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Chapter 4116

He smiled coldly, he was not polite at all, and he held the sword in his hand, facing George Han, he directly slaughtered.

The sword seemed ordinary, but when it attacked, it was like a mad dragon going out to sea.

“What a strong breath!” George Han was like a great enemy.

He had seen the aura of true gods such as Lu Wushen, and had really fought with them. He thought he had already had contact with the real ceiling, but when he faced the person in front of him, he understood deeply.

Sometimes the ceiling you think, most likely, is just a joke.

The aura of the person in front of him was so strong that even George Han himself could only feel a chill down his spine, a crack in his liver and gallbladder, and the breath of anti-Buddha death right in front of his nose.

Not daring to be careless at all, George Han directly urged all the true energy in his body, holding the jade sword, the 72-way divine sword directly killed him.

At the same time, the

left-handed emperor is ready.

George Han has two plans. If he can’t fight his edge, he will avoid him with the Emperor You, and then quickly approach him with the 72-way Divine Sword to attack him unprepared.

He knew that in terms of his own strength, it was impossible for him to play against him for a long time, so he could only fight quickly.

It should be known that if a master makes a move, every move is fatal, and any flaw is also fatal.

For him, a mere flaw like this is enough to make George Han lie down forever.


When George Han was about to come into contact with his sword energy, he felt that the danger was insanely aggravating. He knew that with his own strength, he could not fight against the opponent at all, so when his waist turned around, Emperor You directly resisted his attack for a short time, and turned over. In the meantime, the seventy-way divine swords and the Taixu

Divine Walk have already rushed towards the man.


In the face of George Han’s second-level skill, the man obviously did not expect George Han to have such a magical operation, and in a hurry, he couldn’t reflect it for a while.

But when he saw George Han Killer coming, he was shocked but not panic!

Between the backhands, he made a direct move in his hand and responded directly to the sword with his palm.


A crisp sound suddenly sounded, and George Han was almost dumbfounded. Under the Seventy-two Divine Sword, it was the first time he saw someone touch his hand directly, and the most amazing thing was that he actually Really resist the success.

“This is also possible?” George Han asked in surprise.

He said in a cold voice, “Nothing is impossible.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned his palms, aimed at George Han’s shoulders, and slapped them directly.


The indestructible mysterious armor on George Han’s shoulder also flashed purple light, almost at the same time as the jade light on the body of the Seventh Spirit Monkey, to

force George Han to be fine, but to retreat a few meters away from him.

“You can do this too?”

This palm, with his power, was naturally enough to turn anyone into a jerk, but what he couldn’t imagine was that not only did George Han not become a jerk, on the contrary, it was as if he was nothing. Just back off.

George Han glanced at his body and knew that the two great artifacts were protecting his body, so he couldn’t help but smile: “Senior, as you said, nothing is impossible.”

The man saw George Han learn to speak by himself, but at this time there was no anger at all. Instead, he just smiled slightly: “It’s interesting. You kid, you really look like someone who rings seven bells.”

“Senior, too . As expected of one of the best people here. The younger generation also admires it.”

“Okay, the rainbow farts don’t blow each other anymore, boy, see the real chapter under

your hands!” As

soon as he finished speaking, he was directly full of black energy, and his momentum was great. Open, and then attack Han 3,000.

George Han was also not reconciled, and with a direct movement of his hand, Fen Ji opened wide, gathering the strength of his whole body, his right fist suddenly formed, carrying the momentum of destruction, and suddenly attacked.

“Boy, you are really talented. You are the first person who dares to fight against me, but you can only be the last.” As the words fell, the man slapped his palm to destroy the land. rush towards it.

“Senior’s power, if George Han doesn’t confront him head-on, wouldn’t he look down on his senior?” George Han smiled grimly, and his right fist was as red as a giant iron, and it was incomparably huge.

“Okay, boy, have the backbone!” As the

words fell, the two of them were already facing each other, and the distance between the fist and the palm was almost getting closer!

boom! ! !

With a loud bang, the two of them have officially rushed towards each other…

Chapter 4117

Light is like fire, fire is like light. Difficult to open.

One side is the power of black gas swallowing the sky, and the other side is the power of burning silence and fire.

“Get up!”

George Han shouted angrily, putting almost all of his strength in his right hand, and suddenly pushed forward.

The man was obviously disdainful, but his eyebrows were already full of vigilance and shock.

According to his judgment, George Han dared to fight with him was his courage, but it was definitely not his strength. However, looking at it now, with George Han’s efforts, he clearly felt that the strength of the two seemed to overlap at a certain stage. In other words, George Han’s strength could withstand his attack!

how can that be?

The strength between the two should be the same as their class, the difference is thousands of miles!

How could he and Han

George Han do this? !

He doesn’t understand, he doesn’t understand!

“You boy!” he said coldly.

“Senior, can’t you think of it?” George Han laughed softly.

He has all kinds of blessings, and he has more chaotic power in his body. If he competes purely from his internal strength, George Han may be inferior to him, but to say how much inferior, George Han really doesn’t think it will be much worse.

“It’s really beyond my expectations.” He smiled savagely: “However, boy, this doesn’t mean anything.” As the

words fell, he suddenly exerted force, and in an instant, a powerful black qi was released from his body. come.

George Han was still smiling for a second, but the next second he couldn’t help frowning. He only felt that the other party’s incomparably powerful force was pressing down on him like a mountain topping down for a while.

With such a force, he was almost breathless, and his entire right hand

trembled wildly because of the excessive support.

Strong, simply too strong.

At this time, George Han may have felt for the first time in his life what kind of psychology that absolute advantage is against him.

“Boy, this is not enough?” He laughed coldly.

“Who said I can’t do it? I can’t stand it anymore. It’s a big deal. I still have a body.”

George Han didn’t want to force it with his right hand at all!


Even if there is a real blessing, the strong force still causes the bones of the right hand to continue to break.

“You kid, you’re really a stubborn donkey, but I like aggressive young people. You should be optimistic.” As

soon as he finished speaking, before George Han had any reaction, a more powerful force suddenly struck.

With a “pop”, George Han’s right hand bone was directly shattered, and the man’s body

suddenly attacked George Han.

“This time, it’s your hand that broke, but next time, you won’t have such good luck.”

Obviously, he attacked with a big hand with a destructive force. The body, and then exerting force again, then George Han’s body is probably really like his right hand. After barely supporting it, the exchange is broken.

However, George Han had no intention of being afraid at all. He didn’t dodge or dodge at all. Instead, he used his body to directly hit his big hand.


With a muffled sound, the man’s palm had already touched George Han’s chest.

He smiled disdainfully: “Young man, you lost.”

“Really?” George Han said.

“Isn’t it?” He smiled: “I just need to exert one more force, and this palm will be enough to make you return to the west.”

George Han shook his head: “Senior, George Han should actually

listen carefully. , but it is a pity that George Han does not dare to agree with this sentence.”

“Hmph, just relying on those messy defenses on your body?” He smiled contemptuously: “You are these things for ordinary people. , is indeed a metamorphosis within a metamorphosis, and I also believe that in the Bafang world, many people are quite helpless to fight against you, because they can’t even break your defense, right?”

George Han replied with a smile.

“This is normal. However, if you live under this kind of aura for a long time, your mentality may not be a good thing. At least, it has made you overconfident now.”

“Some powers are not as good as you think. Simple.”

George Han smiled slightly: “Senior, no matter how much you talk, it’s more important to practice, let’s do it.”

He smiled and nodded tightly: “Okay, since you are in a hurry to die, then I will send you back to the west. !”

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