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Chapter 2432

Yan Weimin looked at Luo Jin puzzled: “What are you talking about Jin Jin, you mean you and your man Friends, aren’t you real?”

Luo Jin smiled bitterly: “Yes, brother, he and I are just ordinary friends. He is just my good friend, I don’t want you to worry about me. So I asked him to act with me.

I thought you could live a little better.

But I didn’t expect you to suffer so much.

Brother, I figured it out later. I don’t care if she has any indecent photos of me in Jiang Meiruo’s hands, she will release it if she wants to. Well, after all, it was she who framed me at the time, and I did nothing wrong from beginning to end.

Really brother.

I’m not afraid.

I think that’s how God arranged us. We are all people who suffer in life. If you are not happy, neither will I. Maybe find another boyfriend.

Do you understand what I said?


Of course Yan Weimin could listen to it.

However, he still said to Luo Jin with a sullen face: “You are stupid! You will destroy yourself like this! I am already married, this is a fact that cannot be changed, don’t waste your mind on me. Now, you don’t know how crazy that woman Jiang Meiruo is, you don’t know!

You have to be good, find a man with good conditions and good intentions, have a good relationship with him, and marry him well.

Understand? !”

Luo Jin nodded desperately: “I understand brother, I know, I know what morality is.

I know if you’re still married, I’m wrong if I pester you, I know.

I’m waiting for you.

In three years, if you’re still unhappy, and if you get divorced, I’ll be waiting for you.

If Jiang Meiruo changes in the past three years, she is willing to live with you, and you can live a good life, okay? “

Yan Weimin was very sad.

He knew that Luo Jin felt sorry for him.

He desperately held back his tears, nodded desperately, choked his throat and said, “Okay, good sister, we should all be good. “

“Brother, we are still relatives, aren’t we?” We can’t stop communicating. No matter how bad it is, I’m also your son’s aunt, isn’t it? We are relatives. Can’t stop communicating. Normal communication shouldn’t violate anything, right? Luo Jin’s tone was also extremely desolate.

“Of course!” Yan Weimin’s tears finally fell.

He felt that God was really unfair to him . His

parents died since he was a child, and he lived an extremely poor life without the care of his parents. He was admitted to university.

He thinks he is a good young man . He is

very motivated.

He is not afraid of hardship, poverty, or anything.

He just wants to live in peace and quiet, but that will not work. He has to

be separated from Luo Jin.

He does not Admit defeat.

He wants to live for God.

He thought about it, he wants to have a good talk with Jiang Meiruo, if Jiang Meiruo is willing to live with him, it will be fine, it must be fine. In

the end, when he returned home that night, what he saw was Jiang Meiruo brought a man home to fool around.

This made Yan Weimin go crazy.

But, before he could question Jiang Meiruo, Jiang Meiruo scolded him first: “Do you think I’m wearing a cuckold? Yan Weimin, there is no relationship between us as husband and wife, you are not my husband at all, so I want to find someone , it’s not your turn to ask.”

Yan Weimin was really speechless when he said that.


What qualifications does he have to ask Jiang Meiruo if she can’t find a man?

After all, they are not married.

Since then, Yan Weimin seldom returned to his and Jiang Meiruo’s residence, and occasionally came back to see the children.

However, he later found out that since Jiang Meiruo became rich, she didn’t think about sending the child out. She doted on the child very much, and often told the child that Yan Weimin was not the child’s biological father.

Let the children want Yan Weimin no matter what, they must not let Yan Weimin focus on their mother and son’s money.

Chapter 2433

A very small child, but looks at Yan Weimin with extremely defensive eyes.

As if Yan Weimin was a robber.

Once Yan Wei was so angry that when the child was in kindergarten, he and Jiang Meiruo had a big fight: “You will spoil the child like this! You instill such a thought in him, how do you want to ruin him!”

“My son! How could I destroy him? He is my own son! Yan Weimin, I ask you, are you and my son related by blood? Why do you imprison me!

Don’t think I don’t know what you think!

You want to bribe my son emotionally since he was a child, make my son think that you are his own, and then pass on the property to you!

You are so poor, you can’t even think about it!”

“Crack!” Yan Weimin raised his hand and slapped Jiang Meiruo in the face .

It’s disgusting!

This damn woman!

Know the money, the money, the money all day long!

What kind of persecution had she been subjected to, causing her to become too much?

When there is no money, it makes sense. If you have money, it will immediately become this virtue, as if everyone in the world will come and snatch her money from her.

“Anyway, you are a big lady from a wealthy family. Look at you! You have lived in the Jiang family since you were a child. It is impossible for you to eat and drink less, and it is impossible for you to starve and freeze

? Money is so important?

Not to mention that the old man left 10 million for your mother and son, even if he left you 100 million, I am not uncommon.

Not uncommon, you know?

Because, I can see from you that a person does not have unbearable suffering, but has unenjoyable blessings!

I, Yan Weimin, will put the words to you here, me! I will never covet your half a penny!


You can keep your money in your pocket, but don’t let the money bite you! “

Just after he finished speaking, there was a sudden slight pain in his leg. He looked down and saw that his son was lying on his leg and biting him.

A child who was only two years old was really painful to

bite. After biting, He cried and yelled at Yan Weimin again: “You poor man, don’t hit my mother, don’t hit my mom, you poor man! “

Yan Weimin: “…”

He doesn’t know, is it right or wrong that he loves this child? It

‘s not his own.

And Jiang Meiruo keeps instilling such thoughts on this child, he really wants to take care of it, but As long as she cares, Jiang Meiruo will quarrel with him.

He doesn’t even have a chance to control the child.

In the end, Yan Weimin smiles

bleakly. Even if the bamboo basket is empty,

he has done his best to their mother and son.

Yan Weimin sighed , said to Jiang Meiruo: “Meiruo, let’s get a divorce, I’ll go out of the house, I don’t want anything from you. As long as we get a divorce certificate, I’ll take my change of clothes and leave. “

Jiang Meiruo was stunned for a moment.

She couldn’t believe that Yan Weimin would divorce her and leave the house.

How is this possible?

Shouldn’t it be this man who saw that she was rich, he bowed his head to please her, and even Did you bring water for her feet?

Is he going to get a divorce?

Jiang Meiruo asked Yan Weimin incredulously: “Why, are you not afraid that your sister’s indecent photos will be exposed?”

Yan Weimin said without hesitation: “Jin Jin said it, she doesn’t care, as long as the two of us can be together, what does she do? I don’t care, I’ve figured it out now, let it go if you want. We don’t care.”

“What did you say?” Jiang Meiruo’s eyes suddenly widened.

“We don’t…” Before Yan Weimin finished speaking, he was interrupted by Jiang Meiruo’s roar.

“Yan Weimin! You damned thing, you actually raised a mistress outside!” Jiang Meiruo glared at Yan Weimin with gritted teeth.

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