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Chapter 2698

He knows that Galia is the most sensible and the most considerate of the overall situation.

“Galia…” The director wanted to give Galia a high hat first.

But she never expected Galia to say: “I know the director, don’t worry, I won’t be afraid of any power, it’s my reason is my reason, I have a clear conscience.

You have one hundred and twenty hearts . , I will never resign this time.

Even if Cui Dong comes to me personally, I don’t think I will take the initiative to resign.

I will not betray your trust in me.”

Director: “…”

At the end, Galia added another sentence: “Trust me, I will never resign! I have confidence in myself!”

Director: “…”

You! Remember the website

, you have confidence in yourself, I have no confidence!

If you are directly with Cui Dong’s daughter, who can protect you!

who can!

Even if I try to protect you, there is nothing I can do, Galia!

At that time, Cui Dong, one of the top executives of the company, will come forward to attack you, tell the public about your previous relationship with Liao Jie, make you a fake resume, and conceal your education. If the princess is public, what will you do?

We poor working people, who can keep you!

The best thing you can do now is to resign!


The director was terrified.

But he couldn’t say a word.

He could only watch Galia earnestly organize the documents, earnestly make data on the computer, print them earnestly, and then review it again very seriously, and then sign and submit the documents to the director.

“Director, I have checked all the information, and the profit is 0.5 percentage points higher than we expected. Not only that, but I also helped them save some money for the downstream company. It’s

all here, I It has been signed.

Please take a look.” Galia was very respectful.

Respectful enough to make the director speechless, it is impossible to say anything.

He could only nod his head passively: “Okay, okay, Galia, I really saw you right. Your work ability is obvious to all. You are the best. Believe in yourself, you will definitely be able to do it well!”

“Don’t worry, Director! My heart won’t be shaken anymore! If you don’t fire me in this life, I’ll be your subordinate for the rest of my life!” Galia once again established her formation and her determination.

The director went out with the documents.

All the way, he raised his hand to slap himself in the face.

what did you say!

What did you say!

If you are like this, you can only push Galia to a dead end. At that time, Dong Cui’s daughter Cui Yingying really joins forces with Liao Jie and Dong Cui to make a big exposure to Galia in the company. I really don’t know how Galia will survive?

The director turned back and glanced at Galia’s office.

He didn’t know what it was like, so he just said softly: “Galia, maybe I shouldn’t have brought you up from the grocery room and asked you to do such a decent job, you were in the grocery room at the time. , It’s actually pretty good and fulfilling.

It’s me… I hurt you. Please ask

yourself for more blessings, I’m sorry.”

Galia naturally couldn’t hear the director’s words, and she could also hear that the director was actually very embarrassed.

The director actually wanted her to resign.

But Galia figured it out herself, she couldn’t live up to Suzi, couldn’t live up to Arron, let alone Christopher.

If it is her own disaster, then come earlier, she is willing to follow.

She can also accept the scene of her past being revealed, no big deal!

If it is revealed this time, and she faces it head-on, she can become more brave in the future!

Galia was ready to wait for Cui Yingying to come to the company to make trouble, but she did not expect that she was waiting for another person.

Chapter 2699

The third day when Cui Yingying came to make trouble, which is the third day after Galia and Liao Jie’s company signed the contract , When Galia planned to go to Liao Jie’s company to inspect, someone came to the door before she left.

That person went directly to the company.

And named Galia.

“Galia, your business is very busy, and another partner company has named you to come to you. The other party seems to know you, so you can go and have a look.” The female colleague kindly informed Galia.

Galia was stunned for a moment: “Look for me? I have just been in charge of the business independently for a while, how come so many people know me?”

After speaking, Galia laughed at herself again: “Actually, apart from Liao Jie, I also Few companies really know me. He called me. Could it be that Liao Jie really didn’t want to see me, so he handed over his business to other people in his company?

If so, then That’s fine.

I’m relieved this way.”

Galia was relieved when she spoke.

She sorted out all the information of Liao Jie’s company and planned to repeat it with the new partner.

As a result, when she came to the reception room, Galia was stunned.

The man opposite was in his forties.

There are already some gray hairs on the temples, but the man’s aura, that lofty and arrogant characteristics are still there.

Even after nearly ten years, Galia still recognized the man in the reception room at a glance.

After all, at that time Galia was in that situation, whether it was life or work, it was too torturous.

Suffering to the point that Galia’s life is better than death.

When she saw this man, Galia’s days when she almost became too much was vividly vivid in her mind.

She suddenly felt that the world was really small.

When you were young, you always thought that you would never see people in your life, but at some point, you all met again.

Is this the so-called fate?

It’s time to come, you can’t escape.

Galia stood upright, her shoulders relaxed, her eyes remained calm, she took a deep breath, and after exhaling again, she went in with a stack of documents.

“Mr. Lin, what a coincidence? You came to our company to negotiate business?” Galia shouted calmly.

Lin Dazhou looked at Galia with scrutiny: “Galia, how did you get into such a big company?”

Galia was stunned for a while, then looked at Lin Dazhou peacefully: “President Lin, I don’t understand. What did you say? I am now an employee of the Fu Group. You came to the Fu Group and indicated that you wanted to see me, so I would like to ask you on a routine basis, are you here to talk about business?”

“I’m asking you! Don’t you understand people’s words?” Lin Dazhou asked in a stern voice.

Galia resisted the anger in her heart and said calmly, “Mr. Lin, I will answer you cautiously, I can understand people’s words, I would like to ask you, do you have the right to ask me why I am here? What

are you ? If you have the right to ask me, do you have the right to ask


If you don’t have the right to ask me, please don’t ask me.

Now you are in our Fu Group, and I am an employee of Fu Group. I want to ask you again, you Indicated that you want to see me, are you negotiating business?”

Lin Dazhou: “…”

After a long while: “You’re good at it! The tricks of cheating are getting better and better! How many people have you quarreled with in your company? How many things have you done wrong? Can you tell me first?

Oh, you are more mature now than before, your work ability should improve a little bit, and you make fewer mistakes than before, right?

Then I want to ask you, how can someone like you who is almost too changed in so big? company?

How did you deceive the personnel department of your company?”

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