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Chapter 2806


Land Rover car hit the blocked cars like crazy, and rushed out, chasing like a bull.

“Mad, you’re seriously ill.” Suger punched the steering wheel.

If he is in an open place on weekdays, he can freely use his driving skills.

But it’s really not good to go on the highway around the city. There are still many big cars. If you don’t get it right, people will be killed.

When the judge decides, he will not let you go because your escape caused a series of car accidents.

He was afraid, but the man behind him was seriously ill.

They don’t even care about the lives of ordinary people.

Ning Xiaoxiao can now be completely sure that the person behind is definitely Xue Lehong.

The Land Rover quickly caught up with the Audi a8 sedan, following behind like a cat and mouse. “Miss Ning, what should I do now?” Su Ge asked solemnly, “If it really hits, our car will definitely not be able to

hit the Land Rover. That thing is still an extended version, just like a truck.”

Drop it.” Ning Xiaoxiao clenched her fists, with guilt flashing in her eyes, “I’m sorry for causing you all to suffer.”

Tan Qin bit her lip and didn’t speak, but those who were engaged in their work would have put their lives to the last, but if that was the case dead, not reconciled.

“Miss Ning, don’t worry, I won’t give up protecting your safety until the last moment.”

Su Ge focused on the front, looked for the opportunity, quickly flashed to the left lane, and circled in front of a large truck. But after a while, the Land Rover quickly caught up, and the large truck caused another rear-end collision because of the emergency braking.

“Damn it, you’re sick.” Cold sweat gradually broke out on Suger’s forehead.

Tan Qin clenched his fists, “It seems that he will really do something on the bridge. It’s a river. If you fall, you will die.”

“How is the traffic on the bridge now?” Ning Xiaoxiao asked.

“It’s not blocked, but there are a lot of cars.”

Su Ge gritted his teeth: “We can avoid this danger, but it may cause other casualties, Miss Ruan, do you want to try.”


Queen Ning Xiaoxiao He leaned back on the seat, sweating all over his body.

She is not afraid of any kind of death, except that she is afraid of dying in the water.She has experienced it once, and that kind of terror and despair will never be forgotten in her life.

Looking out, she couldn’t help but turn to the window. Outside was a white car with the window ajar. A mother was holding a small child and smiling sweetly.

Tan Qin and Su Ge also followed her line of sight, and the three of them were silent.

There may be several such families on this road.

If it is not done well, many families will be torn apart.

“I mean let’s go with the flow.” Ning Xiaoxiao whispered, “Dodge if you can, and try not to let him catch up, but I don’t want to trade other people’s lives for mine, but yours is not I can decide, the steering wheel is not in my hands.”

“I’ll listen to you.” Su Ge said with a wry smile, “I’m alone anyway, and I have long since lost my parents.”

Tan Qin bit her lip, “I don’t want to hurt others. “

Ning Xiaoxiao lowered her eyes quietly.

Soon, the car drove on the bridge across the river.

Suger tried his best to use the gap in the car to get rid of the Land Rover, but the Land Rover was still crazy. After getting on the bridge, he rushed over with a frantic acceleration and quickly hit the rear of the car.

Ning Xiaoxiao, who was sitting at the back, only felt a buzzing in his head, and then the car turned quickly for a while, and the Land Rover was pushed into the guardrail with a “bang”.

The Land Rover in the back was still increasing the accelerator, and the front of the Audi rushed out of the guardrail.

Su Ge shouted: “You guys jump down quickly.”

“Can’t jump down, the airbags squeezed our place.” Tan Qin shouted.

Ning Xiaoxiao’s situation was not much better, and she was sitting in the back, and the impact was the greatest, her head was bleeding, and the surroundings seemed to be spinning.

In the haze, there seemed to be a scream from outside.

She looked out the window with difficulty, and a black sports car rushed over.

“Bang” sounded.

The sports car will be knocked over against Audi’s Land Rover.

At the same time, the black front of the car was also deeply smashed in half.

Ning Xiaoxiao looked back with difficulty, and vaguely saw the people inside the sports car, with blood all over their heads.

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