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Chapter 2857

Ning Xiaoxiao looked strangely at the information.

If it wasn’t for Ji Ziyuan’s voice sometimes, she really suspected that Ji Ziyuan behind WeChat was a fake.

This guy has always been domineering, vicious, and paranoid, when did he become so understanding?

Think about when this change happened.

It looks like the leg has been sawed off.

Could it be that he was greatly stimulated after losing his legs and changing his personality?

The next day, after the group arrived in country r with the group, Tasha called her and said that she and Song Qingrui drove to the door of the hotel to pick her up.

Ning Xiaoxiao greeted the tour guide before taking Chen Lei and her luggage downstairs.

Chen Lei felt timid when she saw Song Qingrui’s handsome and warm face. Even if this was the first time she saw Song Qingrui, she had heard from others that Tasha’s boyfriend was the president’s son.

“I’m so embarrassed to ask you to come to pick us up. Just tell us the address and just go by car.” Chen Lei was the first time she had contact with such a character.

Song Qingrui has a keen personality and has been in contact with people like Chen Lei since he was a child. Seeing this, he smiled gently, “Auntie, Ruan Yan, and Fanyue are good friends, you are Ruan Yan’s mother and my elder, Don’t be so nervous.”

“Yes.” Tasha glanced at the man who was driving and smiled, “Auntie, Ruan Yan is my good friend, we should pick her up.”

Chen Lei sighed, “We Ruan Ruan Hede He Neng, she just came out of a small place, and can make friends like you.”

“We also came out of a small city.” Tasha said with a smile, “If Qing Rui is a person who cares about his status, he will also I won’t be interested in a second marriage like me.”

“Ah, your second marriage?” Chen Lei was taken aback, “You are such a good girl, who is blind and doesn’t know how to cherish you.””I’m more blind now.”

There was nothing to do in the car anyway, so Tasha and Chen Lei chatted about her divorce.

Song Qingrui didn’t care either.

After driving for an hour, the car arrived in front of a wooden house under the snow mountain.

Lisa was playing with Xiaoxi, Leng Leng, and Yueyue at home, and Alvin didn’t know where to go.

Only when I asked did I know that Alvin was going to accompany Ji Ziyuan.

Lisa joked: “Since he came to the country r, he has been guarding Ji Ziyuan every day, saying that he is here with us for Christmas, I think he is here to accompany his brother, and he can only see people at night.

Ning Xiaoxiao looked around, “Is Ji Ziyuan very close to here?” Jiang

Lisa pointed to the mountain in front, “The past two mountains are the hospital where Ji Ziyuan lives, and it takes 20 minutes to ride a bicycle. Well, it’s too late today, let’s go see it tomorrow.”

Ning Xiaoxiao nodded, drooping her jet-black eyelashes, thoughtfully.

In the evening, a group of people was barbecuing in the yard, and the laughter of the children made Chen Lei a little jealous. What a beautiful child, it would be great if one of them was her grandson.

After thinking for a while, Chen Lei leaned over to Ning Xiaoxiao and said, “Didn’t you say you don’t want to get married and want to be a test-tube baby, then go for it? Mom supports you and gives birth to twins, and I’ll take them for you.

” .”

Ning Xiaoxiao, who was eating meat skewers, choked in shock, “Mom, why are you…”

Before she could finish her words, she saw Chen Lei looking at Xiaoxi and her cold eyes. Suddenly I understood.

Not to mention her mother, even though she is a little jealous.

Anyway, I don’t plan on getting married.

If you do IVF earlier and give birth to a baby, your body will recover more easily.

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