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Chapter 3788

What the hell is this?

Even George Han was confused and completely dumbfounded.

How big is this thing to lay such a big egg?

play? !

However, in addition to being shocked, George Han couldn’t help frowning.

He suddenly remembered that the queen ant once said that this dragon ant egg has changed over time.

It’s just that at that time, it just changed from very small to generally small.

She probably didn’t know that, after countless years, this normal-sized egg had grown into such a terrifying shape.

“This is too ****ing big, isn’t it?” George Han was so depressed that he didn’t know how to start.

However, no matter how big it is, George Han’s task must be to bring it out.

As for the rest of the follow-up, George Han doesn’t know.


the Dragon of the Silver Armor didn’t say anything.

It really doesn’t work, call this thing in his face.

When he thought of it, he did it. George Han directly moved his hands, and two energies came out from his left and right hands respectively, and slowly embraced the giant egg.

After confirming that the control is stable, George Han directly accelerated and flew upwards, and at the same time dragged the giant, all the way up.


As George Han’s strength rose, the giant egg obviously moved slightly, but after it moved, it suddenly stopped moving, neither rising nor falling, on the contrary, George Han suffered.

That feeling is as if you thought you were going to pull something to get up, but when you pulled it, the thing was as heavy as a mountain. Not only did it not move, but George Han bounced back directly because of the force.


With a loud noise, George Han was directly pulled back to the dome and hit a sturdy one.

Coupled with the extremely high temperature of its body

, George Han’s collision not only made him dizzy, but more importantly, the high temperature directly burned half of his energy cover.

Without the full protection of the energy shield, George Han’s water created by the Five Elements God Stone was instantly atomized, and his exposed body was also madly burned in an instant.

George Han bared his teeth and grinned in pain, it was extremely painful!

In a panic, he restarted the energy, and then barely stabilized the situation, but when he looked at his body again, at least half of the area had been severely burned by the high temperature.

If it weren’t for the protection of the body of the Seventh Spirit Monkey now, in the past, I am afraid that the meat must be rotten and the bones are cooked.

“****, how could this be?” George Han scolded in a low voice.

Anyway, the current George Han is completely different, so relying on his strength, although this egg is a bit outrageous, it is definitely nothing more than a piece of cake


But how could this be so?


George Han glanced at the giant egg strangely, but he didn’t know if he didn’t look at it. At first glance, George Han frowned.

I don’t know when, the side of this strange egg that was off the ground had grown numerous very thin, filamentous tentacles. They emerged from the egg and spread all the way into the ground.

It is they who should be the “culprits” that really prevent this monster from leaving the ground.

But the strange thing is, if George Han remembers correctly, in the past, although the egg was big, the surface was clean and nothing else.

how come……?

“Damn, aren’t you conscious?” The huge question made George Han completely forget the pain, and he couldn’t help but turn all his attention to this egg.

This egg, the more you look at it, the more strange it is, and the more strange it is, the more strange it is.

It’s like

a red-hot rock, it doesn’t look like it has life, but the more you feel it, it seems to be telling you with some kind of silent protest that it has life.

Weird, weird.

Totally weird.

George Han has never seen such a weird egg.

He bent down and touched the tentacles lightly with his hands, only to find that those tentacles were like bubbles, as long as they were lightly touched with his hands, those things instantly vanished into bubbles.

Damn, that’s it… Is it really possible that George Han would be forced to retreat instead of advancing, and then stumble and fall in a state of embarrassment?

No matter how you think, it seems impossible.

But it happens… Apart from these things, George Han can’t seem to find any other possibility…

Just when George Han was looking at these in a daze, suddenly, accompanied by a loud bang, the vision suddenly changed…

Chapter 3789

For a while, the mountains shook, suddenly.

The giant egg in front of you is moving!

Yes, it moved.

Like a tumbler, it swayed in place.

The force is not large, but every time it moves, it is enough to make the place tremble.

George Han frowned, took a few steps back, and looked at the shaking dome in surprise.

What does it mean? !

George Han touched his head strangely, and felt a little hesitant for a while.


Suddenly, the giant smashed directly towards George Han by a large amount.

“Damn it!”

George Han scolded in a low voice. He didn’t expect that it would suddenly increase by a large margin, and even attack him directly and overwhelmingly.

In a hurry, George Han could only tilt his body and hurry to hide.

boom! !

Almost as George Han leaned down and kept backing

himself , the huge egg also fell down by rubbing his feet.

Even George Han has already experienced hundreds of battles, but he has to sigh, how thrilling!

So little at night, even if his body can’t be as fast as he thought in his mind, then he will be completely finished today, and his legs will be crushed. Deadly.

“Something’s wrong.” George Han shook his head and reorganized his thoughts.

Is this thing random?

Now, it doesn’t seem like it.

At least he grabbed the ground to stop him from taking it away, and now, he suddenly kept falling back towards him. No matter how he looked at it, it was more like a self-conscious resistance…

So, something was wrong!

It’s really not right!

It is conscious!

George Han’s eyes suddenly became sober and vigilant, and he was almost preconceived

, so he was sloppy.

Who says that an egg that is not born must be a dead egg and must be unconscious?

As long as the egg is not dead, then it may have its consciousness, but it may not meet the conditions for being born.

Thinking of this, George Han directly retreated a few meters and kept a safe distance, and couldn’t help sneering: “I almost let you fool your ass.”

“I think George Han was wise, but I was crushed to death by an egg. , Wouldn’t it be laughter to say this? Little things, wait for me, your grandfather Han has come to clean you up and let you be naughty with me.” After the

words were finished, George Han’s body accelerated and immediately rushed over.

And almost when George Han was about to arrive, the egg leaned back, and then rebounded and attacked, as if he was going to collide with George Han to the death.

But George Han is not stupid. This egg has an

eggshell, but he George Han is flesh and blood. Why should he collide with it?

Besides, George Han didn’t plan to spend too much energy in front of this guy.

It just flashed slightly, took advantage of the situation to avoid it, stepped directly on the egg, and then took advantage of the situation to fly together, looking at the egg with a smirk.

Although George Han did not speak, his actions were already full of provocation.

Almost at the same time, the egg also seemed to feel George Han’s contempt, and when his body moved, he slammed into George Han again.

Speaking of talent just now, under George Han’s preconceived notions, he was completely unprepared. If this guy played a surprise attack, George Han would indeed suffer from repeated losses.

However, with George Han taking precautions, in terms of George Han’s body technique, although the giant egg is big, the problem is that it is clumsy.

Therefore, after just a

few minutes , George Han was still as light as a swallow, and his whole body might not even be sweating.

On the other hand, the giant egg was slammed into the east and west, although it was impossible to perceive its hard work from its face, breathing, etc. But it is enough to judge from its slower and slower operation that it is already exhausted.

“How is it, little guy, do you want to continue to attack your grandpa Han?” George Han smiled lightly, and his toes landed on the tip of the egg again.

The guy seemed to be very annoyed that someone stepped on it like this, it might be like someone stepped on his head. Even if it was obviously slow, it still shook vigorously, as if to declare its dissatisfaction.

“If you move further, your temperature may be higher, but there is not that much water here.” George Han smiled.

But what made it extremely unexpected was that at this time, a voice suddenly appeared…

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