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Chapter 2422

Yan Weimin looked at Luo Jin with a gentle face, and said helplessly: “Jin Jin, tomorrow I will marry Jiang Meiruo. .”

The book in Luo Jin’s hand fell to the ground.

She didn’t want to be strict with the people anymore.

After all, they are both adults, and she has also gone to college. Although she is in pain, she knows that there is still a long way to go. She can’t go down like this, she must be strong and cheer up.

She thought, no matter how painful or bitter it is, it will be a sunny day after getting through it.

Therefore, she did not intend to pay attention to Yan Weimin’s.

But at this moment, when he heard Yan Weimin say this, Luo Jin immediately grabbed Yan Weimin’s hand and asked eagerly: “Brother, why is this, that woman is not a good thing, she is four or five years older than us, but she is with us. We are in the same class, and this is the problem.

What did she do in four or five years? Does she

repeat it for four or five years?

How is it possible?

Brother, if you marry her, you will be deceived by her!


Also, brother knows You got married so soon, eldest brother shouldn’t know it, and in the school, what do you do in the school?”

Yan Weimin shook his head: “They can handle it at home, the big deal is that I take a year off from school, this doesn’t hinder anything, It’s fine as long as it’s not public in the school. I just want to let you know, Jin Jin, brother needs your blessing.”

He knew that the road ahead must be very bitter.

It is false that he wants to get Jin Jin’s blessing, and it is true that he wants Jin Jin to give up completely.

“As for eldest brother, I’ll tell him when I take Jiang Meiruo back to my hometown during the Chinese New Year. Don’t tell eldest brother, I’m getting married.” Yan Weimin looked at Luo Jin bitterly.

Luo Jin’s eyes were red with anger: “Brother. You just want to be rich and wealthy?”

“Of course!” Yan Weimin sneered: “I’ve had enough.”

Luo Jin: “Then let’s break up!”

Yubi, she hugged Running away with a book.

Sitting in the library tube, she couldn’t see anything.

She was crying like a mess.

The next day he fell ill with a high fever.

Of course she couldn’t go to the wedding of her brother and Jiang Meiruo this evening.

She had a high fever and lay groggy in the dormitory without even eating.

After an unknown amount of time, a female voice came over and covered her forehead with a warm towel, then sat beside her: “The reason why your brother married Jiang Meiruo is because of you.”

Luo Jin looked up and saw that it was the same The girl in the dormitory, she immediately asked the girl: “What did you say?” The

girl sighed: “You go out early and come back late every day to hang out with Jiang Meiruo, you don’t know how anxious your brother is, waiting for you downstairs every day for a long time, I will go to the campus to pick you up before you wait.

When you were controlled by Jiang Meiruo, Jiang Meiruo made a condition to your brother that as long as he is willing to marry Jiang Meiruo, Jiang Meiruo will let you go, otherwise, you will be harmed by those men. So

Ah Jin, you really have a good brother.”

Luo Jin: “…”

She struggled to stand up, swaying and unsteady.

“A Jin, what are you doing?” the classmate asked.

“I’m going to find my brother, I don’t want my brother to sacrifice for me.” Luo Jin stumbled and ran out.

It was the first time she was willing to take a taxi.

The taxi took Luo Jin to the Ocean Hotel quickly, but the wedding there was already over.

Where is there any more shadows?

Luo Jin fell on the road crying, and it was a kind person who sent her to the hospital.

When she was drowning in the hospital, she was still in a coma, shouting, “Brother, brother…”

Unfortunately, Yan Weimin couldn’t hear it.

Chapter 2423

Late at night, Yan Weimin and Jiang Meiruo were sitting in the ward together.

Seeing Jiang Meiruo come over in a pair of pajamas with thin and light fabrics, Yan Weimin didn’t look at her at all.

“It’s impossible for me to have sex with you! I think you want to marry me, not to have sex with me. Since your goal has been achieved, please let me go!” Yan Weimin rejected Jiang Meiruo extremely coldly.

Jiang Meiruo was not angry either.

At this moment, her temper was rather good.

She said to Yan Weimin gently: “Yan Weimin, in fact, I really like you.”

Yan Weimin snorted coldly: “Humph!”

“What I said is true.” Jiang Meiruo said.

Yan Weimin hated that he could kill Jiang Meiruo: “Please have some face! Now that the goal has been achieved, let’s not disturb each other!”

“For the people.” Jiang Meiruo suddenly knelt in front of Yan Weimin.

Yan Weimin was startled: “You…you, what are you doing?”

Jiang Meiruo burst into tears: “Weimin, I really love you. Can you live with me, I promise. I won’t treat you badly, I will treat you well, I have nothing in my life, I have only you.

Only you.”

Yan Weimin looked at Jiang Meiruo, his angry hands had nowhere to rest: “You, you I really know how to act!”

“I am true, for the people, I have never had anyone else in my life. I only have you. If you don’t want me, I will basically have nowhere to go. It is possible that I will have to do it tomorrow. Violent corpse on the street.

I’m not lying, for the people. Her

snot came out from crying.

Those words are extremely pitiful.

Yan Weimin is a man after all, he restrained his anger and disgust, and asked, “What’s going on?” “

Jiang Meiruo smiled miserably: “Weimin, do you think I’m very bright, Miss everyone?” “

“Isn’t it?”

Jiang Meiruo shook her head to herself, she did not answer Yan Weimin’s words, but said with tears on her own: “I kidnapped your sister a while ago, and I told you that your sister hooked up with an old man . Now, the words that are known to his wife and will destroy her are not actually your sister.

but me.

I’m talking about myself. Hearing such words ,

Yan Weimin was stunned.

He looked at Jiang Meiruo in disbelief: “Is it you?” Aren’t you the eldest lady of the Jiang family, how could you be with a seventy-year-old man? Since you are on good terms with other people, are you still married to me?

You… how can you be so vicious and so dirty! Yan Weimin took a

few steps back involuntarily.

He only knew that Jiang Meiruo was arrogant, eldest miss, but he never knew that she had been played by a seventy-year-old man . He

admitted it himself.

He Yan Weimin actually married such a woman as his wife Thinking of

this, Yan Weimin turned around and was about to leave.

“For the people! Can’t you just save me? “Jiang Meiruo suddenly hugged Yan Weimin’s leg.

Yan Weimin: “What the hell are you thinking, I don’t want to know about your dirty things!” You asked me to marry you, I have already married you, what else do you want! “

“For the people, you can’t leave this room. If you leave this room, if they know that we are in different rooms, I will die. If I die, my mother and the child in my womb will die.” Jiang Meiruo raised her head and looked at Yan Weimin with a begging expression.

At this moment, she still has the appearance of a eldest lady.

She’s not even better than a beggar.

That expression was extremely humble.

Yan Weimin’s brain was bombed.

He sneered a few times, and then asked in a steady tone: “What did you say, you, you are already pregnant! Are there other men’s children in your belly?

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