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Chapter 3790

“I want you to control.”

In just three words, the words are also very vague, but in this kind of unmanned In the environment, George Han could still hear these three words clearly.

Come on, who’s talking? !

George Han tilted his head and turned to look at the giant egg beside him: “Is that you?”

“Haha, it’s kind of like babbling, it’s kind of interesting.” George Han smiled slightly.

“Okay, since you can talk, things will be much easier to handle.”

“Little thing, how about uncle take you out of here?”

“Grandpa and uncle for a while, are you a pervert?”

Hearing this, George Han was stunned for a moment, then smiled: “I taught you a lesson before, of course you didn’t choose what to say. But now, since you can talk, you know human feelings, so I will be more polite. Do you understand

? Don’t do this, you pervert, I tell you, I won’t go anywhere except

here , you can’t take me anywhere.”

“If you are disobedient like this, uncle is welcome.”

“Come on, If you dare to pull me again, I’ll let you throw a dog into the mud.”

George Han’s angry beard blew, and in the next second, he exerted force directly under his feet, and a little egg tip flew into the air.

When flying to mid-air, George Han’s yin and yang energy directly merged, wrapped around the giant egg, and lifted it up with force.

Almost at the same time that George Han exerted force, the giant egg also seemed to be like an octopus. The vines under the egg directly grabbed the ground, not only directly resisting the upward movement, but also dragging George Han down frantically.

“Stinky boy, you dare to compete with me. Do you think that you will win once you win? Naive!” George Han laughed coldly and snorted: “Uncle will play with you one more time today.

” Falling, George Han suddenly exerted force with both hands, and went straight to the frantic

pulling mode.

And the egg also grabbed the ground with even greater strength in an instant, and the two were directly caught in a tug of war.

You pull me, it’s a competition of pure power.

Theoretically speaking, George Han is naturally the one who suffers a loss. He is in the sky and has no attachment point of focus, so the effort is naturally far greater than normal.

But theories are always theories, and the real facts are in the confrontation. George Han, who should be at a disadvantage, has an invisible advantage.

The filaments on the egg surface began to break continuously. Although new ones continued to grow out to re-grip the ground, the breaking speed far exceeded the speed of its regrowth.

In a twinkling of an eye, the situation of the dome has turned a corner.

However, it didn’t look worried at all. Instead, it sneered with its childish words: “What? Do you feel that you have an advantage? You are about to win?”


around your energy shield, Old stubborn.”

Hearing what he said, George Han looked sideways, and he was shocked.

Because all the power was poured into the pulling of the hands in a large area, the energy supporting the energy shield was transferred away in a large amount, so that the stability of the entire barrier was greatly affected. In the high temperature, the energy shield was almost unable to support it. Completely broken.

George Han was very depressed. Seeing that he was about to succeed, he came at the door…

Now it is difficult to ride a tiger.

“You little thing, play with me and choose one of these two glasses of poisonous wine, right?” George Han couldn’t help but let out a bitter smile: “However, uncle tells you, uncle doesn’t drink either.” The

voice fell . , George Han suddenly stimulated the heart of the dragon clan, and continuously took out a large amount of True Qi to support him.

Its power is divided into two ways, one way to stabilize the energy shield, and

one way to directly attack the two.

Suddenly, while the energy cover was raised, the egg was also pulled up slowly.

Although the giant egg is indeed difficult to deal with, if the dignified George Han can’t even deal with this little thing, how can he deal with the thousands of troops?

Although, this giant egg did cause great trouble to George Han.

“Little thing, try the feeling of flying.” George Han smiled and tried harder. The egg, which had almost been dragged up, had nothing to catch, and flew straight up, showing a parabolic shape. The potential directly followed George Han into the sky.

boom! !

Almost as soon as this egg got up, the fires in the surrounding area also moved wildly, and the fires here in Anti-Buddha also entered a period of ferocity, and George Han was bound to be directly annexed…

Looking at the wild fires all around, even if At this time, George Han suddenly put away the smile on his face, and the whole person was stunned…

Chapter 3791

In the judgment of George Han, the sudden huge flame should not be underestimated.

In addition, the surrounding itself is extremely high temperature, and even if it is as strong as oneself, it cannot be resisted by the energy shield alone.

“Damn, I’ll show you another place to play.”

George Han didn’t dare to give in at all. He turned around instead of going up, and went down to the ground below.

The earth can dissipate heat, and there is water. If it is coupled with its own energy cover and the protection of the Five Elements Divine Stone’s hydraulic power, the problem should not be big, even if the fire is as fierce as a tiger.

Thinking of this, George Han’s downstroke speed was directly increased by several grades, trying to plunge into the soil with the egg.

Using the sword to clear the way, although it is impossible to enter the ground like a pangolin, George Han believes that it is more than enough to enter the soil to

hide danger.

But the problem is, with the bang, George Han directly got into the soil, and the eggs behind him were also brought into the ground, but the problem is… the

eggs are too big, and they are consuming George Han After a thousand extremely fast speed and impact, it… stuck in half.

“Damn it!”

George Han scolded lowly, isn’t this a ****ing ostrich?

Don’t care about the head and tail!

If it goes on like this, he will definitely be fine, but George Han really doesn’t know what this egg will become under this fire.

With a depressed scolding, George Han reflexively rushed to give up the hiding place, and after breaking out of the ground from the other side, he flew directly above the egg.

“That’s too late.”

George Han gave a gloomy low voice, this ferocious fire

seemed like a mad tiger, and there were only two options at the moment.

One, go back in by yourself, maybe everything is too late, the price is that no one knows whether the dragon ant egg is alive or dead.

Second, he pushed the egg into the ground with all his strength, but at the cost of not being able to hide, he would surely burn himself into flames.

Among the dilemmas, the former has an advantage, that is, the dragon ant egg has lived here for a long time, and may not be afraid of the fire, while the disadvantage of the latter is that when the fire came, he was pushing the egg.

In other words, George Han had to face this fire without even having a chance to consolidate the energy shield.

So, no matter how you look at it, it seems that the first option is the most beneficial to George Han.

“But the question is, who made Lao Tzu a person with an unshakable conscience.” With an angry curse, George Han

directly moved his hand.

Suddenly, the huge force in his hand pushed the giant egg madly into the ground!

Crazy fire is coming.


With George Han’s final effort, the giant egg finally went directly into the ground, and George Han was also directly swallowed by the raging fire…

At almost the same time, on the ground fire city above the swamp.

The queen ant had just sealed the secret road again, and just as she was about to leave, she suddenly felt that the entire city was shaking slightly.

Experience told her that something might have happened.

At least in the swamp land, something must have happened.

She wanted to open the door, but just gave up after a little hesitation.

Under the circumstances, how could she help?

She got up in a hurry, rushed out of the ancestral hall in a panic, and then went straight

Fly over the city and get a bird’s-eye view of the entire city of fire.

At this time, in the city of fire, almost all the people came out of their nests, and people stood on the street one after another, panicking that the ground was shaking.

At the altar, Amelia Su also sat up directly from the barrier.

She knew that something happened to George Han.

Glancing at the avatar belonging to George Han lying beside her, the avatar was already transparent and extremely unstable, and she couldn’t help frowning.

The avatar and the real body are connected, so if anything happens to the avatar, it means that something must have happened to George Han.

Just when Amelia Su was worried, suddenly, something that made her even more worried happened.

The avatar of George Han lying beside her suddenly disappeared completely at this moment…

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