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Chapter 3940

happy or crazy the last second is, when George Hanyi raised his hand, everyone stopped immediately. Action, they turned around and looked at George Han obediently.

“Wealth and danger coexist, and income and sacrifice coexist. Everyone, I have carefully selected these strange beasts, with a total of 5,000.”

“You have more than 10,000 people in total. I believe this is not enough Therefore, it is useless for you to rob.”

“However, my wife is right, it is indeed yours.”

Amelia Su smiled softly: “For the sake of fairness, any of you have the right to use the five thousand strange beasts. However, it is only the right to use. If you want to truly complete the contract with the spirit beasts, you need to prove that you are more suitable than anyone to be the master of this strange beast.”

“So, we will see the true seal on the battlefield.”

“I And George Han’s opinion is that you should first divide into groups in terms of

seniority The seniors will use strange beasts in the first round, while those with relatively young qualifications will be infantrymen of the strange beasts first, and then alternate with each other in the second round.

” George Han and I will make a comprehensive consideration based on the bravery of everyone in the two rounds, and the top 5,000 will get the permanent right to use the strange beast.”

George Han took over and smiled: “Of course, use it permanently. It is indeed a bit too virtual, or if one day I am short-lived and suddenly die, these rights of yours may be replaced. Therefore, I will give you the opportunity to sign a contract with the strange beast.

” And these opportunities, rely on you to win, everything you do, I will remember in my heart, this is the biggest weight you win.”

George Han gently pulled Amelia Su up: “The sky is about to dawn, you can arrange the rest by yourself. When the sun rises tomorrow, I hope I can see a

mighty and domineering army.”

“Oh, yes, Remember, it’s not just me waiting to see you, the brothers outside are also watching you.”

“I was worried that you would be looked down upon by our old brothers who just surrendered, so I built this golden cavalry for you overnight. I want you to have the capital to establish your roots quickly, and I hope you don’t let me down. After all, those brothers who have been with me for so long have no such treatment.” After the

words were finished, George Han pulled Amelia Su away slowly. .

After the two left, the entire army of more than 10,000 people did not have the scene of immediate looting as imagined. Instead, they all froze in place.

However, their mood was extremely excited and extremely tumbling.

Every word and every sentence that George Han said hit everyone’s heart like a hammer. This is a kind of attention paid to them by a superior, and it is also a kind

of care from a big brother to a younger brother.

It was shocking and very moving.

“Brothers, have you heard it.” Someone smiled bitterly: “The difference between a good leader and a trash leader.”

“Who would have thought that one second ago we were still the defeated army, and we were in a state of embarrassment, but the next After changing to a new leader in seconds, all of you are riding the golden beasts with divine weapons, like gods descended to earth.” As

soon as these words came out, everyone nodded.

“That’s right, it’s really a sky and an underground. In Ye Shijun’s case, it’s all his credit for winning, and our fault for losing, but when it comes to George Han, let’s not talk about other things, just this one. It’s not something that Ye Shijun can’t give him.”

“Yes, for someone like Ye Shijun, even if we have done great deeds, we won’t get these rewards. He even pretends to be lazy.”

“Whether what George Han just said is true or false, at least what he

gave us is genuine and nothing to say. I know this battle will be difficult, but with such a master, even if he was just Deceiving me, I fu**** admit it.”

“Follow George Han!”

“That’s right, it’s over.”

“Everyone, brother, brother, this strange beast is going to be settled, and he wants to fight with me. , take your life to snatch it on the battlefield, haha, anyway, I have tried my best.”

“Grass, such a strange beast is still full of golden armor, you can replace it with your fu**** life? Can’t change your life? Just wait for me, I have a share of that thing.”

Hearing the happy quarrels deep in the woods, George Han and Amelia Su smiled at each other.

Under the reward, there must be a brave man. This truth will never fall out of style.

A few hours later, the sky was already bright, and a golden army slowly walked out with a glittering golden light under the sunlight..

