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Chapter 2496

Arron’s move is enough to turn the fake into the real.

The main reason is that he didn’t tell Darius that someone wanted to eat and drink in the dark, and to take down the Fu family and the Shu family at the same time.

Arron blindly misunderstood Darius and the entire Shu family, that he Arron found Darius dressed up and killed Galia, so Darius and Darius’s parents hated Arron to the core.

That kind of piercing hatred wasn’t faked.

Even Alyce questioned him regardless of the occasion when he saw his son-in-law.

Alyce has always been a decent person, and it was the first time she blocked the gate of her son-in-law’s company and yelled at her.

It was because she couldn’t find her son-in-law, so she called her daughter, but she didn’t even answer the phone. Alyce thought about it later, and it would be difficult for her daughter to be caught in the middle of this matter. To ask her daughter with a temperament, it would be better to ask her directly. son in law.

But no matter where she goes home or wherever she goes, she just can’t see her son-in-law.

At the end, he blocked the gate of the Fu Group and yelled at Arron.

Such an elegant old lady, but her face was red with scolding: “You unconscience, you even cheat your own wife! You know who the Shu family is! It’s your wife’s renter! It’s your mother-in-law’s family.

You white- eyed wolf ! Bastard


I saw it, you are the ambition of the wolf! The

ambition of the wolf!

Arron, come out for me!

If you don’t come out for me, I will scold me here for days and nights!”

A well-dressed old lady shouted so loudly that it attracted infinite glances from passers-by.

Later, the security manager couldn’t hide, so he came out and said to Alyce: “Old lady, you…”

“Who is the old lady, am I that old? Your president asked you to call me old lady. , let you send me away like this?” Alyce spit out whoever caught him.

The security manager said embarrassedly: “It’s such a big sister, even if you scold here for three days and three nights, Mr. Fu will not come out. If you don’t pay attention to the news, you probably don’t know, the stock of Fu Group these days. It’s all going down, and our President Fu is already very busy.”

“What do you mean by going down all the way?” Although Alyce hated Arron and gritted his teeth, deep down, she still felt sorry for her daughter and son-in-law. Having said this, she immediately stopped

roaring , but asked with great concern: “You, what did you say, the stock fell, what do you mean? Is the Fu Group going to end?” I have heard too many words about dealing with Arron.

Alyce could feel that his brother, sister-in-law and Ming Zhen were cruel. They kept contacting all over the country by phone, and the old subordinates of his father were almost always responding.

Alyce’s heart was agitated.

She asked her brother and sister-in-law.

The elder brother said to Alyce helplessly: “Alyce, I know that Arron is your son-in-law, but this matter is related to the life and death of the Shu family. Even if we don’t deal with Arron, Arron will level the Shu family.

Alyce, you Don’t worry, one day, even if we are lucky enough to defeat Arron, you will still be our Alyce.

Including SuziSuzi, my uncle will raise her and her three children.

If our Shu family were wiped out in this fight with Arron, then I don’t think Arron would do anything to your mother-in-law anyway.

So Alyce, don’t participate in this matter.

Even if there is a way out for you and SuziSuzi and your mother.

After all, your mother has eaten too much crying in this life, so don’t take part in it.

I still have some wealth here, you can take it and hide for a while. “

Chapter 2497

Hearing what his brother said, Alyce burst into tears in an instant.

She cried and said to her brother, “I’ll question Arron. If this beast really wants to kill him quickly, I’ll die in front of him!”

This was Alyce’s promise to his brother.

However, under the private message, Alyce didn’t hate this son-in-law at all.

But on the brother’s side, how does she explain it?

Therefore, Alyce was in a dilemma.

Now that she heard that her son-in-law’s company’s stock was losing ground, she was anxious. She grabbed the security manager’s hand and shook it: “Tell me, tell me quickly, what does the stock fall mean? Did

the Fu family get defeated by the Shu family?”


Because she didn’t want her family, her brother and nephew to be beheaded and killed by Arron.

But if the Shu family defeats Arron, Alyce can ask his brother, sister-in-law and nephew to let Arron die, and then she will continue with her, with her daughter, son-in-law, and several grandchildren to remain anonymous.

The security manager shook his head and said to Alyce: “I don’t know yet, the Fu Group will not collapse in three or two days, but I don’t know how long this turmoil will last, and I can’t say for sure.

Big sister, go back first, you If there is any personal grievance, wait until President Fu comes out of the company, okay?”

Alyce couldn’t say anything else.

She returned to Shu’s house in despair.

But seeing his brother and sister-in-law was helpless.

“What’s the matter, brother and sister-in-law, I heard that Fu Group’s stock is falling all over the street. Isn’t this a good sign for us?” Alyce asked with concern.

The elder brother shook his head: “Ming Zhen has not eaten or drank for three days and three nights. If we continue to fight like this, we will almost lose both sides. The Fu Group is not so easy to deal with. Its enterprise is too huge.”

Having said that, The elder brother sneered: “However, even if the fish die and the net is broken, we can’t spare Arron!

Because even if we don’t fight him, he will swallow our Shu family!

Right now, even if the Shu family can’t swallow the Fu Group, Also paralyze him!” The

Shu family’s strength should not be underestimated.

In just one month, the Fu Group’s industry has shrunk by nearly one-third, and the Shu family has even reached the point of high debt.

The two sides fought fiercely in the commercial war.

The entire Nancheng was even plunged into an invisible bloodshed.

Arron looked exhausted.

And Darius was an old man with a shaggy beard, and his whole body was thin and out of shape.

Such a situation has not been encountered once in the national metropolis of Nancheng in two hundred years.

The economy of the entire Nancheng seems to be paralyzed, and there is a real need for someone to come out and save it all.

At this time, in an unremarkable manor about 100 kilometers outside Nancheng City, a middle-aged man said to another man in his thirties who was slightly younger: “Now, I guess they The Shu family has already lost both sides, Cheng Feng, it’s time for you to take action. I’m very optimistic about you, would you like to make a contribution?”

The man in his thirties who was called Cheng Feng said respectfully and calmly: “Brother Tim, you are my benefactor. I am willing to do anything for you, even if I go through fire and water for you.” The

middle-aged man was satisfied He smiled and said, “Go ahead, it’s time for you to show off your skills.”

“Yes! Brother Tim!” Cheng Feng responded.

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