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Chapter 3800

that stone anti-Buddha is really spiritual, can hear moving words, almost just in the voice of Han 3,000 people and one beast During the fall, it began to show its attitude and strength.

It suddenly released a larger flame from its body, and then rushed towards George Han.

Originally, George Han couldn’t hold on to the current fire, and he could only pray that it suddenly became smaller to save his life.

George Han had no choice but to widen his eyes and watch the huge flames come more and more towards him.

“Forget it, I give up.” George Han gave a wry smile, withdrew most of the true energy to protect the meridians, and turned them all on the barrier to protect the little dragon ants.

It is small, and its energy cover can naturally be fine and thin. Compared with George Han, no matter how you look at it, it is more likely to survive the fire.


, no, no, no, no, the child is willing to live together with you, and the child does not want to be an orphan as soon as he is born.” Looking at George Han anxiously, Xiaolongyi shouted sadly.

But seeing George Han’s resolute eyes, there was no intention to change his mind at all, the little dragon ant suddenly turned his head away from the stone, and said angrily: “You hateful guy, you only harm me on weekdays, and I still think about it today. To persecute my father, mother****er, I will fight with you.” As the

words fell, the little dragon ant gritted his teeth and rushed towards the sea of ​​​​fire, aiming directly at the red stone deep inside.

George Han’s thoughts were all on the energy cover that would be the last support for the little dragon ants, and he never expected that this little thing would suddenly attack the red stone.

At this time, it was impossible for him to hold it.


With a light drink, George Han

couldn’t take care of that much anymore. Anyway, his end was already visible, so it would be better to save one more before dying.

Between the teeth, George Han followed closely and chased away.


There was a sea of ​​fire, even with the energy shield given by George Han to protect it, but without George Han’s energy support, it was obviously difficult to stop the fire, and the little dragon ants kept screaming and screaming as they rushed.

The shield of the whole body began to dissipate in the fire, and its skin began to melt in the fire!

At the critical moment, George Han has already arrived, and he can really hang the little dragon ant again, and barely maintain the energy cover for it!

“Confused, come back.”

Although George Han shouted urgently behind him, the little dragon ants who were more protected by George Han, the more at this moment, the hatred for “killing the father and the enemy” in front of him. Its bones drink its blood, and the offensive does not decrease but increases!

Seeing that it

was getting closer and closer to the red stone, and the flames around it became more and more provocative, George Han knew very well that the little guy’s situation became more and more dangerous.

“Originally, I could live a little longer, forget it!” He sighed helplessly.

George Han had no choice. He simply gave up the last bit of energy in his body to support the meridians, and transported all of it into his dantian. With a little push, he accelerated towards Xiaolong Ant.

George Han’s speed was suddenly extremely fast, but during this fast flight, his body began to carbonize and coke continuously.

From its feet, to its hands, to its torso, and even… to its face!

But even so, George Han’s speed never stopped!

Finally, before the little dragon ant was about to reach the redstone, he completed the overtake, directly hugged the little dragon ant in his arms, and then used his back to hit the redstone.

and almost

After George Han completed this series of operations, he let out his last breath, closed his eyes, and fell into a moment of confusion.

Seeing that George Han closed his eyes, Xiaolongyi was completely anxious.

“No, no, no, my father, my father.”

In the space, there is a sound of sadness. No one can understand the sadness in Xiaolong Ant’s heart at this time, and no one can understand a child who has not been born for many years. , but soon after seeing its so-called “father”, it was heartbreaking to see him die in front of him.

“Bastard bastard, I’m not finished with you! Ah!!”

He roared angrily, he didn’t care about anything else, he held George Han’s body, and quickly and desperately slammed into the stone!

boom! ! !

One person, one beast and one stone, accompanied by a huge crashing sound, completely collided at this moment!

Chapter 3801


At that moment, the entire world of Buddha prevention suddenly became quiet.

Along with time and the flaming flames, Anti-Buddha also stopped.

But this tranquility and stillness lasted only about a second.

What followed was the crazy shaking of the entire space!

However, in the next second, the fire did not recede, but became more ferocious.


The fire ignited George Han’s body!


It also ignited the little dragon ants at this time!

Although “father and son” work together to be touching, touching is never a weapon, let alone kill anyone.

There is only one ending to sticking into the red stone like this, and it is also the ending that George Han had expected before. The temperature there will only be higher, and the reminder to the lives of the two can only be more urgent.

The fire burned, and the bodies of the “father and son” even cracked.

But George Han had long since lost consciousness, and

the little dragon ants without protection gradually came to the end of their lives.

Perhaps, it is a good thing for them to be one person and one beast. At least, they don’t have to be tortured by high temperature anymore, and they don’t have to suffer from the burning of their bodies.

Quiet, everything becomes quiet.

Everything seems to be coming to an end.

But it seemed that, after only a moment, someone, again, disagreed.

At least, this person may be George Han!

Almost at this moment, a faint white light suddenly appeared in George Han’s body!

Then, another green light!

After that, another yellow light…

In the end, four-color light slowly emerged from George Han’s body!

Immediately afterwards, something flew out of George Han’s body!

It’s a stone!

And the four rays of light are exactly what it emits.

If George Han is awake at this time, he will definitely be able to clearly recognize that this

stone is nothing but the Five Elements Divine Stone!

The four-color light is precisely the light emitted by the four traces that appeared on the stone after it was swallowed by the four-bead stone.

It is no longer like before, or generating water and wood power to nourish George Han and repair George Han, but instead shines itself brightly, which is truly beautiful.

But the strange thing is that at the moment when it rose, the fierce fire around it was like preventing the Buddha from encountering something terrible.

They start to back down, and then, start to go out again.

Finally, the range of extinguishing is getting wider and wider.

Not only the fire around the Five Elements Divine Stone was extinguished, but even George Han’s body began to disappear from the flames, and finally, the scope began to expand.

Within a few meters of George Han’s body, within tens of meters, even within hundreds of meters, even… within the entire space!

All the flames began to

go out, and the ultra-high temperature began to drop.

Even… that fiery red stone was dimly red at this time, and it seemed that it was about to enter its final extinction state.

Da da da!

The Five Elements Divine Stone suddenly turned slightly.

Immediately after that, it went faster and faster!

And almost at the same time, the red stone began to slowly retreat, as if it was very afraid, very afraid.

It’s retreating!

But this kind of retreat did not last long. When it retreated a distance of ten meters, suddenly, it also began to rotate following the trajectory of the Five Elements Divine Stone.

Both turn faster and faster.

Until the end, the rotation speed of the Five Elements Divine Stone had reached the extreme, and when I looked around, I could see that the four colors of light were mixed together, and the red one was also running at a high speed, leaving only one red light.

In the next second,

something even more miraculous happened.

The two stones, which were originally far apart, began to slowly approach at this time.

Like two magnets, they attract each other without the help of any external force.

Ten meters, five meters, one meter, and finally the two are almost completely attached.

After a few seconds, they began to merge with each other, and their own four-color light and fiery red light also began to intersect.

In the end, they were mixed together, and it seemed that they had completely become one individual, and the light they radiated from each other was completely combined from two strands into one!

That light, the five colors are one, it is really beautiful.

A few seconds later, the rotation speed began to slow down, the five lights became more beautiful, and the body of the central Five Elements Divine Stone gradually returned to its body.

The red stone was gone, and in its place was the Five Elements Divine Stone with a red mark at this moment!

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