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Eagles are highly dedicated to their work. However, one thing he wanted to achieve. The ideal that he so longed for at the age that was about to enter the head of four.


Eagle wants to get married soon.

The question is, why are the women who have always wanted to get married by the Eagles never been serious about him?

Should Elang agree to Loka’s invitation for a trial marriage?

“What do you mean, Ka? Trying to get married?”

“Yeah… I mean, we’re not really married. Like, the We Got Married show, you know, El. If it fits, then we’ll continue. If not, yes, disband. No worries about each other.”

“Are we really like a married couple?”

“Hmm.” Loka nodded.

“If there’s an–”

“Play save. Okay?”


The eagle wants to get married and have a complete family, while Loka wants to explore what marriage with Eagle is. Because that woman, has a tendency to be ‘FEAR OF MARRIAGE’ in her which looks strong on the outside but is so sentimental on the inside.

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