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Chapter 2641

After Zhou Mingli turned the gun in his hand, he put it back on his waist handsomely, his eyes were sharp and determined, “I just saw a weak woman at the foot of the capital, being bullied, she asked me for help, I am The guard beside the president happened to see it, and naturally he couldn’t just sit back and ignore it. Does President Ji think that I am against Ji when I reach out to help, or does President Ji think that your status is above the law?”

Such a big hat was buckled down. , even Ji Ziyuan did not dare to touch it.

He narrowed his eyes coldly, never expecting this Zhou Mingli to be so ignorant of praise.

“Ruan Yan not only offended me, but also injured my foot, shouldn’t I be held accountable?” Ji Ziyuan lifted the bleeding foot, “Since you want justice, who will explain my injury? “

You wanted to strangle me first.”

Ruan Yan raised her neck hoarsely, revealing the red finger marks on it, “I was almost strangled by you, and hurting your foot was for self-defense, why? , Just because you are the president of the Ji Group, you can decide a person’s life or death at will? If it wasn’t for my luck today, maybe I would have died in your villa.”

Zhou Mingli saw the fingerprints on her neck, his eyes Yi sneered, “Mr. Ji, you are so majestic, but I only learned today that the powerful can kill people at will.”

Ji Ziyuan Jun’s face twitched, “I am sitting in a wheelchair, how can I strangle her, it is me, who was She scolded her bloody head.”

“Anyway, I have to call the police about this incident today, and I need a professional person to identify my injuries,” Ruan Yan said, taking out her mobile phone and calling the police directly.

Ji Ziyuan glared at her, his handsome face full of sternness, “Very good, Ruan Yan, you really annoyed me. If I don’t take care of you, my surname will not be Ji.”

He said viciously. After the warning, he rushed to the bodyguard and said, “Send me to the hospital.”

If this foot is not treated, it will be useless.

After Ji Ziyuan got into the car and left, Zhou Mingli took back his gaze, and looked at Ruan Paullplessly and distressedly, “This time you acted too rashly, have you ever thought that if I’m not in the capital, you are like this with Ji Zi Yuan tore his face he may not even be able to get out of the gate of the villa, Ji Ziyuan is not as simple as what outsiders see. “

I just don’t want to bear it anymore.” Ruan Yan ‘s

eyes flashed with deep boredom. She couldn’t forget the trampling and contempt of this person when she stayed by Ji Ziyuan’s side.

Why did he threaten her to stay by his side with despicable means? She despised her like that.

She hated Ji Ziyuan’s arrogant face.

She just wanted to let him get out of control and make him furious.

“Don’t worry, I informed you before I came, that I knew that you would come. If you are not in the capital, I will Certainly not. Ruan Yan looked at him gratefully, “

Mingli, thank you, but Ji Ziyuan is narrow-minded. If you help me this time, will it affect you?” Zhou Mingli rubbed her hair helplessly, “

I came out of the battlefield step by step with my fists. Unless I make a mistake, Ji Ziyuan can’t interfere in my affairs, I’m just worried about you, I It’s impossible to protect you all the time, or…you just pretend to be with me, so that Ji Ziyuan doesn’t dare to be too arrogant. “

“Stop kidding.” Ruan Yan took a step back, her cold eyes were complicated, “

I said, I’m a big star, you are a guard hiding in the dark, if you interact with a public figure, how will people on the Internet talk about you. “

“I don’t care about that. “Zhou Mingli’s heart is full of powerlessness,” The big deal is that I don’t work with the president anymore. “

Ming Li, what Ji Ziyuan said just now is right, you have come to this day step by step from the bottom, don’t let those wounds on your body be left in vain. Ruan Yan turned around and turned her back to him, “

You forgot, when we were watching TV together when we were young, you told me that you wanted to be a general in the future. You have ambitions and ambitions, and I, I am A person who died once, and now I have revenge, but those close relatives around me have died, and I can’t find the meaning of my existence. “

“Xiaoxiao, don’t do this.”

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