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Chapter 2709

Ji Ziyuan sneered.

Fear of death, who is not afraid of death?

It’s just that Tang Qin’s actions are indeed particularly discouraging.

In the evening, after working overtime, Ji Ziyuan drove to the Ning Group unknowingly.

The lights in the president’s office were still on.

He stared at it for two seconds, opened the door and walked out.

This was his first visit to Ning’s.

When he entered, the security guard at the door stopped him, “The company has already closed, what’s the matter with you?”

“I’m your new boss’s boyfriend. She hasn’t gotten off work yet, so I’m here to pick her up.” Ji Ziyuan threw a pack of cigarettes and went over.

Hundreds of yuan of cigarettes made the security guard at Old Smoke Gun smile like a flower in an instant, “That’s the case, please come in.” The

security guard looked at Ji Ziyuan’s appearance as he spoke. A suit was very expensive at first glance, and his wrist If you don’t get a few million dollars on that watch, you won’t be able to get it off. If you look at that look, even the stars on TV can’t match it.

Thinking about the appearance of his new boss, it is true that only such a man is worthy of it.

Ji Ziyuan stretched his long legs and walked in.

In the president’s office, the blinds were pulled down, and the door was still closed.

He knocked on the door.

“Who?” Ning Xiaoxiao’s vigilant voice came from inside.

Isn’t everyone in the company off work?


Ji Ziyuan opened the door, Ning Xiaoxiao sat on the office chair, a pair of flat glasses hung on his cold little face, the computer on the table was turned on, and there were two piles of thick documents on both sides.

Getting used to her female star temperament, and suddenly seeing her elite white-collar worker in a small suit, Ji Ziyuan suddenly felt uncomfortable and strange.

“Why are you here.” Ning Xiaoxiao’s eyes turned cold.

“Is it really attentive?”

Ji Ziyuan ignored the coldness in her eyesMo, walked over and glanced at the documents, “This is Ning’s sales data in previous years, right? You can understand?”

He admitted that Ruan Yan is very powerful now, but even if she is Reborn, she only understands finance. this piece.

Ning’s main focus is sports equipment.

Running a company is different from the stock market, funds, and finance.

What’s more, Ning’s has long since been delisted.

“Do you need me to give you an opinion?”

Ji Ziyuan picked up a document, which was the company’s data from the previous two years.

On the cover, Ning Xiaoxiao remarked some data loopholes and opinions. The handwriting is round, clean and tidy, and every sentence is sharp and thorough.

Ji Ziyuan was stunned. First, he felt familiar, and second, he was surprised by the keen ability of the person who wrote the inscription.

“You wrote this?”

Ji Ziyuan’s eyes fell on her right hand holding the pen. She probably wrote a lot, and her hand was still stained with ink.

Ning Xiaoxiao frowned, grabbed the document, and said coldly, “Mr. Ji, this is Ning’s secret information. You can pick it up and look at it without permission. I will suspect that you want to plagiarize our company’s data and have ulterior motives.”

Ji Zi Yuan let out a low laugh, bent over, and put his thin lips close to her ear, “Ning’s has been struggling for a long time. I would take such a broken and small company in my eyes?” The

man’s breath sprayed on Ning Xiaoxiao On the earlobe, it seemed that he deliberately used his breath to show his presence.

Ning Xiaoxiao ducked to the side vigilantly, “Ji Ziyuan, if you want to find another woman in heat, don’t bother me.”

“I just like bothering you.” Ji Ziyuan turned around and let his body Leaning gently on the desk, “Other women are not as interesting as you, boring and boring. Because of you, I have no interest in other women anymore. What do you think?”

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