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Chapter 3794

Boom! ! !

Silver explosion!

The entire space is completely shrouded in the explosion of light!

The sky and the earth suddenly turned silver.

And almost at the same time, the carbonized surroundings also exploded in the silver light flashes, and they turned into a bubble under the impact.

Gradually, the silver light dissipated, and everything around was silent.

Everything, back to normal.

It’s just that, at the place where the black carbon was lying, it was no longer the incomparably black thing just now, but a splendid person.

“I’ll go.”

With a low voice, George Han opened his mouth, and a puff of black smoke emanated from his mouth.

He shook his head speechlessly, trying hard to recall what happened before. After the fire passed, he only felt that his whole body was cooked.

After that, he lost consciousness.

When he opened his eyes, it was already now.

f***, where are you?

George Han looked around suspiciously.

The flames are still there, but almost much smaller. Logically speaking, although the fire is small, because the space is relatively closed, the temperature should be extremely high, but George Han can clearly feel it at this time. Even if he does not support any protection, the temperature here is very high. Make it feel appropriate.

Even… soothing!

I really saw his motherf***er.

Is this the same place as before?

It doesn’t feel like it, but there seems to be no other evidence to prove it.

“Father, this is the same place as before.”

Just when George Han was very depressed, a voice sounded appropriately at this moment.

The key point is that this voice does not come from other directions, but prefers to come from George Han.

George Hanyi sat up directly, and

the whole person shuddered: “Who, who is talking?”

“My father, it’s me, it’s me, don’t panic, don’t be afraid.” A timely response sounded.

Almost at the same time, George Han also felt that something was wriggling in his chest.

He looked down, but saw a small red earthworm moving around on his chest.

George Han was obviously stunned, and frowned, “Who are you?”

“Father, I am your son.” The little earthworm raised his head and looked at George Han pitifully.

what the hell? ?

Where did the son come from? !

“Egg, egg, egg.” Seeing George Han’s puzzled expression, he hurriedly said.


George Han was stunned?

Suddenly, he suddenly remembered the giant egg, and he was dumbfounded on the spot: “You…you won’t tell me, you are the

giant egg, right?”

“Yes, I am the egg.”

“It would be strange if you were that egg. Didn’t you just now feel hostile towards me? Why did your attitude not only change in a blink of an eye, but also…you called your father?” George Han was puzzled.

“Hey, I was naughty before, and I don’t even know that you are my father, so naturally I’m welcome.” He chuckled.

“The problem is that I’m not your father now?” George Han looked at himself and then at him after he finished speaking.

One is an earthworm, and the other is an earthworm. No matter how you look at it, this body type is not the same.

“Is the father still angry because of the attitude of the boy just now?” It looked at George Han pitifully.

George Han’s head is big, where is this, he George Han is not so stingy, but the fact is…


really can’t be his father.

“My father ignored me. I was abandoned by my father from the moment I was born. If I knew this, what was the meaning of my birth?” It seemed to be in a depressed mood. Judging from the movements of the thousand chests crawling down and falling all the way, they have already shown it most vividly.

Seeing its appearance, George Han is even more headed: “You have to say that I abandoned you, okay, then I will ask you a question first.”

Hearing George Han’s words, the little earthworm, who had lost his energy, suddenly came. After regaining his energy, he turned his head and looked at George Han: “Father, please ask me, the child must know

everything and say everything.” George Han couldn’t help but rolled his eyes in frustration. Just like his father.

“Why do you have to think that I am your father?” George Han asked.

Chapter 3795

It doesn’t seem to think much about it, and replied: “Because the child was hatched by the father.

” , the child will not be born.”

“Since I exist in this world, I have been in the egg for so many years, it is because the father did not come to hatch me, so I can only wait in it.”

“This Evidence, isn’t it enough?”


George Han’s first reaction was that a picture of a hen hatching an egg appeared in his mind. At the same time, he was very embarrassed and was sure that he had never done this before?

“Hey, when my father just wanted to take me out of here, because I resisted so hard, the temperature here was uncontrolled and increased rapidly.”

“In order to protect me, my father not only blocked the fire for the

child , but also Pushing the child into the ground with an extremely strong force, did the father forget it so quickly?” it said.

George Han thought for a while, but he didn’t have amnesia, of course he still remembered these things.

“That’s right, the child was hatched by the power of the father.”

“The child is a dragon ant, born from the mother’s body as an ant, but the dragon’s breath in the body has not been awakened, and it needs to rely on the father’s dragon power. Can it be activated, isn’t the power of the dragon in the power of the father who pushed the child into the ground just now?”

“The father hatched the child, isn’t that a fact?” it said.

Hearing this genius-like logic, George Han really wondered if he was talking to a newly hatched gadget. It felt like an adult guy was talking.


“I did hit you with energy, but the problem is… I’m a human, and I don’t have the power of a dragon.” George Han said depressedly.

“Yes, if the father does not have dragon power, how can the baby be hatched? Hee hee!”

Hee hee, a good mother, hee hee, and George Han was numb on the spot.

Why did George Han suddenly have the illusion of being a father?

And this kind of love to be a father is really the kind of irony.

However, in an instant, George Han suddenly understood.

The little earthworm didn’t mess around here, but seemed to ignore something.

The heart of the dragon.

Because of excessive consumption, most of the energy used by George Han at this time is the energy stored in the heart of the dragon family.

The heart of the dragon family itself is the treasure of the dragon family, giving the dragon family

unlimited power!

Naturally, it is not surprising that the energy stored in the heart of the dragon family has dragon power.

That is to say, under the circumstances, George Han met the conditions required for the hatching of the little earthworms.

It’s just too much of a coincidence, isn’t it?

Coincidentally, I

got a cheap son for nothing.

However, no matter what, if it considers itself as a father now, it is better than it is fighting to the death with itself, right? !

“Okay, but I’m your godfather.” George Han urged.

“Lord Father is Lord Father, why do you do Lord Father?” It was puzzled.

“I…that’s godfather, not godfather.” George Han rolled his eyes: “Don’t you think godfather is very eloquent? Besides, is there any ambiguity in it?”

“Okay, Lord Father.” “I…” George Han said helplessly, ” Forget

it, call it whatever you want, you can call it whatever you like.”

“Yes, Lord Father.”

However, unable to compete, George Han chose to give up.

“Speaking of business.” George Han got up, then moved his muscles and bones, and after confirming that there was no major problem with his body, he looked at the little earthworm: “I took you out of here, since you are born now, it is better , is far more convenient than taking a giant egg out.”

“Let’s get out of here.”

George Han stretched out his palm and let him climb up, wanting to take him away.

Unexpectedly, the little earthworm at this time shook his head desperately: “Father, we… now… can’t do without here.”

George Han suddenly frowned: “Why?”

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