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Chapter 2428

“He died?” Jiang Meiruo was stunned when she heard the news.

Then, she murmured: “After that, who will give us money? What should we do? What if we don’t have money? My parents won’t give me money. Not only will they not give me money, they will bully me. , what should I do, woohoo, if I knew this child would not be born, I can’t even support myself, what should I do instead?”

At this moment, the arrogant and domineering eldest lady on the woman has no temper at all. there is none left.

Instead, he was curled up like a poor worm, not knowing what to do in the future.

“My mother’s family will bully me, and the old man’s family will not let me go, what should I do?” The woman shivered, even ignoring her own children.

The baby cries in the crib, and she doesn’t care.

Yan Weimin came back from class and saw the woman like this, thinking that something major had happened.

After learning that the old man was dead, he felt relieved for a while: “If you die, you will die, and if you live, you will be a disaster. At such an old age, you should die! It’s just right for her to die, and you and their family will be separated in the future. “

Then what should I do? I’ll have no money in the future!” Jiang Meiruo cried hysterically.

“No money, no money! It’s not that I can’t eat, I will graduate in a year, and with my current grades, it is very important for me to stay in school as a teaching assistant after graduation, and it is not a problem to support a family of three.

Besides, After the child is one year old, you can also find a job or something.

We rely on our own hands, no one else, and live a stable life!” Yan Weimin looked at Jiang Meiruo angrily.

Until now, he hated this woman very much.

Even if she is a victim.

However, Yan Weimin really doesn’t hate children. Although children are not his flesh and blood, he doesn’t hate them at all.

How innocent the child is.

His father died when he was born.

Even if he didn’t die, his father wouldn’t come to see him more, would he?

Yan Weimin decided that he will be the biological father of the child in the future, and he must take good care of the child.

He holds the child in one hand and prepares milk powder for the child with the other.

After it was ready, it was fed to the child. The child who was still crying just now stopped crying and making trouble. He swallowed loudly. Before finishing a bottle of milk powder, the little guy was so tired that he fell asleep.

To Yan Weimin’s distressed, distressed and warm.

“Oh, you little thing, look at you, you’re so capable, howl a few times and drink some milk, and you’ll be able to fall asleep tired. Sleep well, you’ll grow taller when you wake up.

” In the stroller, Yan Weimin looked at Jiang Meiruo seriously: “Listen to me, although you are breastfeeding now, you are not giving back milk. Since the child is holding milk powder, we have no source of income now. You I have to go out to work!

You also have to work to wash the dishes and dishes for others!

Otherwise, the child will have no milk powder to drink!

Also, after class in the evening, I also look for a job. On Saturdays and Sundays, I am cooking for others. This is enough for us to support us.

It is not difficult.”

For Yan Weimin, it is really not difficult.

He was born in a bitter child and was born to endure hardship.

And be able to have fun.

But Jiang Meiruo can’t.

It is shameful for her to let her go out to wash the dishes.

She doesn’t feel ashamed to be cared for by an old man who is almost eighty, but she feels ashamed to go out to wash dishes and dishes.

She groaned and asked Yan Weimin: “Why don’t you give the child away?”

“You fart!” Yan Weimin raised his hand and slapped Jiang Meiruo.

Jiang Meiruo looked at Yan Weimin in disbelief: “You hit me? Why did you hit me, the child is mine! Not yours! Why did you hit me!”

Yan Weimin looked at Jiang Meiruo angrily: “If you didn’t have this child, you would have She’s not a woman anymore! When you couldn’t get rid of it, why didn’t you say something like this? You are a woman who only gives birth and can’t be raised

. This kid threw it away!

Chapter 2429

I will kill you!

He grew up with his elder brother. Luo

Jin was a child he picked up, and they all came from hardship.

Therefore, Yan Weimin hated the most in his life, and hated who threw the child away.

Jiang Meiruo was frightened by Yan Weimin’s actions. , she nodded and said aggrievedly: “I don’t want to throw my child away, but I don’t have the ability to feed him. “

Can you eat and sleep?” Yan Weimin asked angrily.

Jiang Meiruo: “…”

“If you have hands and feet, you don’t work, and if you eat and wait to die, what are you doing alive!” Listen to me, or you can go out and find a job for me, whether it’s cleaning the garbage, or washing the dishes for others, as long as it’s a job! If you don’t get a job, you’re going to die! “Anyway, the old man is dead, and her family doesn’t want her either. Yan Weimin just wants to force her.

Let her support herself.

Jiang Meiruo said with a humiliating expression: “Understood, I will find a job and wash dishes for others .” also.

Yan Weimin breathed a sigh of relief. In

order to prevent Jiang Meiruo from giving away or throwing the child away, Yan Weimin had to come to Luo Jin.

At this time, Luo Jin was as lively and lovely as before, and the pain in the past was for her , as if she had never experienced it before.

She still excels in her studies.

Moreover, she is prettier and more energetic than before.

She no longer blamed Yan Weimin as she did half a year ago. When she saw Yan Weimin, she greeted Yan Weimin generously: “Brother? What are you looking for from me?”

Yan Weimin told Luo Jin about the situation.

Luo Jin cried in distress: “Brother, how can someone be so cruel, his own children don’t want it. It’s okay, you can take it, the girls in our dormitory take turns to watch, and you take turns watching.

Don’t that woman really give it away or Sold.”

“Yeah.” Yan Weimin nodded.

After the child’s affairs were settled, he was even more busy.

You have to work hard in class during the day, and you have to work as a clerk for people at night.

Going to tutor on Saturday and Sunday.

But after such a month, in addition to buying milk powder for the child, he can still have extra money.

So he saved it all.

Although it is not his own son, and his wife is not his favorite, so far the two have not been in the same room, but every time Yan Weimin sees the child, he feels that he is in a hurry.

Especially in one month, the child has grown two or three pounds.

The man who knows the speed is really gratifying.

Even Luo Jin likes what children like.

Usually Jiang Meiruo didn’t dare to talk about the child’s gift, she obediently went to find a job, earning meager wages.

Such days. Yan Weimin felt very good and happy.

But this kind of happiness didn’t last long. Another incident happened beside him and Jiang Meiruo, which completely broke the balance between him and Jiang Meiruo and the children.

One Monday night, when Yan Weimin was about to go to work late after class, a man in a suit and a briefcase came to his rental house with Jiang Meiruo.

“Excuse me, are you Miss Jiang Meiruo?” the man asked Jiang Meiruo.

“I am, who are you?” Jiang Meiruo subconsciously thought that the man was here to ask for a debt, and she owed some money, but Yan Weimin didn’t know, Yan Weimin wanted to know, he dared to beat her.

The man smiled and said, “Your child has an inheritance to inherit. Since he is too young, he needs a thousand words from Miss Jiang Meiruo to receive this inheritance.”

Jiang Meiruo was stunned for a moment, and then asked: ” What, you mean, that immortal left a legacy for my child?” The

man nodded: “Yes, ten million.”

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