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Chapter 3804

accompanied by someone’s laughter, not long after, has reached the top.

Afterwards, he opened the upper cover with his infuriating energy, and one person and one beast rushed out of the space and reached the swamp.

At this time, the swampy land was already a piece of rain, and a large amount of water evaporated quickly in the high temperature just now, and after the fire disappeared and cooled down, it turned into water condensation, and finally brushed down.

Almost as soon as one person and one beast came out, the rain drenched them on their bodies, causing them to gasp in smoke.

In such an environment for a long time, although George Han had clearly felt that the temperature in the space was appropriate, in fact, compared with the temperature outside, there was still a huge gap.

The circulating rainwater greatly reduced the temperature. After one person and one beast took a sigh of relief, they headed towards the aisle all the way to the city.

At almost the same time, the city of fire on the ground

was full of surprises and screams!

Because when they were extremely frightened, thinking that this place would be swallowed up by the high temperature, everything around them suddenly became extremely cool.

At least, compared to before, it is really much cooler now.

Therefore, when the ants went through the stage of being heated to death, the sudden coolness made them all cheered and cheered.

And the inside of the palace at this time.

The queen ant and Amelia Su were waiting in the house when they saw a knock on the door of the palace.

After the door opened, there wasn’t any imaginary heat coming from outside. On the contrary, there were bursts of cold air lower than the room.

This confuses the queen.

And almost at the same time, a small leader also rushed out.

“I’ve seen the city lord.”

“What’s so urgent? This outside…” The queen ant heard the sound of hilarity outside, and couldn’t help frowning


“City Lord, the temperature in the city has suddenly dropped a lot, and the people are cheering for it now.”

“Cooling down?” Although the ant queen can feel it, she is clearly shocked when she hears this word: “But Seriously?”

“Deceiving the city lord is a capital offense, how can your subordinates dare to be presumptuous?” the little leader said happily.

The queen ant was also obviously overjoyed, with a smile on her face, looking out of the hall, her excitement was beyond words: “Ha… the city of earth fire has cooled down, the city of earth fire has cooled down.”

She suddenly thought of something . Yes, he turned his head sharply to look at Amelia Su, and said anxiously, “Han… George Han, he should have succeeded.”


Amelia Su stood up abruptly.

“The City of Fire has been scorched for a long time. If George Han hadn’t solved it, why would it suddenly become cooler?” The Queen Ant said happily.

Hearing this, Amelia Su’s

face showed an involuntary smile.

“Go, go out with me to see, maybe he will be back soon.” The queen ant was very excited, she turned around, grabbed Amelia Su’s hand, turned and took her all the way out of the hall.

Outside the hall, the cheers have long been heard, and with the appearance of the queen ants, the noisy ant colony is peaceful.

In the next second, they all knelt to the ground and shouted loudly: “Long live the city lord, long live the city lord.”

Under such a prosperous situation, as the top management of the city, it is natural to enjoy the shouts of the crowd.

The queen ant smiled slightly, waved her hand, and motioned everyone to get up.

After everyone thanked them, they all stood up slowly.

“The blessing of Earthfire is not my doing. You have to thank someone else.”

“If it weren’t for him, I believe that the city of Earthfire will continue its previous state, even until its final destruction.”

” But His

appearance has completely changed these. He successfully persuaded me to rethink our future. Because of this, I agreed to his request, and he did use his own ability to change Our current state of existence.”

“The past of the city of fire will become the past, and the heat and drought will finally bid farewell. Let us first thank the benefactor’s wife, Amelia Su.” After the

words were finished, all the ants knelt again, all together Loudly shouted: “The ant tribe thanks the benefactor’s wife Amelia Su.”

Amelia Su waved her hand a little embarrassedly, but before she spoke, the ant queen beside her suddenly looked up at the ancestral hall, where a light and shadow was passing from the ancestral hall. out, flying straight towards this side.

“My people, your benefactor is here.”

The ants turned back and followed her gaze.

