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Chapter 4142

George Han suddenly decided, the next second, he suddenly lifted his body and walked directly to the bottom of himself, rely on, sure enough That’s right, this place doesn’t distinguish the so-called front, back, left and right, even up and down. People in it are really like stepping on the sky of the universe. Wherever they go, they can move according to their hearts.

But it seems that this means that George Han’s entire journey to find Jindan has become more complicated.

But is this the case? For George Han, this may not be the case.

At least, after figuring out a couple of sentences, George Han believed that the target he was looking for became accurate and much smaller.

Otherwise, according to the current situation, George Han believes that even if he searches for another three hours, he will never find anything.

Even, looking

for another year or two is the same.

As George Han went all the way down, time passed quickly.

About half an hour later, George Han’s footsteps gradually slowed down.

He frowned, feeling the enormous pressure and threat from all directions.

While this made George Han very nervous, it also made George Han a little excited. At least, when the ambient air pressure began to change, it actually meant that George Han’s guess was correct.

Whether it is the realm of Qiankun, or the reverse of time and space, they are united to remind themselves that this is Qiankun, but it is also extremely disordered.

In addition, just now it was like walking in the starry sky, which made George Han think of a possibility in an instant. Is it possible for him to actually walk on the sky,

but the universe is reversed, so that he thinks it is the earth, but in fact it is the sky? !

If you search all the way in the sky, you can’t find anything.

In fact, it should really be what George Han guessed.

With the establishment of this conjecture, the larger but also more absurd conjecture in George Han’s heart at this time began to stand a little bit.

However, this thing still needs to be proved in practice.


Sure enough, along with a huge muffled sound, George Han’s way of descending seemed to have come to an end. In front of him was a huge piece of ground.

He stopped slightly, almost unsteady, but after getting used to it a little, George Han still looked around. It was pitch black

all around , except that the solid ground under the feet was different from the previous sky walk, the rest was almost the same as that time, and there was no difference in the surroundings at all. However, George Han didn’t panic. He held his breath and calmly sensed it. After a while, he quickly walked towards the east. The place where there are red-eyed beasts has the magic pill, and where there are red-eyed beasts, according to the Pei family, it must be foggy. What George Han had to do was to head east. There is no other reason. When he just stood still and closed his eyes to sense, George Han had no cultivation base and no sense of consciousness. Naturally, he could not distinguish other surrounding scenes, and he naturally couldn’t be pretending to be coercive. In fact, George Han was sensing. temperature. Where there is fog, the temperature is bound to be low, so this is the fundamental reason why George Han decided to go all the way to the east. “Here is the realm of Qiankun, and the sky outside the realm of Qiankun is the reversal time and space where the core is located. Old gentleman, what you want to tell me is this, George Han understands. ” The figure of 3000 walked farther and farther towards the due east, and finally disappeared into the vast blackness.

I saw that after he left, the place where he had stayed suddenly appeared, and an old man slowly appeared there.

If George Han was there, he would surely recognize the old man as the old man who poured tea and water for him on the stone table.

But at the same time, he will also be extremely surprised. At this time, the eyes of the smiling old man are actually blood red…

Chapter 4143

The old man smiled slightly, looking extremely mysterious.

After a while, he suddenly and slowly disappeared in place.

“Kill the devil? Hehe!”

And with him disappearing, there are these short words.

On George Han’s side, unaware of what was happening behind him at this time, he still headed towards the east.

What he didn’t know was that this journey was far more complicated and terrifying than he imagined, and even a big secret was waiting for him to reveal.

Another hour passed, and George Han, a mortal body, was almost exhausted.

The difference from the previous walk in the air is that walking on the ground is no different from usual, one step at a time, almost sweating and empty.

George Han was tired and wanted to sit down and rest, but when he looked up, he saw the white fog in front of him, and the destination

was obviously not far ahead.

Thinking of this, George Han took a breath and continued on the road ahead.

About half an hour later, George Han was already feeling dizzy and extremely thirsty, and his body was also in a very weak state, and he was about to fall down.

Taking advantage of the situation, Ben tried to wipe the sweat from his forehead, but when he looked up, he saw that the top of his head was no longer the darkness like before, but the scorching sun.

The super-strong light was scattered on his body, and the super-high temperature also prevented the Buddha from scorching himself. George Han would be like a poor person walking in the desert.

“How could this be?” He glanced at the sky strangely, and then looked forward again.

Ahead, the white fog still stayed there, as if waiting for him quietly.

“Could it be a mirage?” George Han wiped his eyes and walked for

nearly half an hour. However, to George Han, it seemed that the white fog in front of him hadn’t moved at all from beginning to end. It is still far away from me, not too far away.

No matter how slow you go, it should be a little smaller.

But if he insisted on the past, George Han believed that he would collapse and die.

“No.” George Han shook his head suddenly, trying to wake up his body and consciousness, where is this, this is the territory of Qiankun, it should not have the sun and the moon at all.

So, the situation does not seem to be as simple as it is now.

“Could it be an illusion?” George Han was slightly startled when he thought of this.

Immediately afterwards, he closed his eyes and focused directly, and when his heart stabilized again, he slowly opened his eyes.

Sure enough, there was nothing but darkness in front of me, and there was no scorching sun.

However, the white fog in the distance was still there, as if waiting for George Han to find it.

“I understand.”

George Han nodded silently. There are indeed hallucinations here, and even different hallucinations due to his emotions. the land of the scorching sun.

This will make one’s emotions reach the lowest value, and as for the distance of the white fog, it still hasn’t changed.

Double pressure, normal people’s mentality has already collapsed, how can they think about the problem in time?

Fortunately, when George Han was disheartened, his psychological quality was much stronger than others. In addition, he had accumulated a wealth of experience from similar experiences many times, and he was careful to discover the problem.

“White fog.” George Han

smiled at the white fog in the distance.

Immediately afterwards, he closed his eyes again, as if he was thinking about something, and seemed to be sensing something.

In fact, George Han knew better than anyone else that he was counting.

He was counting the location of the real fog.

Fantasy within fantasy, that white fog is clearly a trap, and its true location is definitely not there.

But where should it be?

Suddenly, George Han suddenly opened his eyes lightly and smiled in a certain direction: “Why am I so stupid, but I forgot about this.” After

he finished speaking, he stood up, then turned slightly, and took a quick step towards the west. And go.

If someone was watching the battle at this time, they would definitely be able to see that George Han seemed to be heading back towards the original path.

But these are not the point. The point is that George Han, who reopened his eyes at this time, turned out to be blood-red, and it seemed… no different from the legendary red-eyed monster…

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