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Chapter 2434

Yan Weimin was almost laughed: “What did you say, you say it again?”

“I said you! Behind my back Raise a mistress outside! You poor bastard!” Jiang Meiruo scolded angrily.

At that moment, Yan Weimin suddenly understood.

Jiang Meiruo is indeed a big lady.

She developed all the temperaments that a young lady should have in the Jiang family, and she has them all!

And the treatment that the eldest lady should have, she does not have it.

She was accustomed to being bullied by the Jiang family, and she had instilled a thought since childhood that she would bow her head submissively to those who bullied her and were stronger than her. Even if she was a dog, she would wag her tail for pleasure.

However, if she gains strength and suddenly makes a fortune, she will suddenly bully others recklessly like those who bullied her before.

In fact, deep down in her heart, Jiang Meiruo always wanted to be someone who could always bully others unscrupulously.

It’s always been that way.

But before, she was unable to turn over.

I don’t have the ability to turn over, so I am willing to be trampled by an old man in his seventies or eighties. If he has no ability to turn over, he bullies Jin Jin, who is more difficult than her.

This kind of woman, this is extremely hateful!

Yan Weimin sneered ruthlessly: “Jiang Meiruo, listen to me! You used to blackmail us with my sister’s indecent photos, but now we have figured it out! We can choose wherever you want to send the indecent photos. Accept!


You and I are married, yes!

But until now, I have never betrayed you, even if we have never slept in the same bed!

I have always treated your child as a biological father!

You say that I am raising a mistress outside, but it is groundless!

You have to show evidence!

If you can’t hold the evidence, there is no legal effect!

It’s you, when you fool around with other men, you are never shy, you never avoid the eyes of others, it goes without saying that I can catch you, even if I don’t deliberately catch you, Exposed in front of many people!

And you did it on purpose!

You have to let everyone you know know that you are now developed and rich, and you, Jiang Meiruo, are no worse than other famous people. You change boyfriends every day, and you want what you want.

Of course, I guess, you shouldn’t care about being known by me, by the court, right! “

“Humph!” exactly! I am naturally not afraid that my affairs will be known to the court, Yan Weimin, if you are rich, if you have assets of tens of millions or hundreds of millions, you can also find a woman. As a wife, I will never ask, even if You raise ten little ones outside, I don’t even ask! That’s how it is in my law!

You are living with me and my son now, you are just following my laws! “

“You really think wrong Jiang Meiruo . As I said just now, all you want to blackmail us is an indecent photo of my sister, we don’t care now! And I have never lived on you and your son.

I study part-time jobs and work nights.

I now have a legitimate job!

My sister also has a proper job!

We are not afraid of you! “

Jiang Meiruo: “You…”

“Jiang Meiruo, there’s one more thing I’ve seen a long time ago. You used to want to give away your son, but after you got 10 million, you treated your son well and treated him as your own. Shouldn’t you? Conscience finds out?

You should be because of that sum of money!

That sum of money belongs to your son, not you!

Isn’t it?

Since it is left to the child, if you are a mother, if you are a bit human, don’t mess around Spend your son’s money!”

Her mind was exposed by Yan Weimin, and Jiang Meiruo suddenly became angry: “Do I want you to care! This is my son, my own son! My son and I have one heart! And you, an outsider! A

poor outsider!

Chapter 2435

Son, hit him!

Jiang Meiruo immediately instigated her son to fight against Yan Weimin. The

two-year-old boy was very cruel.

He kicked, bit and beat Yan Weimin.

Looking at such a child, Yan Weimin felt unspeakable heartache in his heart, and the child followed Wouldn’t such a mother be ruined in the future? But

he is powerless.

He is not the child’s biological father. If Jiang Mei does not recognize him, the child will not recognize him. That’s all


There are too many poor children in this world. He is an orphan, and he can help this child. However

, the child has a mother.

He can’t control it, so it’s better to see it out of sight.

“Choose a time, Jiang Meiruo, let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to apply for a divorce certificate. “

Jiang Meiruo was stunned: “You…you f*** really want to divorce me?” “

“Otherwise what do you think?” “

You… 10 million don’t you like it?” Jiang Meiruo looked at Yan Weimin with unbelievable eyes.

Yan Weimin sneered contemptuously: “Jiang Meiruo, 10 million is indeed not a small number, but a woman like you who is not enterprising and only knows how to eat, drink and play with men every day, do you think your Ten million, how long will it take?

Do you think that people all over the world, like you, regard money as their ancestors?

Take 10,000 steps back and say, even if I look up to your 10 million, but you protect the 10 million so deadly, for fear that others will spend half a dime on you, do you think I have a chance to get your 10 million ?

Since there is no chance, why don’t I divorce you?

Not to mention Jiang Meiruo!

I, Yan Weimin, never thought about your money from the beginning to the end when I was with you. I never gave up on you in the past few years when you were poor. When you gave birth, I was the one who was waiting for you in the hospital!

I’m strictly for the people to do the right thing!

Do you think your money is attractive to me?

Jiang Meiruo was stunned for a long time by what Yan Weimin said. In

fact, she knew very well that she and her son had relied on Yan Weimin for the past few years.

When she chose Yan Weimin to be the Pan Xia, it was because of Yan Weimin’s good character and honesty. There is no background in this city, a poor ghost without father and mother, easy to bully and easy to control.

Moreover, in recent years, Yan Weimin has really taken good care of their mother and son.

If she divorces Yan Weimin, she will look for something like this in the future. A man who is willing to take care of their mother and son by tailgate and take care of their mother and son, she will be hard to find.

“I won’t divorce you! “Jiang Meiruo began to cheat.

” “It’s up to you!” “Yan Weimin said calmly: “On Monday, we will meet at the Civil Affairs Bureau. If you don’t come, you should wait for the court’s summons!” “

Yan Weimin turned around and left without turning his head.

” “No!” Not Yan Weimin, I won’t divorce you, I won’t divorce you, Yan Weimin, please don’t go…” Jiang Meiruo burst into tears. In the past

two or three years, she relied too much on Yan Weimin. She

looked down on him . , but depend on him.

Now that Yan Weimin was finally leaving, she felt a sense of fear in her heart, as if she had suddenly lost a thick protective wall.

Jiang Meiruo is definitely unwilling to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, so what awaits her can only be a subpoena from the court.

Two months later, Jiang Meiruo and Yan Weimin appeared in court. Yan Weimin held Jiang Meiruo’s infidelity in his hand and evidence that the child was not his own, so the court sentenced him to leave on the spot.

After leaving the court door, Yan Weimin only said one sentence to Jiang Meiruo: “The child is innocent. As long as you are a bit like a mother, please take good care of your child. Do it yourself!”

Yan Weimin quickly left. .

“Yan Weimin! I won’t let you go! I will definitely let my son remember you, a heartless man!” Jiang Meiruo roared desperately behind her.

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