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Chapter 3784

Watching George Han is about to use it to turn the key, the red ant queen is very worried, and even her hands do not feel raised , making a surrender.

From her expression, ZhongGeorge Han could feel her despair and helplessness at this time.

“As long as you don’t open it, I…I will listen to you.” The queen ant saw that George Han had stopped, so her tone became softer and pleading.

George Han frowned and did not speak for a while.

Not long ago, this ant queen still looked like you were alive and dead, but in the blink of an eye, this attitude made a 180-degree turn.

While this was really surprising, it also made George Han understand what was unusual at the moment.

“Why are you so nervous here?” George Han looked at her puzzled.

She hesitated for a while, but in the end she lowered her head and refused to explain, as if there was something


“I’m entrusted, and if you won’t tell me what’s at stake, there’s nothing I can do but keep doing what I’m going to do. So, I’ll activate the key.”

“But if you’re willing to say it, I will weigh the pros and cons, and maybe make a different choice.” As the

words fell, George Han looked at the queen indifferently.

The queen ant heard the words, thought for a while, and raised her eyes to look at George Han. In fact, what George Han said was not unreasonable, but the question was whether George Han was worth trusting.

There is no answer to this question right now, but whether there is an answer or not, she also understands one thing.

It was her only option.

“Okay, I can tell you what you were looking for when someone asked you to come here.”


“A dragon egg, or rather, an ant egg.”

“What do you

mean ? It’s a dragon again. The egg is an ant egg again.”

She sneered: “You only heard that the dragon has nine sons, but you don’t know that the dragon has not only nine sons, but ten thousand sons, right?”

“The so-called nine, to a certain extent, does represent a number. The nine above, but in fact it is more of a metaphor of infinity.”

Although George Han was slightly startled, he also knew that the ancient nine meant infinity. After being reminded in this way, I feel that it makes some sense.

“Dragon ants are one of them. So, do you now understand what a dragon egg is, or an ant egg?”

“However, unfortunately, all kinds of species produced by dragons and other species have become famous, but only dragon ants are I can never be born.”

“Why?” George Han asked curiously.

“I don’t know, the dragon is the strongest thing and the ant is the smallest thing. The dragon clan lured me to the ant queen under the banner that everything is equal. I’m afraid even the gods can’t stand it, so I gave

birth to a strange dragon ant. Take the egg as punishment.”

“This dragon ant egg is red and extremely hot, not to mention that it has not been born for many years, it has brought us endless disasters just because it is not born.”

“You came from the crater of the volcano. Come, you should know how long it took to get to us, right?”

George Han had to admit that it took him and Amelia Su a lot of time to come in, which is enough to prove that the City of Earth Fire actually exists how deep.

“Many years ago, in fact, we were only a few meters away from the top of the mountain.” The queen ant smiled bitterly: “It’s all because of its existence that we keep sinking and sinking.”

“Perhaps, if you are lucky, you can at least find us. If a hundred thousand years pass, many things will be unknown.”

George Han frowned slightly: “You

mean, the city of fire has always been Is it sinking? Even this swamp?”

“That’s right.”

“And, if I heard correctly, this sinking has something to do with the dragon ant egg?” George Han asked curiously.

“It’s not related, but it can be said completely, because of it.” The queen affirmed.

Hearing this, George Han’s brows furrowed even tighter for a while, and the whole person couldn’t help but be completely aroused by this strange dragon ant egg.

It is strange enough that an egg has not been born all the time, and it has directly lowered the entire city of fire and the swamp by at least a few kilometers and a distance of nearly ten thousand meters.

This is too much, right?

George Han really wanted to know what kind of egg this is, and why this egg created such a “feat”.

Thinking of this, George Han looked at the ant queen…

Chapter 3785

“It’s strange to say, from the birth of this egg, it is very strange. This egg is full of red, when the queen is born It’s the size of a grain of rice, but in just three days, it has grown to the size of a goose egg.”

“The most important thing is that its temperature is abnormally high.”

“How high? It can almost burn.”

” At that time, our clansmen wanted to throw it away, but everyone unexpectedly discovered that the eggs were wriggling with life. That is to say, this is our clansmen who survived, and the ant queen also thought of that bastard. The dragon, I even believe what the goddamn dragon said, when the dragon ants come out, the ant clan rises up, so how can they bear to kill them.”

“So, the ant clan takes good care of him, in order to lower his eggs. Wen, even moved his family to the side of the giant river, using the water of the giant river to cool his temperature, so that he could have a relatively safe place to wait for the broken eggs to

emerge .

” , In order to protect it conveniently, the people of the ant family first built a residence by the river, and later even developed into a small city. And the giant river was also burned dry by it during the cooling for many years, and gradually withered, forming a Swamp.” George Han couldn’t help sighing after hearing the words: “So, this is the reason why Earthfire

City was finally built on the swamp.”

She nodded: “Yes.”

, but it is not as big as the swamp at the moment. The reason why it has its current shape is entirely because the ant family saw that the river was starting to dry up. It’s getting bigger and bigger.”

George Han nodded slightly: “Even after reaching a certain level, start to pump groundwater?”

She nodded.


George Han understood. To put it simply, the egg they laid was more like a burning water-sucking monster. A little bit of absorption eventually led to a continuous drop in the water level. In order to maintain the water source, the ant family kept absorbing water. The swamp needs to be developed deeper into the ground.

In the end, the entire city continued to descend with the swamp, and the soil that was dug up piled up again into mountains, which dried up and formed the continuous shape seen before…

“No wonder the mountains outside are like that… “

It’s no wonder that all the way down, there is no trace of water all around.

Now, George Han finally understood all this.

Thinking about such a huge earth-shaking change, I have to sigh that the ant family is indeed powerful.

“Now, I understand why you hate dragons so much.” George Han nodded.

“The dragon family has kept my ant family

trapped here forever and ever, day after day, year after year, paying for what he did in the past. They are not sluts, so what are they?”

“That dragon ant egg is also His child, has he even seen it once?”

“Now, why do you want to take it away by sending two people suddenly?”

Faced with these questions, George Han had to admit that the people of the Dragon Clan really did. Not qualified to take away this dragon ant egg.

With a sigh, George Han glanced at the queen ant: “From your point of view, I can understand your position, but as an intermediary, I don’t know whether to say something or not.” The

queen ant hesitated for a while. , finally nodded: “Go ahead.”

“Since this dragon ant egg has brought you so much pain and suffering, have you ever thought that if I take it away, it may be good for it, For you, is it a relief


“In your hands, it may never hatch. The people of the dragon family asked me to take it away. Maybe they found a corresponding way.”

“And you, you also have the opportunity to escape from this city of fire. Just like you As I said, the swampy land and the city of earth and fire have been sinking continuously, but one day, the sinking will reach the bottom, so there is no way to go down.”

“At that time, what should the ant family do? The dragon ant eggs may be destroyed because of the high temperature, and your ant family will also be completely wiped out because of this high temperature, right?”

Hearing George Han’s words, the ant queen was obviously slightly stunned.

Have they thought about the possibility that George Han mentioned? Of course I thought about it.

It’s just that reason is sometimes easily overcome by unwillingness, especially the ant family has experienced unwillingness for many years…

After a long time, the ant queen suddenly raised her head…

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