walked over, he reached out and pulled her over directly.

Jolie was not convinced, both hands against his chest and pressed him back under his b0dy.

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