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Chapter 3153

Claudia immediately shut up.

Liam gave her another look and impatiently said, “Why don’t you leave,”

“What are you staying here for, do you really think I’ll treat you to dinner?”

Claudia, “……”

He is to invite her to eat dinner, but it turns out to eat a lonely one, Claudia immediately went away.

Liam sitting alone in the living room, the little milk bag crying upstairs tearing his heart out,

“Daddy, hurry up and let me out, I want to see my mommy, hum, you are a big bad egg, I never like you again!”

Outside Jolie was knocking desperately on the door, “Liam, open the door, why don’t you let me see my son!”

Mother and son, one inside and one outside, are accusing him.

Liam coldly snorted, ignoring them.


Outside Jolie has not left, she was tired of arguing and shouting,

Liam just did not open the door for her, she simply sat on the steps.

Because the little milk bag is still inside, she is not at ease,

Can not let go of her son, not going to go, she will stay here, see when he opened the door for her.

Liam worked in the study until late, it was already late at night,

When Eleven came over, “President, Princess Jolie has not left, still outside on the steps.”

Liam looked at the documents, did not raise his eyes at all,

“She likes to stay there let her stay, do not care about her.”

Eleven is quite amazed, this time the president finally rose, not to be led by the nose by Jolie.

Since meeting her, the initiative was firmly in the hands of this princess,

Eleven hopes that the head of the family to hold on to the last only good.

Liam finished his work back to his room, next door little milk bag where there has been no movement,

It is estimated that tired to fall asleep, he returned to his room took a cold shower, and then came to the balcony, looking downstairs.

Jolie sitting alone on the steps, late at night a little cold, she wore thin,

She is holding her knees hugging herself, trying to give herself a little temperature.

Liam was a little heartbroken by her, but the thought that she did not put him in her heart,

And the previous injury to him, it cold down his heart, he turned back to bed, covered the quilt, and closed his eyes to sleep.

However, he could not sleep.

At night, he is alone and sleepless, it is inevitable that he will think about the wrong things.

He is a normal man, will also have physical needs, especially the first two nights just t0uched her,

In that small bathroom, hot steam, her little face flushed, under the love of the eyes like silk,

The previous she was a green fruit, now light ripe a lot, and a perfect fit, so he can not forget.

Liam was restless, tossing and turning in bed for a long time, wanting to get up and go to the shower room to take a cold shower again.

However, he suddenly had an idea, she is just downstairs, why should he condemn himself?


Just when Jolie thought she was going to spend the whole night here,

The door was suddenly pulled open and the maid said, “Miss Lu, Master invites you in.”


He was so kind?

Jolie immediately got up, she felt her legs were numb,

She ran straight upstairs and wanted to go to the little milk bag’s room.

But the maid stopped her, “Miss Lu, you are not allowed to see the young master yet, now you have to go to sir’s room.”

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