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Chapter 4144

all the way, looking around, the boundless land, George Han just walked back like this.

Maybe, someone will call him a fool, after all, he is going backwards.

Perhaps, some people say that he is a miscalculation, after all, after careful consideration, he took such a reverse path.

But only George Han knew best that the path he took was definitely not wrong.

Previously, he had been chasing Bai Wu all the way, but he forgot to be fascinated by the illusion. Therefore, although Bai Wu was still ahead, to George Han, it was still an illusion.

Like the scorching sun, it is an illusion.

What George Han is looking for should be the real foggy place, and George Han believes that it is absolutely impossible to travel more than two hours ahead of his original position


Therefore, it can only be behind itself.

About half an hour later, George Han finally stopped completely this time. At the same time, he stared blankly at an open space several meters away in front of him.

“It should be here.” George Han was not in a hurry, just sat down calmly, like a monk, safely in front of him.

Do not waver.

A minute has passed.

Half an hour passed.

When George Han felt the coolness hit his body, he opened his eyes again.

However, at this time, his eyes revealed clarity and a sense of spirit.

Most importantly, what caught his eye was no longer an open space, but a white fog.

The fog is very thick, and in the thick fog, there are dense jungles hidden.

The jungle is huge, and every tree is so huge that it is

so high that you can’t see the light above your head, and even the entire jungle is even more invisible due to the fog.

Simply, after getting used to these ultra-dark lights, the surrounding situation is a little better.

At least, George Han can still see the basic situation around him clearly.

“Sure enough.” George Han smiled softly, then got up and walked towards the jungle.

He didn’t have any crooked ways. Anyway, he went straight to the core of the jungle. If there is a magic pill, the center is naturally the most possible.

And, most importantly, that huge aura of death also emanated from the center. After walking about 100 meters in, he was completely blocked by the gloom of the jungle behind him. Although George Han did

n’t look behind him, he knew that the world behind him might have been turned upside down.

The way in.

He wasn’t worried either, and as he walked in, he carefully observed the surroundings.

“There is yin and yang outside, and there is heaven and earth inside, which is interesting.” George Han smiled lightly.

The next second, no nonsense, he continued to walk inside.

Another moment, George Han stopped in a sparse place where relatively bright light spilled into the jungle, then broke a small branch, stuck it on the ground, and then put a small triangle next to it.

He observed it for a while, and after the light and shadow of the incoming light on the triangle gradually shifted, George Han leaned forward and set off toward the other side into the woods.

In fact, based on memory alone, George Han’s current direction should be to go to the left and back, so subconsciously, if he follows this direction, it won’t be long before George Han will walk out of this jungle and

foggy area.

But is George Han such a stupid person?

Obviously not.

Although there is no sun and moon here, but after all, there is a universe, and if there is a universe, there must be yin and yang, there must be upper and lower, and there must be eight.

Identifying the direction with light is what George Han thinks is the safest way to find the direction in such a scene full of illusions.

Intuition alone is bound to be wrong, and memory alone is bound to be confusing.

Because just like what the Taoist priest said when he got his celestial eye, the human heart is full of flesh, and naturally it will make mistakes when looking at something.

Whether this error is intentional or unintentional.

Only the real facts are the iron truths, and there is no room for any refutation or doubt.

Therefore, George Han believed in the judgment of light.

After a while, George Han, who was facing the left back, stopped…

Chapter 4145

is a dark open area like a cemetery.

Compared with the previous jungle, the terrain here is flat and there are not many dense trees around. There are only a few here and there, but the ground is full of fallen leaves. If you look away, you will be desolate all the way.

The fog is very thick, but it is almost only condensed in the air. The height of about one meter does not affect people walking slowly, but it also prevents people from further sight range and action space.

George Han walked in slowly, stepping on the fallen leaves, emitting a faint rustling sound.

He looked around, and there seemed to be no movement around him.

Just like this, he walked in depth for about 100 meters, and suddenly, the strange aura started to get stronger and stronger.


Suddenly, after passing through a layer of fog, a big face suddenly appeared in front of him. His face was quite burly, which was not terrifying

. stunned.

And almost just when George Han was stunned for a moment, before George Han could react, the eyes of that big face suddenly released a strong sense of fear, and the next second, he turned his head and ran into the mist. go.

George Han is puzzled by some monks who are two feet tall. What is the situation?

According to common sense, he should be afraid, and he should be the one who ran… why, how… he ran?

What’s going on here? !

Of course, this is not the end, or just the beginning.

Before George Han could relax, another human face suddenly appeared beside his left hand.

When he saw George Han, it was obviously almost the same as the previous face. First, he was stunned, then panicked, and the next second, he fled.

Han 3000 people are all stupid, what are they playing? !

Obviously they should be their

role, how is it completely reversed?

What are you afraid of?

Once you come to your appearance, even if you have different opinions in different aesthetics, it definitely has nothing to do with scaring people, right? !

Second, my cultivation base is already rotten. Anyone with some cultivation base can see that he is just a waste. With this kind of strength, let alone a human being, even a dog will not be afraid to see it. .

Even, you can run in front of yourself and mock yourself.

That’s all, George Han naturally doesn’t understand, are they afraid of a ball? !

This one is nothing, two in a row are like this, what a special mentality has collapsed.

To a certain extent, George Han even felt that they were humiliating themselves.

Shaking his head and sighing, George Han was full of helplessness and continued to walk forward.

But some things, you thought it was over, were actually just the beginning.

When it was not far away, a new situation appeared again.

Needless to say, it was naturally almost the same situation as before, with several big faces appearing in succession, and then escaping quickly with almost the same ending.

George Han was completely confused, he really didn’t know what the situation was.

He really wanted to scream and ask what the hell was going on on the other side.

But it was clear to him that with a little thought, there would never be any response.

“Strange, what kind of plane are you using?” George Han was very tangled and helpless.

However, George Han will definitely not be a person who is obsessed with this and can’t keep going.

Although this really bothered him, it was also a good thing from another point of view.

At the very least, this means that the danger and trouble of coming to Shendan by yourself will be much less.

“It’s a little strange that this is already

the central area, so according to what the Pei family said, it should be full of all kinds of red-eyed monsters, but why, no?”

“Could it be that those people just now are also outsiders. Are they the same as themselves, they are also in the treasure hunt, just because they suddenly bumped into themselves, so they are subconsciously afraid and flinch?”

Such an idea is a bit bold, but after thinking about it, it should be the most logical at the moment. inference.

It can also basically explain why it was so strange just now.

But a new problem also followed. According to the Pei family, no one has entered here for many years.

Even if it is an outsider, if they want to pass through the Pei family’s forces and come to the most central forbidden place of death, if the Pei family does not know the ghost, this kind of difficulty is equivalent to ascending to the sky.

So, on this, it doesn’t make sense.

Could it be that…

George Han suddenly thought of something…

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