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Chapter 4304


The giant fat man roared angrily, and when he was about to smash the little boy to the ground, he suddenly found himself No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t move his hand at all.

When a fat face flushed red, he suddenly saw a hand stuck to his elbow.

A finger to be exact.

He glared angrily and looked at the figure: “Who the hell are you? Dare to meddle in the little master’s business? In this harem, I haven’t seen you before.”

Who else could it be besides Amelia Su? ? !

“Such a big man, bullying a child, are you interested?” Amelia Su snorted coldly.

“I’m the head chef of the Pei family’s back kitchen, where the hell are you, wild girls, stop meddling in your own business, otherwise, I’ll be rude to you and fight you together.” The headmaster said angrily.

“Do you dare to hit

her ?” George Han walked up slowly and looked at the dead fat man coldly.

Amelia Su made a move, and George Han didn’t, but it didn’t mean that George Han didn’t want to take care of these things.

Seeing George Han coming again, the fat man couldn’t help frowning: “Another fu**ing person I don’t know at all, hello, who the hell are you?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am, the important thing is, you It’s best to remember what I just said, otherwise…”

George Han didn’t continue, but the icy meaning when he sneered was enough to make people chill.

The big fat man was obviously taken aback for a moment, but then he thought about it, with so many younger brothers by his side here, whether it was because of his lack of face, or because his strength was not afraid at all, he was not allowed to back down.

“fu**, how many years has I been the head chef in the back kitchen, even those concubines

have to be polite when they meet me, how dare you bastard dare to yell at me?! Well, you two You want to stand up for him, right?”


“I will kill this bastard first, and then I will kill you, the bastard.” After

he finished speaking, he turned his body abruptly, trying to break free from Amelia Su’s control.

Of course, no matter how he turned, Amelia Su’s hand was firmly against his shaft, making it impossible for him to push down the arm and throw it out of the little boy in his hand.


The guy yelled and jumped in anger, and slammed into Amelia Su with his huge body.

This giant fat man is tall enough and has a lot of flesh, and his strength is naturally full of inertia.

Even Amelia Su, trying to resist his sudden collision at this time, I am afraid it is extremely difficult.

George Han suddenly shot.

In the blink of an eye,

he had already rushed to the middle of Fatty and Amelia Su, and with just a slight movement of his hand, he patted Fatty’s waist directly.


A muffled sound.

The fat man did not advance or retreat in front of everyone, and directly changed direction and slammed towards the rear.


There was another loud noise. Under the impact of Fatty, the thick wall of the kitchen was knocked into a huge pothole on the spot.

The group of younger brothers were stunned for a moment. While looking at George Han in fear, they were surprised to discover that the skinny boy who was supposed to be in the hands of the fat man at this time was being killed by George Han. Qiansuo held it up gently.

They really couldn’t see what was going on between the lightning and flint.

How did the boy get to him.

All of this is so fast that it is

almost impossible to reflect.

“Trash.” With a cold voice, George Han gently put the little boy down.

Amelia Su also hurriedly squatted down and comforted the little boy: “Don’t be afraid, no one dares to hit you when we are here.”

“Damn it!”

The fat man who was directly beaten into the ruins of the wall screamed and struggled from the inside. Climbing up, his anger has been ignited to the extreme.

No one can do this to him, and no one dares to do this to him.

He wanted to kill the dog man and woman to vent his hatred and get his face back.

A few younger brothers also quickly turned around to help him up, and patted the dust on his body extremely diligently.

“You two really annoyed me, and I announced that no matter who you are, you must die for me!” the fat man shouted angrily.

George Han put his hands on his chest and smiled disdainfully: “Really?”

Chapter 4305

“For the sake of your family, I will give you a chance, where is it now, go back to where you are, Otherwise, I’m really annoyed and annoyed.” George Han shouted.

“fu** you, don’t do this shit with your father, brothers, kill me this pair of bastards, I will bear any consequences.

” He rushed towards George Han.

When the manager spoke, the others did not dare not to listen, and they followed in a hurry, rushing directly towards George Han.

“The crowd.” Shaking his head, facing the strength of this group of people, he was really lazy to move a finger.

Just frowning, a huge energy radiated directly from his body, and the group of seemingly ferocious chief stewards suddenly encountered a tenth-level gale, and

they flew out with a bang.

bang bang bang!

Like a fairy scattered flowers, several people slammed around each other fiercely, and the one who fell for a while was grinning and screaming in pain.

“When the enemy came, you were afraid of death and didn’t dare to do anything. When you get here, you will fight your own people, but you are quite fierce.”

“I always thought that the Pei family’s man might be a little grumpy and impulsive by nature. It’s been a while, but they’re all warm-blooded people, but I didn’t expect that you guys would greatly reduce my impression of the Pei family.”

“fu, stop talking nonsense with me, fuing bastards. “Why the hell didn’t I fight to kill the enemy? It’s your little white face, I’m afraid you haven’t fought on the battlefield, right?” the manager shouted angrily.

The big battle is about to start, and these people have never been on the battlefield. After all, although they think they are fierce, they are right.

Compared with the army outside, they knew very well that the result must be an egg hitting a stone.

Therefore, they did not dare to go forward to fight.

As for the excuse for not daring to fight, they also thought very thoughtfully, they were the cooks.

How can this guy go into battle to kill the enemy?

Therefore, when George Han talks about them now, it is actually like stepping on their painful feet. The manager believes that in the state of George Han, he is young and thin, and he is completely a scholar of Bai Jing. Appearance, of course, can not be on the battlefield.

Therefore, scolding him back can not only refocus the firepower on him, but also remove himself from the embarrassment.

“Of course I have been on the battlefield.” George Han smiled.

“Bah, you’re the only one who has been on the battlefield, aren’t you fu**ing bragging about making drafts?” the manager scolded angrily.

Of course I have, otherwise, how would I know you haven’t?” George Han sneered.

Since the war, in fact, the back kitchen has found a place to hide.

No way, they are not female relatives, they cannot be taken to a hidden place to hide by Pei Gu, and they are not guards, they will be dispatched to the front line, they can only stay in their own broken place, and then find a firewood house to hide in. hide.

Therefore, they have never seen George Han from beginning to end, and they are not even as good as those people who can spy on them on certain occasions.

“You fart, I’m the one who has been on the battlefield, I’ve never seen your little white face.”

Perhaps out of a guilty conscience, this guy hurriedly said to the younger brothers beside him, “Do you think so? “

Yeah, yeah, pretending to be here, we haven’t seen him at all.”

In my opinion, he clearly beat the general manager and knew that he had made a big mistake, so he deliberately made a reason for not going to the battlefield to exonerate himself. “The

general manager thinks this is very reasonable. They have never been on the battlefield, so if this kid talks about this, he will feel guilty. If

he has a guilty conscience, he will naturally not take revenge on him.

Thinking of this, the general manager will be angry. He got up and planned to have a good chat with George Han.

However, George Han suddenly laughed at this moment: “If I hadn’t been on the battlefield, you bastards would still have their lives here with me. Bullshit? I’m afraid you have already been killed by the enemy’s sword. “

fu, you bastard, you can really pretend, it’s like the whole battle was won because of your appearance, what? Do you fuing think you are George Han, the VIP of our Pei Mansion? “

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