Under everyone’s attention, George Han is flying fast…

Chapter 3805


At the same time, ten thousand ants shouted in unison, the sound was overwhelming and the momentum was brilliant.

George Han was like a flying fairy from the sky. After flying to Amelia Su and the ant queen, he glanced at the crowd of ants below.

“What’s the situation?”

Amelia Su smiled helplessly: “What did you do yourself, don’t you know?” The ant queen also smiled

lightly: “Mr. Han, don’t sell it?”

With a slight swipe, the little dragon ants appeared directly on his palm.

“Everything is going well. It has an accident, and the high temperature in its body has also found a corresponding solution. But…” George Han sighed.

When the queen ant saw the birth of the dragon ant, she naturally knew that this was a big happy event, but before she was too happy, she was forced back by George Han’s sigh in an instant.

She asked worriedly, “

What wrong?”

“Something went wrong,” George Han said.

“Small question?”

George Han nodded, then looked at the little dragon ants.

Seeing that George Han was looking at it, the little dragon ant wagged his little tail: “Father, what are your orders?”

George Han rolled his eyes helplessly, then looked at the two of them, and the meaning was obvious.

“Father? The father of Dragon Ant should not be…” The queen ant did not say the second half of the sentence, but the meaning was already obvious.

Amelia Su was also a little stunned.

“In fact, I have the power of the dragon in my body, and then use the power of the dragon to hatch it, so…” George Han helplessly told the two of them about the general situation.

After listening to these words, the queen ant nodded thoughtfully, but Amelia Su kept forcibly enduring it while laughing.

“So, you picked up a cheap son?” Su

Amelia Su asked with a smile.

George Han looked helpless, nodded and looked at Amelia Su: “We are a couple, don’t just laugh at me, he is my cheap son, do you think it’s not yours?”

“Call Mom!”

Xiaolong Ant Hearing this, she looked at Amelia Su and said, “Mother mother. Your mother is so pretty.”

Amelia Su smiled lightly, and stretched out her fingers to fiddle with the little dragon ants, saying, “You little guy, your little mouth is quite sweet. What’s its name?”

George Han was helpless: “I didn’t choose a name.”

“How about I choose one?”

Before George Han could speak, the little dragon ants jumped happily in George Han’s palm: “Okay. Ah, okay, what does the mother take for the child, what is the child’s name?”

“Nian’er is his sister, so if you make up a good word and make a meaning, let’s call him Han Si?”

“Han Si?” George Han stunned.

Originally they were cheap dads, so if I had to take a name with the surname Han, then it would be a good idea to turn the fake into the real.

“Can’t you?”

George Han shook his head again and again: “Of course, okay, little dragon ant, you will be called Han Si from now on.” After

that, George Han turned his attention to the queen ant.

After all, the little dragon ants belong to the ant family, so although the first is to coax the little dragon ants, and the other is to make Amelia Su happy, these are always just passing scenes.

In the end, everything still needs the ant family to nod.

The queen ant naturally understood what George Han meant, smiled bitterly, shook her head slightly, and whispered in George Han’s ear: “The queen who gave birth to it has no idea how many generations it is, not only can we not be counted as his seniors. , can only be regarded as his junior. Naturally, as his senior, any decision he makes, our junior can only abide by it.”

“Secondly, he has never been born, but

after you came here, Mr. Han, he was born smoothly. , this already shows that some are determined by God, and there is a certain number in the dark.”

“Since this is the case, we should be obsessed with God’s will, not our selfishness.”

“In the end, you helped us solve this problem for many years. , We are sincerely grateful that you are regarded as a person of grace, and you can take care of the core things of our ant clan. In fact, we can’t ask for it very much.”

“So, it is called Han Si, right?”

George Han was slightly surprised. , but still nodded: “Okay, let’s settle this first, and there is one more thing, I want to ask the queen.”

“Mr. Han, why are you polite? If you have something to say, just tell me.”

“Can you give it to me? I’m looking for an open space? I want to study one of my things?”

“Open space?”

“Yes, the bigger the better!” The

queen ant was obviously taken aback, but then suddenly smiled…

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