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Chapter 2418

Jiang Meiruo laughed even more ironically: “Haha! Yan Weimin, do you think your sister is a pure saint? Is he a piece of shit?

Let me tell you, the family she offended is powerful and powerful in our generation.

Now your sister will look good.

If I guess right, the old man’s first wife will definitely Find dozens of homeless people and give your sister to…”

“Where is my sister, tell me quickly!” Yan Weimin almost smashed the phone.

“You come to me now, I’ll see if you can think of something.” Jiang Meiruo sighed.

“Okay, okay, I’ll go now.”

Yan Weimin ran out of the school, called a tricycle, and went straight to the playground where Jiang Meiruo played.

At this time, Jiang Meiruo was smoking a cigarette in her mouth, looking like a little sister.

“Where’s my sister!” Yan Weimin asked urgently.

“You came to a step late, your sister has been taken away, how about you, do you want me to help you?” Jiang Meiruo raised her eyebrows and smiled at Yan Weimin.

Yan Weimin glared at Jiang Meiruo angrily: “You are intentional, right! You have been intentional from the beginning! This is the whole set you set up. You dragged my sister into the water, why are you?

Tell me, why are you doing this!”

At that moment, Yan Weimin even thought, this woman is not some kind of shady organization that specializes in selling human body parts, right?

If that’s the case, Yan Weimin is willing to sacrifice his body parts to save his sister.

He clenched his fists and glared at Jiang Meiruo angrily.

At that moment, he wished he could beat Jiang Meiruo to death.

Jiang Meiruo did not answer Yan Weimin’s question, but instead asked: “Yan Weimin, do you know when I noticed you?”

Yan Weimin: “Where is my sister! Tell me quickly, where is my sister!”

“From you and you The moment the two sisters entered the university with snakeskin bags on their backs, I noticed you both. At that time, your clothes were so dirty, your toes were still exposed, and the socks your sister was wearing were patched. Hahahaha,

I laughed so hard. I couldn’t believe at that time that there are still poor people like you in this world.

But later, I found out that you and your sister are the best students in the class.

And you Sister, you look pretty decent.

Not to mention you, you are active and cheerful, you work-study every day, and you hum a song while cleaning in the cafeteria.

The love between you and your sister makes you even more so. I’m jealous!

I’m jealous, you know!”

“I ask you, where is my sister! What do you want me to do to let my sister go!” Yan Weimin really didn’t have the heart to listen to Jiang Meiruo’s comparisons here.

“Want to hear my story?” Jiang Meiruo asked.

“I don’t want to! Tell me quickly, where is my sister!” Yan Weimin came to Jiang Meiruo and shook Jiang Meiruo vigorously.

Jiang Meiruo only talked about her own affairs.

“Everyone knows that I was born into a wealthy family. They all think that I should be the eldest lady.

But no one knows that my mother is just one of my father’s many wives. It

happened that, My mom is still the least favored.

When I was born, my father was already old.

Not only is he old, but our entire Jiang family has also fallen into decline.

My brothers, unscrupulously spent their family’s savings, eating their old money, and emptying the Jiang family into nothingness.

When I grow up, our Jiang family will only have an empty shell.

Empty shell, you know? When

he said this, Jiang Meiruo’s face was full of cruelty.

Originally, Yan Weimin wanted to continue to ask about his sister, but he understood it. If Jiang Meiruo was not allowed to finish her words, Jiang Meiruo would Won’t tell him where his sister is.

Chapter 2419

Unfortunately, he could only listen to her patiently.

If only she would tell him where her sister was.

The expression on Jiang Meiruo’s face changed from distorted to deep and desolate.

“When I grow up, my family, my father doesn’t even give me enough living expenses, but the whole Jiang family will continue to support the appearance!

What is the appearance of such a big family?

Once, I actually saw me with my own eyes. That goddamn dad, let my mom go and seduce a big guy he used.

My mom doesn’t want to go.

My mom said that big guy is old, bald, and has a big belly. There’s not a lot of hair falling out.

She won’t go!

But what did my dad say?

My dad said, ‘You’re the *** I ransomed out of that place! Letting you go is just letting you go back to your old business, what are you pretending to be arrogant here!

If you don’t go, then Let my daughter go!’

No way, that night, my mother went to accompany the man.

That night, I was at home waiting for my mother to come back, I thought if my mother came back crying. I will give her warmth, I I wanted to run away with my mother.

But after my mother came back, she beat me hard.

She said that if it wasn’t for being pregnant with me, she would not have married into the Jiang family.

She said how free he lived before

. I was dragging her down.

She kicked me with her heels and made me roll!

Roll as far as possible!

That night, I went to my best classmate’s house, and I was also a rich and noble family, but when my classmates heard that I wanted to take my mother to leave Jiang’s house, when I heard that I was actually very poor at living expenses, I The classmate kicked me out immediately.

She doesn’t want to play with poor acid.

That night, I was not only beaten up by my mother, but also kicked out by my classmates.

From then on, I knew that if I left the Jiang family, I would no longer be a rich lady, and I might not even be the one to commit crimes on the street.

If I stayed at Jiang’s house, I would be as proud as a beggar, except that I could have a reputation as a wealthy and noble family.

Since then, I have learned to be self-reliant.

That year, I was only sixteen years old.

Yan Weimin, don’t you think I’m very good? “

“Are you done?” “Yan Weimin asked.

“Well.” Jiang Meiruo nodded.

“Can you let me see my sister?” “Yan Weimin asked again.

“I can let you hear her voice.” Jiang Meiruo said. As soon as she spoke

, she dialed a set of numbers, and the other end was quickly connected. Luo Jin’s miserable cry immediately came from the other end of the phone: “No, don’t come here, don’t come!” “

“Jinjin, Jinjin, where are you, I’m brother, where are you, I’ll save you.” “Yan Weimin’s eyes were red on the phone.

“Brother, brother, come and save me, save me… woo, brother…” Luo Jin’s cry was miserable Great.

“I’ll be right here! “As soon as Yan Weimin’s voice fell, Jiang Meiruo hung up the phone.

Yan Weimin grabbed Jiang Meiruo’s clothes and glared fiercely: “What do you want, say it! Hurry up!”

Jiang Meiruo straightened her clothes and said slowly: “Yan Weimin, marry me. I promise your sister It’s intact.”

“What did you say?” Yan Weimin thought he didn’t hear clearly.

Jiang Meiruo repeated: “Within a week, marry me. I’ll keep your sister intact!”

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