Chapter 3941

When this army came out, all the people on the scene were shocked by this, as if they had seen the soldiers from heaven descend to earth .

“This… what the fuck is this? **, my eyes are almost blinded.”

“Damn, it’s too dazzling to be covered in gold armor, isn’t it?”

“Where did this come from ? troop?”

If it wasn’t for George Han smiling all the time and signaling everyone not to get excited, the people at the scene would probably have rushed over and fought to the death on the spot.

After all, if you don’t know such a force, who wouldn’t be nervous?

When the troops approached, some people with good eyesight realized that this troop was nothing but the one who surrendered earlier.

“No, our alliance leader is too willing to spend money, this is covered in golden armor with a divine beast, I would say something ugly, this is full

of strength created by money.”

“Damn, who said it wasn’t? , What kind of ecstasy soup did these guys give our family leader, how did they get such good equipment for them. Pull it out, **, whoever sees it will tremble three times.”

“This is too fu**** awesome. That’s it.” A group of

people whispered softly, but because there were more people talking, naturally, the voice at the scene became louder.

George Han listened to his ears, and the gang of surrendered soldiers also remembered in his heart.

“Thunder Force, Zhang Wenyuan, led more than 10,000 Thunder generals to meet the leader.”

“Roar!” Ten thousand people shouted in unison!

Qingji glanced at Yaoming next to her, and shook her head helplessly: “Before I saw this troop, I always thought that the people in the Troll Palace were the most majestic and domineering. But now.”

Yaoming smiled bitterly: “This is The stuff is really incomparable.”


you are thinking why 3000 didn’t give you this strange beast army?” Qing Ji said.

Yaoming hesitated for a while, then nodded heavily: “Actually, I didn’t want to admit it, but in front of you, Yaoming didn’t dare to hide anything. Yes, Yaoming really thinks that if this golden cavalry is given to us trolls If it is the temple, it will be even more powerful for us.”

“I can guarantee that from now on, the Troll Temple will conquer all the demon tribes and will never waste its efforts, but it’s a pity…”

“Three thousand people do things and have their own. His arrangements and ideas, I believe he is not ignorant of giving you the odd **, which can form a situation where one plus one is greater than two.” Qing Ji said, “He must know.”

“Then why does he need to…”

“Balance.” Qing Ji thought for a while and said, “He wants his brothers to achieve a relative

balance. This is the basis for ensuring basic combat power, and at the same time, it is also necessary to stabilize everyone’s solidarity.

” If a team has too many differences in ability, it will naturally be divided into three, six, nine, three thousand should not want this situation to appear too obvious, so try to make every brother can have a role in the alliance It belongs to one’s own position and status.” When the

words were finished, Qing Ji patted Yaoming on the shoulder: “Don’t worry, George Han has always been generous, and he is absolutely devoted to his brother.”

“Maybe, there is better . The reward is waiting for you.”

Yaoming nodded: “I see. Don’t worry, even if there is no reward, the brothers in the Troll Palace will never be discouraged. On the contrary, we will only be ashamed and brave, and prove to Others see, there are some things, only the

people are the most suitable.”

Qing Ji smiled and patted Yaoming on the shoulder: “Good job, this is what we Demon Race people should look like, with ambition.”

“Being with Ghost Lord, can we ruin our reputation?” Ming is disdainful.

“People from the Hundred Demon Hall, have you heard what the people in the Giant Demon Hall said? They are all from the Three Palaces and Four Halls. Can we fall behind them?”

“No!” The Hundred Demon Hall also shouted in unison.

Hearing this, Qing Ji nodded in satisfaction.

Almost at the same time, George Han over there also heard the unison shouting here. He knew that Qing Ji knew that she was going to go out and was cheering for her subordinates.

Chongqing Ji smiled slightly, George Han turned around, looked back at the surrounding soldiers, raised his hand slightly, and suddenly, the drums were loud, and the army gathered together…


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