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Chapter 3810

Watching George Hanyi soaring into the sky, the ant queen’s heart is surprised.

Amelia Su and the ants in No. 1 Middle School were also surprised.

Is it because George Han can fly?

of course not!


who sees a doctor and treats a person? This doctor is not asking about the condition, but just looking, hearing, and inquiring. Instead, he soars into the sky in front of you?

Isn’t this play?

The queen ant is very strange, and she doesn’t know what George Han is doing. Therefore, she can only focus on Amelia Su. After all, as his wife, she may be able to explain George Han’s strange and wonderful treatment. Sick way.

Seeing that the queen ant and a group of ant people all turned their attention to herself, Amelia Su was stunned, and then she could only smile awkwardly, and the response to her was destined to be the embarrassing smile of others.

The awkward laughter was almost full for a while, and the atmosphere of the scene can be said to have

entered an extremely paradoxical state.

Amelia Su’s heart is speechless…


At this moment, George Han, who had rushed to the sky, flew down…

Amelia Su even suspected that it wasn’t him that George Han wanted to come down, but he clearly hit the bottom of the mountain above the City of Fire and fell.

I saw that George Han was swooping down at this time, with one hand in the palm, just like the posture of the Tathagata’s palm on the earth.

Especially the palm of his right hand that he rushed down, at this time, the five lights are rugged, and the light of the anti-Buddha immortals is really beautiful.


With a light drink from George Han, he swooped very fast, but he happened to stop about half a meter above the heads of the crowd, and as he stopped, the five-color light in his hand was due to inertia, Directly and suddenly hit the top of the heads of everyone in the phalanx.


The five lights are gone, the dazzling brilliance!

The air waves are just like

the spread of fairy energy.

And the people on the outside were also swept by the five light waves, and for a while, in addition to the sudden coolness, there was an indescribable sense of pleasure.

It was a magical feeling that sublimated from body to spirit in an instant.

Amelia Su originally wanted to ask George Han what he was doing when he came down, but when the different feeling brought about by this air wave appeared, she suddenly let out a sigh of relief.

Yes, although she didn’t know what George Han wanted to do, at least the current feeling told her that George Han seemed to be really saving people.

She didn’t speak, just stood there quietly, watching.

George Han still stayed there, motionless, but the five-colored light in his hand kept coming out of his hand.

At this time, the patients who were lined up in a square array had no blood on their faces, but there were bursts

of comfort at this time, and a faint blood color began to appear on their black faces.

“They… they seem to be getting better.” Beside the queen ant, her soldiers shouted excitedly.

The queen nodded fiercely, with a slight smile on her face, she was right, from the perspective of these people, it was true.

“Damn it, this George Han is really a god, he is too terrifying and powerful, right?”

“Isn’t it? First, it helped us to eliminate the high temperature of the city of fire, and even rushed directly into the fire pit to hatch the little dragon ants of our ant clan. These are already shocking enough, but who can I think…he actually saves people.”

“That’s right, it’s not that I haven’t seen a genius doctor for so long, but I really don’t say I haven’t seen a genius doctor like him, just like him. I’ve never heard of it before.”


, God’s doctor has turned the sky upside down to save one at a time. He’s better. He directly saves a group of people at a time. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I would never believe it if it killed me.”

“Then That’s right, this kind of treatment method can be said to be weird, but, weird is weird, that’s in the eyes of ordinary people like us. In the eyes of gods like others, it may be too simple to save a single person. It’s too complicated, and people come directly to one-to-many.”

After a group of ant queens were shocked, they couldn’t help but admire them.

Amelia Su’s brows finally opened, and a faint knowing smile appeared at this time.

How could she be unhappy when she praised her man?

However, just when everyone was complimenting George Han, an accident suddenly happened…

Those Ant-Man, who were originally showing their enjoyment, closed their eyes collectively at this moment…

Chapter 3811

Everyone’s smiles immediately froze on their faces…

Amelia Su’s brows that had just loosened were also wrinkled again.

“This… what’s wrong with this?”

“Dead?” “I was doing quite

well just now, why did I close my eyes all of a sudden?”

Frightened and terrified, at the same time full of bewilderment.

“It seems that they failed.”

“Hey, but this is also expected. They are all dying people, and the diseases they suffer from are incurable diseases. If they can be easily cured, then It’s not an incurable disease.”

“That’s right, so we don’t need to be disappointed, let alone stunned. I believe that Han Daxia has done his best, but life and death are destiny, wealth is in the sky, and everything is determined.”

One Hearing the words of the ant-man

, they nodded again and again, and even the queen sighed slightly, patted Amelia Su on the shoulder in turn, smiled slightly, and comforted: “Don’t be sad, George Han has done his best.

” …” Amelia Su looked at the queen ant with some embarrassment.

She didn’t think things should be covered like this, at least, George Han shouldn’t do this.

He should at least go to see them one by one. This is a necessary process in traditional medicine.

For some old things, it is not a good thing to follow the rules too much. But some things, it is passed down must have his reason.

At least, it should be the latter today.

Therefore, there was a thorn in Amelia Su’s heart. In other words, from the moment George Han wanted to heal people, the thorn never disappeared.

“It’s alright.” The

ant queen rushed to Amelia Su and shook her head: “Before coming, we have communicated with them clearly, including explaining the situation to their relatives.”

“No one can take pictures of incurable diseases. We promise to be cured, we believe so, and they can understand.”

Amelia Su felt a lot better and nodded: “I’m just afraid that we’ll be sorry

for them.” Good thing, but hope is better than no hope, right?”

Amelia Su let out a long breath and nodded.

And almost at this moment, around the square, a group of ants silently shed tears.

They are all family members of the patient. Naturally, when they witness the death of their relatives, their sadness

is inevitably revealed.

Although they were already mentally prepared, there is always a difference between being prepared and actually happening.

George Han’s face was icy cold, his eyes were full of energy, but he still did not intend to stop, and still urged the Five Elements Divine Stone in his hand to infuse them with energy as much as possible.

George Han was actually very confused in his heart. He didn’t quite understand why everyone was getting better, but they died suddenly after a while.

It can’t be, and it shouldn’t be.

He doesn’t believe in evil, and his heart is full of guilt, so he has no plans to stop.

The queen ant glanced at Amelia Su, and then called to George Han in a low voice: “Mr. Han, this is the end of the matter. We all know that you have done your best, but your life and death are determined. You can rest.

“Yes, yes, Hero Han, you have worked hard enough, so don’t waste your energy. Even if they have gone, I believe they can get your treatment before they die. Obviously, they have died without regrets.”

As the queen ant and his soldiers finished shouting, the queen ant quickly gave the family members around the square a wink.

Immediately, the family members also opened their mouths to George Han.

“Master Han, they have already left, there is no need to waste resources on them.”

“In fact, we are very fortunate to have your help.” After a group of

people persuaded, they saw that George Han didn’t have any Changed, but still continued to do his thing with a firm look on his face.

Everyone looked at the ant queen, and the ant queen also looked helplessly at the group of dead people with their eyes closed. Can there still be a miracle?

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