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Chapter 2420

“What did you say?” Yan Weimin thought he heard it wrong.

“Within a week, marry me.” Jiang Meiruo repeated.

Yan Weimin: “…”

He didn’t understand, how could such a poor man come out of a big mountain, how could he be favored by the eldest lady in the big city and wanted to marry him. In order to marry him, Jiang Meiruo would not hesitate to play like this trick?

“How is this possible?” Yan Weimin said sarcastically after a while.

After a pause, he said again: “I don’t understand the games you people play in the city, but since my sister is already in your hands, I will give you whatever you want to kill me.

Please don’t miss Jiang . I’m joking with me!”

“I’m not joking with you!” Jiang Meiruo said.

She looked at Yan Weimin with a possessive expression on her face: “I’ve fallen in love with you for a long time, you study well, you have a good heart, you are good in all aspects, and you are out of poverty!

But you are poor, and I am rich.

That’s why we are the most correct, aren’t you? You

married your sister who is not related to you, and you are in love, but you are both poor, and you are poor all your life.”

Yan Weimin: “I’m sorry, Miss Jiang, It’s our business that we are poor, I don’t want to marry you, and I’m not used to your rich circle, I just want to be with Jinjin.”

“Then wait for Jinjin to be smashed and die!” Surely, Jiang Meiruo also showed a vicious look.

Yan Weimin: “…”

“Would you like to hear your sister’s voice?” Jiang Meiruo asked.

Yan Weimin clenched his fists with both hands.

At this moment, he really did not dare to have any resistance.

Because Jinjin is in the hands of others.

Even if he called the police, it was too late.

As time passed by, Yan Weimin’s heart struggled fiercely.

He seemed to have walked through hell, and in the end, he looked at Jiang Meiruo with a pale face: “Okay, I’m marrying you, please let my sister go immediately, when will I see my sister come back safely , I will marry you again. If my sister has any mishaps, even if I am a ghost, I will not let you go!”

“Okay, very good! Don’t worry, I am not interested in your sister. I am only interested in you! Seeing that Yan Weimin had agreed to her, Jiang Meiruo made a phone call and said into the receiver, “Let go!”

Yan Weimin saw his sister Luo Jin the next morning.

Her face was swollen from being beaten.

The corners of the lips are hurt.

The whole person seemed to be weak.

Yan Weimin’s whole person went crazy: “Jin Jin, Jin Jin, tell me, did they bully you, did they! Do they!”

Luo Jin looked at Yan Weimin while weeping: “Brother, what did you promise them? Why did they let me go? They didn’t do anything to me except beating me. You must have promised them something, right?

Brother, did you agree to give them some part of your body?

Brother, Tell me quickly, what did you promise them?

Otherwise, they wouldn’t let me go so easily.”

Hearing Luo Jin’s words, Yan Weimin suddenly laughed.

He put Luo Jin in his arms, and then cried repressedly: “It’s alright, it’s alright, sister, it’s alright, just come back, as long as you can come back, I’m fine, I have nothing to do.”

Luo Jin He also hugged Yan Weimin: “Brother, it’s all my fault, I’m too petty, I always want to make money, I want to share some for my elder brother, Jiang Meiruo said that she can make me money, I think I will be Her sidekick, helping her with Lin’s bags, shoes, etc. I can make money.

I didn’t expect her to be such a vicious person.

Brother, it’s my fault, I will never be greedy for petty benefits What if we don’t have


As long as we kiss each other and love each other.

When they took me away, I thought I would never see you again in my life, brother, and I will never be separated from you again

. We are all poor, we are all together

chapter 2421


Two lines of clear tears fell on Yan Weimin’s face. He

straightened Luo Jin and said bleakly: “Jin Jin, in fact, we all came from the mountains, and we don’t care much about human relations or anything.” When we got to the university, didn’t you realize that our classmates looked at us differently, we were brothers and sisters, and we couldn’t get married.

Luo Jin was stunned. Then she burst into tears: “

What are you talking about, brother!” We came out of the mountains, yes! But I’m not illiterate, and neither are you! We are different parents, we are not related by blood. We don’t even have the household registration book together, I just call you brother, but you are not my brother!

you are lover!

my love!

We are not siblings!

Be a lover!

Are you confused, for the people! She no longer called

her brother, but directly called Yan Weimin’s name.

Yan Weimin pushed Luo Jin away: “I’m not your lover, I’m your brother, your brother!” Don’t pester me in the future, I already have someone I love! Hope you are doing well! “

Speaking clearly, Yan Weimin turned around and left.

Luo Jin, who was behind him, was directly stiff there.

Seeing that Yan Weimin was about to go far, she couldn’t help chasing up and grabbing Yan Weimin: “Weimin, you say, is it me? What’s wrong there, you say? Are you saying that I should change course? “

Seeing her sister who was crying like a tearful person, Yan Weimin’s heart was cut like a knife.

He really wanted to comfort his sister a few words, and wanted to tell her to ask her to find a boyfriend who would live in a big city after graduating from college.

However, Luo Jin might feel decadent at the thought of losing him.

He ruthlessly said to Luo Jin: “Yes! You are wrong! Although you told me nothing happened to you, how can I know what happened! I despise you now! I have long since despised you. Now , how did you get into the university, others don’t know, don’t I know?

You always relied on the tutoring I gave you!

Without me, you couldn’t get into the university at all!

I thought I would help you so much, but you took the exam ! When you go to college, you should be grateful to me and marry me. As a result, your wings are now hard, and you go out to run around and fool around with so many men!

Our Yan family, even if they are starving to death, will not want you like this Woman!

I’m sure, as long as you leave me and fool around with those men, you will definitely not even go to college!

You woman

who loves vanity! Who wouldn’t love vanity?

Only you are allowed to love vanity, and you are allowed to find someone The man with money will not allow me?

I can find it in minutes!

I have already decided to fall in love with Jiang Meiruo!

You, go as far as you can!”

Yan Weimin walked away without looking back.

He couldn’t turn his head, he would burst into tears when he turned around.

He didn’t know what Luo Jin’s expression was behind him. He only knew that Luo Jin didn’t call him anymore, didn’t even say a word, and that afternoon, Luo Jin went to class normally. Since then, Luo Jin seemed to be Just like getting into a pile of books, every day in addition to studying, it is studying.

Seeing Luo Jin like this, Yan Weimin was very sad, but he smiled happily.

Because he knew that if the younger sister made further progress, she did not fall down due to such a blow.

This is the best ending.

A week later, Yan Weimin stood in front of Luo Jin.

Logic went around like he didn’t see him, and Yan Weimin blocked her again.

Luo Jin’s tone was calm: “Please excuse me, I’m going to the library.”

“Jin Jin, I will have a wedding with Jiang Meiruo at the Ocean Hotel tomorrow night.” Yan Weimin said calmly.

Luo Jin was stunned: “What, what did you say?”

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