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Chapter 2858

“Husband, you are willing to come back.”

Suddenly, Jiang Qing’s sour teasing sound came from his ear.

Alvin walked in wearing a trench coat, his figure tall and straight in the night.

“Wife, you won’t be jealous, right?” Alvin bent down and hugged Lisa, who was sitting on the rattan chair, with a smile on his handsome features, “With such a beautiful wife, how can I be willing to do so? I won’t come back.”

Tasha deliberately “cut”, “You stay with Ji Ziyuan half of the time every day, you are ashamed to say.”

“Isn’t this a special situation?” Alvin asked Ning Xiaoxiao and her daughter while laughing. He nodded, and then explained to his wife, “Ziyuan has been here by himself for a few months. It’s very pitiful. Usually, apart from Tang Kai, there is no one to talk to.”

“Okay, I’m joking.” Lisa squeezed the back of his hand, “If you want to accompany you, go accompany him, I saw Ji Ziyuan the day before yesterday, and I feel that others have changed a lot.”


Tasha also went, nodding in agreement, “No. I know why I used to hate and hate this person, but now I feel very pitiful.”

Song Qingrui also said: “Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, don’t his parents plan to come to see their son?”

“How is that possible.” Lisa chirped He said, “If it wasn’t for Ji Zehao’s madness, Ji Ziyuan’s leg would still be saved.”

“That being said, it’s been so long after all, and even if he doesn’t get along with Ji Zehao, Ji Ziyuan is his mother’s biological child anyway, dear. Mom doesn’t even care about asking?” Song Qingrui lived in a happy family since he was a child, and it is difficult to understand that there are such cruel parents.

Alvin shook his head, “Don’t mention it, his mother made a few phone calls, but the words are all blaming him for helping outsiders, and his mother’s health is not very good, knowing that his son is lame and unreliable, he will definitely only be in the future. If she can rely on her husband, she will not come to see her son.”

Tasha nodded, “Last time I was shopping, I saw Tang Qin shopping with a middle-aged woman with jewels and jewels. The woman is so similar, I think she bought a lot of things for Tang Qin, it should be Ji Ziyuan’s mother. .” “There is something wrong. I don’t care about my son, but I treat Tang Qin as a treasure.”

Lisa looked contemptuous.

She always felt that Ji Ziyuan’s parents were seriously ill, and their brains were abnormal. No wonder Ji Ziyuan used to be so cold-blooded when he did things.

Ning Xiaoxiao always listened silently and didn’t say a word.

On the contrary, the more Chen Lei listened, the deeper the sympathy in her eyes.

Early the next morning, Chen Lei took Alvin to ask when to see Ji Ziyuan, and she planned to go with Ning Xiaoxiao.

So after breakfast, Alvin took Chen Lei and Ning Xiaoxiao to the hospital.

Just a ten minutes drive away.

When Ning Xiaoxiao was about to get out of the car, Alvin suddenly handed her a small gift box, “I’m going to buy something in the town later, you bring this to Ziyuan.”

“Is this an apple?” Ning Xiaoxiao Thinking that tonight is Christmas Eve.

Alvin nodded, “If it’s inconvenient, forget it.”

“Yes.” Ning Xiaoxiao took it.

When she turned around and walked to the hospital with Chen Lei, Alvin took out her mobile phone and sent Ji Ziyuan a WeChat message: [She is here. 】

in the ward.

Ji Ziyuan quickly clumsily got up from the bed, “It’s time to get in touch and walk.”

“No, I haven’t had breakfast yet.” Tang Kai was taken aback.

Ji Ziyuan gave him a deep look, “She’s here.”

Tang Kai: “…”

Come on, your bitterness will finally come in handy.

It’s time to pretend to be busy.

So, as soon as Ning Xiaoxiao came in, he saw on the grass a young man in a white hospital uniform who was struggling to walk with a cane, and the trousers next to him were empty.

When the wind blew, the empty trousers fluttered in the wind.

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