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Chapter 2424

“Yes.” Jiang Meiruo looked at Jiang Weimin calmly.

“You witch! You already have a child in your belly. Why don’t you marry the father of your child? Why are you marrying me!” At that moment, Ya Weimin wished he could stab the woman in front of him.

Jiang Meiruo was not surprised by Yan Weimin’s anger and shock.

She still said calmly: “I can’t marry that person, because that person has a wife and children, and that person is over seventy years old. His family, his son, anyone who comes out can get me. Death.

They have dozens of eyes on me now, and if they find out I’m pregnant, they’ll blow me to the ground.

I can’t let them know I’m pregnant.

Otherwise, I might die.”

“Then you go . Abort the child!” Yan Weimin said unceremoniously.

“I want to get rid of it! I’m not such a great woman, I wouldn’t want the child in my womb when the child came at the wrong time, not to mention that his father is a bad old man in his seventies!

But, I can’t have another abortion.

This is my fifth pregnancy since I was seventeen. The

doctor told me a long time ago that if I had another abortion, I would never be a mother again, not only If I can’t be a mother, I might have to have my entire womb removed.

That way I’ll age very quickly. I’ll

be haggard and die.

I can’t die so soon, I’m only in my twenties.”

“So, you chose me to marry you? In this way, you can hide the past, and you can tell others that you are actually carrying my child in your womb?” Yan Weimin finally understood the purpose of Jiang Meiruo’s marriage to him.

“Yes.” Jiang Meiruo’s face showed a look of horror: “It’s not enough, those people are still staring at me, if my marriage to you is fake, they will also think that I am a tactic.

They will kill me . Yes .”

Yan Weimin looked at Jiang Meiruo in confusion: “Your father is a very rich existence in this city, and you are also a young lady from a wealthy family, how could you be with a married woman, still in her seventies

Do you have a special hobby and only like old people?” Jiang Meiruo

smiled bitterly: “In this world, there is that woman who likes to fall in love with someone fifty years older than her, and he can be me at his age. Grandpa!”

Yan Weimin snorted coldly and said nothing.

That means, you’re just hanging out with people like that.

“Yan Weimin, do you remember, I told you a few days ago that my mother is the Nth concubine my father married? I also told you that I actually have no status in our family?” Jiang Meiruo asked .

Yan Weimin remained silent.

He remembered that Jiang Meiruo told him that a few days ago.

But this has nothing to do with him.

He didn’t speak, and Jiang Meiruo continued: “My mother was occupied by my mother and father and married back home. In the whole Jiang family, my mother has no status. When I was born, my father already had two children. I have thirty children, and the eldest child is older than my mother.

From when I was born to when I grew up, my father didn’t even look at me much.

My mother and I in the Jiang family were not even as good as one in front of my father. A domestic helper who has the right to speak.

But since I was a child, I had to have the style of Miss Jiang’s family.

My mother has no money.

In order to control my dad to ask for money, he was either scolded or beaten every time.

That’s nothing.

The thing that scares my mom and I the most is that I was only five or six years old, and my brothers and sisters wanted to throw me in a stinky gutter and drown when they saw me.

They often say to me without hesitation, ‘You little immortal, why don’t you die? I’ll kill you one day sooner or later! If you don’t, get out of here now! ‘

My mother is not reconciled.

My mother always hugged me and cried, saying that I should get a fortune.

Chapter 2425

My mother always tries every way to dress me up to see my father, I hope my father likes me A little, can give me a little more living expenses.

But, Yan Weimin, you never thought, how would my father treat me? Yan Weimin was

horrified when he heard it.

He had heard of animals in this world, but he had never really seen them.

He murmured and asked, “It won’t be your father…to you?” “

“That’s not true. Jiang Meiruo smiled desolately: “He just said to my mother, give her more milk every day to keep her white and tender, and when she grows up and grows, I will be useful, her skin is like yours, white and tender.” , He also looks like you in his winking eyes, and he looks a little lowly and coquettish. You know, the old man surnamed Wang, he likes this type.

This year, I have nothing to give him.

If you want to get a project approved from him, you have to vote for it.

He has no shortage of gold stamps, no shortage of real estate, and no shortage of anything.

There are too many women around.

If there is really a lack of a down-to-earth eldest lady, an innocent eldest lady, then we will send it to him.

In this way, our Jiang family will have a good run in the next ten years.

Hearing Jiang Meiruo say this, Yan Weimin still looked at Jiang Meiruo in surprise: “Your dad gave you to an old man ? “

I was only seventeen when I was a freshman in high school.” “Speaking of this, Jiang Meiruo cried.

Yan Weimin: “…”

At this moment, he was extremely sympathetic to Jiang Meiruo.

He is a poor man.

He had never envied the life of those wealthy families, but he didn’t know that such dirty things could happen within the wealthy families.

The biological father pushed his biological daughter into the fire pit.

“But.” Jiang Meiruo smiled again: “However, that old thing is very good to me. He bought me a lot of beautiful clothes, gave me money, and bought me real estate.

Let me be in front of many rich ladies. Live like a real eldest lady.

My brothers and sisters don’t dare to bully me anymore.

It’s just that the old man often pinches me all over the place.

He doesn’t have much ability in that respect, but maybe I’m naturally fertile.

I’ve gotten pregnant several times over the years. The

old man doesn’t mind me being born.

It’s just that his sons, grandsons, and his wife don’t allow it.

They’ll do everything they can to get me It

was also because of this reason that my studies for several years were wasted.

This time I was able to come to university because the old man walked through the back door and asked for a relationship, so I came in.

And this time, I was four months pregnant Now, if I can’t think of a way, my child can’t hide, I can’t kill it, I have to find someone to marry me as quickly as possible. This way I can save my life.

And also save my stomach My child.

In the future, when my child is older, and the old man dies, we mother and son will still be able to compete for a lot of money.”

“So, you found me to be your husband? You searched for a long time ago. I decided that I can’t do it, so you planned to frame my sister and break us up viciously?” At this moment, Yan Weimin wanted to strangle Jiang Meiruo.

Although he had a hint of sympathy for her just now.

But now, he was disgusted when he saw this woman.

Incredibly disgusting.

“Help me, one year, after my child is born, we will divorce, okay?” Jiang Meiruo knelt in front of Yan Weimin and cried and begged.

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