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Chapter 2426

“Of course not good!” At this moment Yan Weimin was extremely angry, he was so angry that he forgot, in fact, he had already and Jiang Meiruo I got married, and the wedding banquet just ended.

Even though he had sympathy in his heart after hearing Jiang Meiruo’s absurd things, he was unwilling to make such a big deal.

Jiang Meiruo sneered: “But you are already married to me.”

Yan Weimin: “…”

“Also, where is your hometown, what does your brother do, and I asked someone to take pictures of your sister I’ve kept all the indecent photos, and I will print 10,000 copies of these indecent photos and sprinkle them on every corner of the campus, I’ll see how your sister is still alive!”

“You!” After

a long while, Yan Weimin asked coldly and desolately, “Have you been following me for a long time!”

Jiang Meiruo nodded and said, “Yes.”

Before Yan Weimin could answer, she said, “You have no parents and only one brother in your family. , There are not many things, and your net worth is innocent. Not only that, you have excellent academic performance, no bad habits, and you are very handsome. You

are my best candidate in every aspect.

Therefore, I am determined to choose you. “

Yan Weimin: “…”

At this moment, he clenched his fists, and the truth beat the woman to death in a circle.

But he can’t yet.

Luo Jin’s handle is still in this woman’s hands.

“I’ll be nice to you, don’t worry, I’ll let you know that I’m actually a good woman, and I’m also a victim.” Jiang Meiruo looked at Yan Weimin with tears in her eyes.

Yan Weimin was silent for a long time.

After about ten minutes, he said: “I can act with you, even if I sleep with you, nothing will happen to you until you give birth to a child and get rid of those people completely.

At that time, you will Give me the handle of my sister.

We’ve cleared it up.”

“Okay, okay, okay, thank you, but the two of us should act more realistically tonight.” Jiang Meiruo kept nodding and saying.


That night, the two of them slept in the same bed, but they really didn’t do anything.

Even if Yan Weimin wanted to do something, he really couldn’t do it because of Jiang Meiruo’s health.

She was four months pregnant, and she was the most vulnerable time for a pregnant woman. In addition, her body had been aborted several times, so she couldn’t stand any toss.

So, that night, the two lived in peace until dawn.

Early the next morning, Yan Weimin went to school as usual.

Very few people in the school knew that he and Jiang Meiruo had a wedding, but it was because of Jiang Meiruo’s influence that it didn’t spread, so Yan Weimin could still go to school.

At school, he saw Luo Jin who lost a lot of weight overnight.

Luo Jin called him: “Brother…”

Yan Weimin ignored Luo Jin.

Although he had agreed with Jiang Meiruo that she would divorce when she gave birth to a child, with Jiang Meiruo’s temperament, he didn’t know if he could get away.

If he can’t get out, Yan Weimin doesn’t want to implicate Luo Jin anymore.

He only hoped that Luo Jin could forget him.

Can have a good future.

Since then she has lived a happy life of her own.

If you want her to be good, you have to be ruthless and ignore her.

He knew that Luo Jin must be in tears behind him.

Her voice was even more hoarse: “Brother, I know you are all for me! For me, right? I will wait for you, I will wait for you, brother…”

“Clap!” A slap in the face Hit Luo Jin’s face straight.

“Dead woman! Remember, your brother is already my husband! If you think about her in the future, you will be a mistress, a downright mistress! At that time, I will let the whole school and the whole city know that you are a mistress!” Jiang Meiruo is extremely vicious looking at Luo Jin.

Luo Jin: “You…you shameless person! Demon! You killed my brother and me!”

Chapter 2427

Yan Weimin, who has walked several steps, knew that Jiang Meiruo was bullying Luo Jin, but he did not look back.

He had to get tough.


His letter was dripping with blood and in tears.

After a pause, he didn’t look back, but called his wife’s name: “Ruoruo, you are pregnant now, don’t get angry at every turn, let’s go.”

“Good husband.” Jiang Meiruo replied sweetly immediately.

After answering, she trotted towards Yan Weimin and hugged Yan Weimin’s arm, then looked back at Luo Jinxiao.

At that moment, Luo Jin’s eyes dripped with blood.

She is a strong girl.

She knew that even without Yan Weimin, she could still live.

She is educated and educated, willing to endure hardships, and she will be very good in the future.

Luo Jin left without looking back.

There were tears in Yan Weimin’s eyes.

“Don’t cry husband.” Jiang Meiruo wiped away tears for Yan Weimin in distress.

She was really kind to Yan Weimin.

Not only did she buy clothes for Yan Weimin, obey him in everything, and never asked to share a room with her, she also notified Yan Chongwu, the elder brother of Yan Weimin’s hometown, to buy various gifts for Yan Chongwu and Yan Chongwu’s girlfriend.

Later, he simply invested to build a house for Yan Chongwu in his hometown.

Gradually, Yan Weimin didn’t hate Jiang Meiruo very much anymore, and he always disagreed with her being a husband and wife. Jiang Meiruo didn’t force him. In front of him, she always behaved very considerately.

Time unknowingly passed another two months.

Jiang Meiruo dropped out of school because she couldn’t cover her stomach anymore.

And Yan Weimin and Luo Jin are also promoted to junior year.

During this period, Luo Jin never spoke to Yan Weimin again. She was always motivated and talked about her boyfriend.

She and her boyfriend often go to the library together, study together, and take classes together, although they are not as good as glue.

But also quite warm.

Yan Weimin, who had been hiding in the distance and looked at his sister, didn’t know what it was like.

There is joy and there is sadness.

He didn’t want to expand this sadness in his heart, so he gradually focused on Jiang Meiruo.

To be precise, it was the child in Jiang Meiruo’s belly.

Jiang Meiruo was wrong, but everyone was wrong. But the child in the womb is the most innocent child in the world.

Although the child is not his.

However, Yan Weimin has compassion for children.

He would also lie on Jiang Meiruo’s stomach and talk softly: “Little baby, are you a boy or a girl? If it is a girl, will my father tell you the story of Snow White every day? If it is a boy, my father will take you every day. Are you good at playing?”

I said this not to impress anyone, nor to please Jiang Meiruo.

He just wanted to find something for himself.

Later, when Jiang Meiruo was about to give birth, Yan Weimin even thought about it. As long as Jiang Meiruo changed her mind later, he might live a good life with her.

The premise is that Jiang Meiruo can destroy those indecent photos of her sister.

But now is not the time to talk about this. The most important thing now is to let Jiang Meiruo give birth safely. Their marriage is no longer forced. Now that he is her husband, he will take care of her giving birth and not let her body fall any further. fault.

A few months later, Jiang Meiruo was left with a boy who was full of pounds.

Looking at the wrinkled baby, Yan Weimin’s heart was full of mixed feelings. To be honest, he didn’t have the joy of being a father, but he also knew that the child was very innocent.

He was the first person to hold the child. He put the child in his arms sincerely and said softly, “In the future, I will be your father.”

Just when Yan Weimin wanted to tell Jiang Meiruo that he wanted to have a good time with her and the child When she was thinking for a lifetime, a big event happened beside Jiang Meiruo.

The child’s biological father, the old man who was nearly eighty years old, died.

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