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Chapter 2502

“The only group?” Darius heard the name of this group company for the first time.

Arron smiled innocently again: “Azhen, you must have never heard of the name of this group company, because this group company has not yet started, and this company is just for me to save money.

Ninety percent of my Fu family’s The industry of the company is all in the only group.

So, let alone 70% of the equity of the Fu Group is in Cheng Feng’s hands, even if 100% of the equity is in the hands of Cheng Feng, it doesn’t hurt me.

What’s more…. ..”

“What’s more?” Before Darius could say anything, Cheng Feng asked impatiently.

At this moment, Cheng Feng’s eyes were also full of anger.

It was as if he and Arron also had an inseparable hatred.

Arron looked at Cheng Feng coldly, his eyes were full of undisguised murderous intent: “What’s more, the 70% of the shares I sold to you were sold to you at a high price, and now, Fu The company’s stock has fallen again and again. When I buy it back, maybe I can buy it back with only 10% of the money.

In the time of lightly changing hands, I have made five or six times

my assets. Why not?”

“You!” Cheng Feng stood up abruptly, and angrily came to Arron’s executive desk: “You…you

are so cunning!” Arron looked at him like a lone wolf. Cheng Feng: “When you want to kill me! When you want to kill the Shu family, have you ever thought about your cunning!”

“I’m doing things for others! I’ll do whatever my boss asks me to do! As for the relationship between the two of you The grievances and grievances have nothing to do with me!” Cheng Feng said without letting go.

“Who do you work for is your business! But what I see now is you!” Arron said in a flat voice.

“How can I restore my boss’s loss? Say it! As long as you say it! You want my life, you kill me alive, you can do anything to me, as long as you can restore my boss’s loss!” Cheng Feng turned red Looking at Arron, he said word by word.

Darius on the side: “This… what’s going on?”

No one paid any attention to Darius.

Facing Cheng Feng’s red eyes, Arron’s face became colder and colder: “For your boss, you are not even afraid of death?”

“Man, how could I be afraid of death? Ever since I can remember, I have been afraid of death. Don’t be afraid of death!” Cheng Feng said calmly: “Mr. Fu, I know that my behavior that led to the vicious competition between you Fu Shu is enough for me to die a hundred times.

So you kill me.

If you are not relieved, you will die. Slashed me.

You cut my body into five pieces. The car is

cracked! Anything

is fine!

I only have one request, you return the funds invested by my boss to my boss.

Without this money, my boss will never be able to do it again in his life. Turn over!

Can’t turn over!

You know how many years my boss has waited for this opportunity!

He has waited for 20 years!

I failed to make him dominate Nancheng, I at least have to recover his losses and let him live for the rest of his life Rely on.”

“You are quite loyal to your master!” Hearing Cheng Feng say this, Arron’s heart was filled with admiration for this man.

Cheng Feng looked young.

Body shape, body shape, including his work and rest time, is self-disciplined in every aspect.

At first, Arron thought that the man was in his thirties, but after Christopher sent him various information, Arron realized that the man was already forty-two years old.

Bigger than Arron.

This is a man who has entered middle age.

Therefore, although he looks like a young man, he has the strong and loyal side of the older generation in his bones.

This is what Cheng Feng admires Fu Shao.

At the same time, it is also the most unfortunate place for Arron.

Chapter 2503

“Because you are loyal to your master, you have to choose to destroy our Fu Shu family? This is Cheng Feng, who graduated from Oxford University and lived abroad for so many years. What did you do?” Arron asked coldly.

Darius beside him: “…” The

more he listened, the more confused he became.

However, he seems to have heard some clues.

It seems that Arron found out a lot of things?

Including the past of this man named Cheng Feng, in fact, Arron has already investigated it?

and many more!

Darius suddenly looked at Arron: “Arron! What are you talking about? It’s this person who destroyed the evil Fu Shu family? What’s the matter with him! My Shu family’s wife was separated, and it was your Arron who did it!

What’s wrong with Chengfeng!

Arron? Now, are you going to put the blame on others and escape the guilt yourself!”

Seeing Darius’s vicious questioning, Arron ignored Darius at all.

He only looked at Cheng Feng: “Cheng Feng, am I right?”

“Have you investigated my past and where I studied?” Cheng Feng asked incredulously.

“Otherwise?” Arron asked back: “Do you think I, Arron, gave it for nothing? The son inherits his father’s business and is rich for three generations, so he has no ability?”

Cheng Feng shook his head and smiled bitterly: “I am deciding to deal with the Fu family. Before meeting the Shu family, I had a detailed understanding of you, and I knew that you were not the third generation of rich to inherit your ancestral inheritance.

I know that when you were young, life was very difficult.

You have also been exiled abroad.

You and your mother lived a life of being bullied abroad and living without money. At that time, you never felt depressed. When you were a teenager, you made a lot of progress abroad.

Even if you don’t inherit the Fu family’s property, your assets abroad can still give you peace of mind.

Not only that, but the friends you make, the brothers you make, and you are all good friends.

Later, when you came back from abroad, you originally wanted to give your mother a pension and a safe place for your mother, but you did not expect your mother to be framed and imprisoned.

Therefore, originally you did not intend to acquire the property of the Fu Group.

You are also not unfamiliar with the Fu Group’s industry.

Can. To fight for your mother, and to avenge your mother.

You have been wiped out in one fell swoop…

you have wiped out several of your half-brothers, your blood relatives, your own brothers!

Arron, your ruthlessness towards your Fu family brother and uncle has caused a sensation in Nancheng and the whole country!

Arron, the investigation I have done on you has no less understanding of you than you and me.

In fact, if it weren’t for my boss’s kindness to me, I wouldn’t touch you.

Because I admire you so much! “

“Are you begging me for mercy?” “Arron asked in a cold tone.

Cheng Feng answered truthfully, “Yes.”

Arron sneered again: “Cheng Feng, can I answer the question I ask you next ? “

“Can. “Since he has failed, Cheng Feng doesn’t want to struggle.

“Because of the investigation and understanding of me, I know that I am a ruthless person, almost to the point where the six relatives do not recognize me, so you decide that even if your boss’s strength is comparable to mine, your boss may not be able to win me. So

, you offered a plan to your boss in advance.

That strategy is called: lose both sides, take advantage of the fisherman, right?”

Darius next to him is not a fool. Do you mean Arron and me?”

Cheng Feng still answered truthfully: “Yes, I found the man who looked like you who bumped into your wife.”

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