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Chapter 2708

“Since we don’t need to talk about the money,” Ji Ziyuan put the cigarette on the banquet and flicked it with a smile, “then you shouldn’t ask me for money, look, I treat you as Friend, for the sake of a friend, my mother is sick, so it’s just a trivial matter for you to lose blood.”


Tang Qin choked suddenly.

It took a long time to find his voice, “Blood transfusion is not a trivial matter, and my blood is relatively rare. If there is an emergency, it will cause people to die. The doctor also said that it is safe to wait six months between two blood transfusions. Yes .”

“So what?”

Ji Ziyuan tilted his head slightly, “I want the safest way to transfuse blood, and I want to be nice to you and give you money, Tang Qin, are you a cow or a whale, four Stomach, so greedy.”

“You misunderstood me, I just want to start my own business.” Tang Qin said eagerly.

“Then why don’t you ask me how much I spent on you.” Ji Ziyuan said, “There must be several hundred million. Before you were notorious for your comeback, I donated a building to the school. I also found the best team to support you, because you didn’t have that fate yourself, let alone you came from a small place. Now in the largest first-tier city in China, I will buy you a house, a villa, and a few luxury cars under my name. , but now you tell me that you want to start a business but you can’t even get three million?”

Ji Ziyuan sneered, “Don’t say that you have earned hundreds of millions in the entertainment industry before, even if I give you the money, you can have whatever you want. There are ten million too, in the end, even three million is reluctant to take it out.”

Tang Qin’s face turned pale, “I… I have always spent a lot of money and spent a lot of money, and those houses… cars It’s not easy to let go for a while.”

“Tang Qin, what I despise the most about you is your hypocrisy. If you want money, just say, don’t be a watchman and set up an archway.”Ji Ziyuan said contemptuously: “You can tell me, if I don’t give you this money, you won’t give my mother a blood transfusion, I promise to give it to you.”


Tang Qin bit her humiliatingly. lip.

She still has money, but she has no future. She just wants to save more money, in case the investment loses this time.

“Let’s go. In the future, you will ask my father for money. My mother is his wife. I have given money for a few years. I even almost took my lifelong marriage into it. Now it is his turn.”

Ji Ziyuan said lightly, “Besides, my mother asked you for a blood transfusion, and my mother also has money, so don’t catch me by myself.”

Tang Qin’s face was flushed and embarrassed.

In front of Ji Zehao and his wife, she has always played a considerate side. If they ask for money, how will they treat her and how will they marry Ji Ziyuan in the future.

“Ziyuan, I…”

“Go away.” Ji Ziyuan whipped up the ginseng soup on the table and threw it on the ground.

Soup splashed all over the floor.

Tang Qin was so frightened that Hua Rong turned pale, and took two steps back.

“If you want me to fall in love with you, first become like Ruan Yan, and let me impress you.” Ji Ziyuan said coldly, word by word.

Tang Qin couldn’t believe it.

Ruan Yan treated him like that, and he was still impressed.

Ji Ziyuan may have a tendency to be abused.

Less than an hour after Tang Qin left.

Tang Kai came in with him to report, “Mr. Ji, Madam’s bank account has allocated 3 million to Tang Qin.”

Ji Ziyuan supported his forehead, “We have all filled up our appetite.”

Tang Kai said speechlessly: “She It’s not that the Ji family will pay for any investment in the future, is she drawing blood or gold.”

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