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Chapter 3806

“Although I don’t know what you want to do, but there is a place like this.”

“Outside the city.” , it pointed to the end of the front.

George Han smiled and put the little dragon ant in Amelia Su’s hand: “I’m going to do something, you wait for me.” After the

words were finished, George Han flew all the way out of the city.

Amelia Su didn’t know what he was going to do, but it was too late to make a sound at this time, and she could only see George Han’s shadow getting smaller and smaller.

“The city is so lively, and besides, the ants family is also a family that repays kindness. Why don’t you replace George Han in Amelia Su… and have a drink with us all?”

Amelia Su hesitated for a while, a little embarrassed: “But I It may consume a lot of your food.”

“If you had such worries in the past, we would be very grateful, but now that the high temperature has dropped, it naturally means that the

food will gradually increase. Besides, the little dragon ants have also been born. We have also fulfilled our destiny and let go of the past, if there is not enough food here, we will find other places to live.” The queen said with a smile.

“Under the kindness, I hope you don’t dislike Amelia Su.” The ant queen added.

Amelia Su put down her worries, nodded, and smiled: “If that’s the case, then I will also thank you on behalf of the three thousand.”

“Haha, you are too polite.” After the words were finished, the ant queen looked at the crowd of ants in the city and shouted loudly. And shouted: “I immediately ordered to go down, a banquet was held in the city, and all the best things in the city were brought out.”

“Roar!” All the

ants cheered excitedly.

“Let’s rest first, and then wait for the banquet kitchen to be ready, and then drink with everyone.” The queen ant laughed.

Amelia Su nodded, glanced at the little dragon ant in his hand, and the more he looked at it, the

more liked it: “Okay.”

After the words were finished, Amelia Su followed behind the queen and walked slowly towards the palace, while the other ants were cheering. They were busy with their big happy events.

At the other end, George Han had already leaped over the city gate and went straight to the outside of the city.

Outside the city, there is a barren land, looking around, it is full of loess long paving.

It is almost in line with the mountain above it, giving people a sense of desolation, but also full of depression.

However, there is no one around here, but it is actually a good place, just in line with George Han’s intention.


With a silly smile, George Han’s hand suddenly moved, and the Five Elements Divine Stone was immediately summoned.

Colorful, lightly printed on it, along with it running slowly, tsk tsk, the more you look, the more beautiful it is.

The power of the Five Elements gathers the world and is all-

encompassing . George Han believes that the Five Elements Divine Stone of the complete body should be extremely powerful, right? !

Yes, although George Han hadn’t tried it yet, he was already so sure in his heart.

But I must always be sure in my heart, whether it is a mule or a horse, I still have to try it first.

There are two ways to try!

The first one is obviously to try according to what the Five Elements Divine Stone has been doing.

That is his healing power for himself!

But this thing has to hurt George Han first. No one is stupid enough to hurt himself and try it.

Not to mention whether there is any danger to life, the key is the mother’s pain.

That can only be the second method, attack!

Use your own power to urge the Five Elements Divine Stone to run!

Think of it, do it, and a burst of energy that condenses all the real energy in George Han’s body is immediately shot out!


The Five Elements Divine Stone

rotates wildly and wildly directly!

Between the buzzing, the light on it flashed, and finally, the five colors condensed and shot straight ahead.


At the moment when the gigantic power burst out from the Five Elements Divine Stone, the strange force it generated directly made a noise like an ear-shaking noise, and even the initiator George Han couldn’t help but be clearly frightened by the shock.

After that, this energy flew all the way forward!

“Mummy, the place is too big.” George Han was a little depressed.

It’s not good if the place is too small, but it’s obviously not good if it’s too big. At least, this energy can be killed. Even if it comes to this time, it still can’t end…

This not only makes George Han look at it for a long time, but more importantly, this If you fly too far, the power will be greatly reduced, so if you try it, the effect may not be very good.

But just when George Han was a little depressed, that energy finally came to an end…

Chapter 3807



” Damn?!”

The second sound is confused, the third sound is speechless…

In fact, he thought that at such a distance, the energy released should be relatively weakened.

But what he could not have imagined was that it would be so weak in front of him.

Shit, it doesn’t even make a sound.

Not to mention George Han’s expectation, it should at least be overwhelming and invincible…

But at least it’s slightly reduced by half, at least there will be a loud noise, and gravel will fly?

what do you mean?

Fired a Squib? !

But just when George Han was very depressed, suddenly, the earth began to shake slightly, accompanied by the sudden release of flying stones at the top of the mountain and the bottom of the mountain, for a while, the anti-Buddha earthquake was coming! !

boom! !



George Han frowned and looked around in a hurry, only to see that even the incomparably strong Earth Fire City began to fall off the walls and crumble.


A loud bang.

George Han followed the prestige, although the sight of the ground was extremely poor, but from a distance, he could see the mountains and rocks rushing down from a distance far ahead.

There, a large area of ​​landslides is taking place!

So that even if the line of sight is extremely poor, George Han can still clearly see the situation there. It’s not how good George Han’s sight is, but the movement in front of him is really too big.

What it linked, even spread all the way to the top of George Han’s head.

Simply, George Han supported him with a burst of energy, which stabilized the situation.

“Isn’t it?” George Han didn’t put any energy on his

head at all.

His eyes stared straight ahead.

Because the scene of the collapse ahead is not elsewhere, but the place where the energy he just sent hit.

Obviously nothing happened after the collision, but now…


George Han suddenly couldn’t help but gasped, and then looked at the Five Elements Divine Stone Lingkong in front of him: “My darling, Are you so powerful?”

Quietly, destroying mountains and stones.

This motherf***er can’t be called perverted, it’s simply outrageous.

Of course, because of this, George Han’s current mind ignited a more absurd and weird idea.

And, be bold!


Needless to say, the healing power of the Five Elements Divine Stone is naturally the key to the savior many times when it has only four colors. Now, when

it is completely full, what is its power?

Regarding this point, George Han must admit that he is very interested.

According to George Han’s estimation, with the current situation, maybe the dead can be rescued by it.

But guesswork requires proof, and it is impossible to find someone else for such a thing, so suicide is the best choice.

However, this risk is a bit high, and it is unlikely that the craziest experimental lunatic in the world will use his own life to conduct experiments, right?

Once you fail, it is equal to the end of your life.

He fought countless George Han in various battles with people, big and small, but he did not die under the enemy’s sword, but died in his own hands. Saying this can not only startle everyone’s teeth, but also make thousands of People laughed to death on the ground.

How should it be done?

George Han touched his chin

, thinking carefully and seriously, until after a moment, George Han patted his head: “Oh, I will go, this fire will burn down and burn my head too? Damn, what am I doing? Have you forgotten about this?”

As soon as he finished speaking, George Han immediately started to take the Five Elements Divine Stone back, and then looked at the scene of the crime he destroyed, and after confirming that there was no one around, this guy turned around in a wretched manner. Fly back towards the city.

At this time, there are already thousands of banquet tables in the city, and the ants are happily feasting on their gluttonous feasts.

Amelia Su also came out of the palace at the warm invitation of the queen ant and walked slowly towards the big red table in the center with the company of the queen ant all the way.

But at this moment, George Han’s figure flew over again from a distance…

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