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Chapter 3808

George Han is destined to be the focus, naturally, his appearance is destined to attract attention.

Amelia Su and the queen ant each looked at each other curiously, came back so soon?

George Han quickly fell to the ground and stopped beside Amelia Su. Looking at the ant queen, he suddenly smiled.

“Did Mr. Han dislike the small place? He went back so quickly?” The ant queen smiled softly.

George Han shook his head and denied: “The place is big enough, why would George Han dislike it? In fact, when I come back, it has been done.

” You are the protagonist of the celebration banquet. It is naturally the best of luck to be able to eat together.”

“I am so old, and it is not appropriate to eat a lot of your rations for one meal.

” With a wry smile: “The environment has been improved, and the demand for food is naturally

something important. Or, let’s find a new place to build a city when the big deal comes.”

“It’s also

a restart .” “George Han smiled and nodded: “Since the ant queen said so, then if Han refused again, it would appear that Han did not know what to do.”

“However, it is very difficult for you to eat your food.” , my wife and I are also unhappy. Well, let me mention something, if you agree, then let’s have a drink.”

“But if you don’t agree, someone Han will never be able to pass his own test, so no matter how big it is. Han will definitely refuse.”

Hearing George Han’s words, the queen ant smiled lightly, not caring what George Han wanted to mention.

After all, what George Han has done for the City of Earth Fire is already great enough. Any request he

makes will not be a problem for the City of Earth Fire if it can be done.

“Please speak, if I can wait, I will not refuse.” Queen Ant said.

“The queen ants don’t need to be so nervous, because what I’m talking about is not a request, but a courtesy.”


“Yes, it’s not indecent to come and go. As guests, we also have some gifts for you. “


“Let’s learn a little about medical skills, so let’s see, after eating, if anyone in this ant tribe wants to see a doctor, Han will treat him for free.”

Hearing George Han’s statement Then, the queen ant couldn’t help but let out a bitter voice, thinking that George Han would say something, but… “

Don’t be in a hurry, thank you, I have three failures in saving people.”


“Simple, do not save those who are not incurable, do not save those who are not terminally ill, and do not save those who are not on the verge of death

.” George Han said.

The queen ant immediately understood: “So, your three failures, in other words, only save those who are terminally ill and have few days left, right?”

“Yes, you can understand that. “George Han said.

Hearing George Han’s words, Amelia Su hurriedly came over: “George Han, although you have learned some alchemy techniques in Xianling Island, but… that does not mean that you can heal people.”

“Besides, Ant-Man The body structure is always completely different from that of human beings, is it too childish to think about going to treat non-identical people without taking good care of others?”

George Han smiled lightly: “That’s why I said it all, I Only save the kind of people who are about to die, and the dead horse should be regarded as a living horse doctor.”

Although Amelia Su’s worry proved in fact that it was not the same thing that George Han wanted to do.


using the Five Elements Divine Stone to try their luck, in fact, the results are quite similar.

Yes, this is the best way and candidate for George Hanxiang to test the Five Elements Divine Stone.

“But…” Amelia Su looked at George Han with some embarrassment.

“Actually, Mr. Han also wants to cure diseases and save people. As Mr. Han said, dead horses should be treated as living horse doctors. If they fail, this should be their end, and there are no other problems.”

“On the other hand, If it succeeds, it is almost equivalent to giving them a new life.” The ant queen looked at George Han and said, “I will tell you to go on.”

“Okay, the hard-working queen.” George Han said.

The queen ant smiled and said respectfully: “Then let’s have dinner first, and then we will officially start spreading the holy hand after the meal. Come and bring him back to life?”

George Han suddenly laughed out loud: “Okay, let’s bring back the dead!”

Chapter 3809

With the finalization of this matter, George Han is in a good mood, and the ant queen is even more happy.

In addition, the people in the city are also quite happy, this feast, not to mention how good the food is, how good the drink is, just emotionally, it is definitely full.

Among the laughter and laughter, the feast had already lasted for an hour.

To a certain extent, the food or drink here, for George Han and Amelia Su, is really too small to be too small, and it cannot be too small to be too small. Not too much.

But one thing is, the taste of these things is not bad, coupled with the enthusiasm of Ant-Man, this is simply one of the best feasts they have ever eaten.

After drinking and eating, George Han patted his stomach and was quite satisfied.

So, he looked at the queen: “I think, the banquet is almost over, why not…” The


smiled slightly: “I have ordered people to set up a booth in the city, and I ordered people to be in the city an hour ago. I’ve asked around.”

“The ant tribe has a large population, so naturally there are a lot of people who are seriously ill and die. There are about 70 people waiting at the booth, this…” At this point, the ant queen is obviously a little embarrassed .

After all, the number of more than 70 people has actually far exceeded her estimate.

And this, obviously for George Han, will be a huge workload.

“More than seventy people, are you busy here?” Amelia Su hurriedly muttered in a low voice.

She was really worried that George Han was a little reluctant to do it.

Although the situation of these people is a death in the end, but in Amelia Su’s view, anyone’s life is worthy of respect, even if its life is only the last minute, it should be controlled by himself,

not others decide.

If George Han is professional and the other party agrees, then it is equivalent to being on the operating table, and this risk can be tolerated.

But the problem is that in Amelia Su’s eyes, George Han’s medical skills are actually… unreliable.

So, this is a bit of a joke.

As a wife, she must persuade her husband with good words.

George Han smiled: “For me, there is no difference between seventy people and one person. You seem to be very suspicious of me?”

Amelia Su gave George Han a white look: “I will do anything you do. I can support you unconditionally. But this matter… after all, it is related to other people’s lives.”

“You should know very well what kind of person I am. I also want to help people, not just relying on my own poor skills to play tricks. I can’t say how sure I am about the lives of others.”

“But at least half.”

After hearing

George Han’s words, Amelia Su didn’t say anything more, she was silent for a while, and nodded: “Okay, I believe you “

George Han smiled slightly and turned to look at the queen: “Let’s start then?” The

queen nodded and gave the person next to her a look: “Lead the way.”

“Yes!” The

soldier next to him gave orders and turned around. body, and led them towards the city slowly.

Said to be a booth, in fact, the arrangement of the queen ants is quite standard.

I found a huge open space, and then placed two huge earthen chairs. To a certain extent, the workmanship is actually very rough, but just looking at the shape of the chairs is completely in accordance with the human form. You can see how much effort these Ant-Man have put into this in such a short period of time.

Around the seats, there were two teams at this time.

They are obviously critically ill patients, most of whom are pushed or

carried by others.

“There is no need to line up like this, I hope everyone can line up in a square.” George Han looked at the queen ant.

“In that case…” The queen ant is a little puzzled. Since it is a square array, there is no precedence. Then who should I show it first? Who won’t you show it first?

But when he looked at George Han in the blink of an eye, he found that his face was firm and indifferent, as if he had made up his mind.

In this case, the queen ant has nothing to say, she glanced at the soldiers beside her, and said, “Let them all form a square.” The

soldier took the order: “Yes.”

After a while, Under his command, the confused crowd obediently formed a square formation.

“City Lord, the phalanx has been formed.” The soldier replied.

The queen ant nodded and looked at George Han with a little doubt: “It’s time to start.”

George Han smiled lightly, and then he suddenly flew straight into the sky…

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