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Chapter 3782

George Han smiled coldly.

The sky fire in the left hand and the moon wheel in the right hand are shot directly.

At the same time, the infuriating qi was surging under the soles of the feet, and the figure became mad. When the jade sword was mentioned, they confronted each other on the spot, and rushed over without giving in at all.

George Han’s head is also extremely fast, and the offensive is fierce.

Between the electric light and flint, the two instantly fought!

It’s sizzling!

Weapons intersect, phosphorescent flakes!

“Is this your counterattack?” The Queen sneered, full of disdain.

“I just don’t want to hurt you.” George Han smiled contemptuously.

“What? Do you still want to set up an archway to be a **?”

“Then I’ll be welcome.” George Han smiled coldly.

In the next second, he started to block the queen ant with one hand, and when the emperor with his left hand came out, at the same time that he turned his offensive, the seventy-two-way divine sword in his right hand rudely attacked directly.

The seventy-two-way Divine Sword attack follows the growing trend and changes many times. With Han

George Han ‘s set of swordsmanship going down, the ant queen is flexible, but the spear in her hand is controlled by the Emperor You, and she can only respond in a panic. Get in a hurry.


But just as she panicked, George Han’s left hand had already withdrawn Emperor You, and Zhang Feng was only half an inch in front of her.

It was obvious that George Han had withdrawn his hand, otherwise, this palm would be enough to kill the queen at least half of her life.

“You lost.” George Han looked at her lightly.

The queen ant was startled at first, she didn’t expect George Han to attack her in such a short time.

But then, the queen ant was full of disdain: “You are so naive and self-righteous, do you really think you will win if you take this palm?”

“If you want to seed, you will take it. Come down. I’ll tell you, I won’t lose.”

George Han rolled his

eyes angrily . In the shadow of the sword and sword, it was a great deal of face for him to be able to control his strength so far. As a result, other people not only didn’t appreciate it, but even sneered at him.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that this kind of remark is more injustice than Dou E.

“Okay, since you don’t appreciate it, then I’m not going to be sentimental anymore.” George Han drank coldly, his left hand gathered his Yin force, and punched him directly.

But after this punch was thrown, George Han felt a little regretful.

The queen did not hide at all.

Although George Han slapped his palm in a moment of depression, it was only a temporary emotion after all. He had no idea to seriously injure or kill the queen ant. However, her refusal to dodge at this time made George Han extremely worried. Unwanted things may happen.

Sure enough, under George Han’s shocked eyes, the palm hit the ant’s back door.


A muffled sound.

The queen ant

flew out several meters upside down, and George Han frowned at the same time.

He slapped his palm down, as if he slapped it directly on an iron plate, and his entire palm was shaken and numb for a while.

What the hell is this? !

George Han looked at his palm in disbelief, and at the same time, at the ant queen who was shot by him.

I saw that she regained her stature at this time, patted the dust on her head indifferently, and looked at George Han with a disdainful smile: “That’s it?”

“Have you not eaten?”

“I remembered, you really haven’t eaten, no wonder you are so weak.”

George Han gritted his teeth: “You…”

“This armor alone can defend against thousands of thousands of people. , you want to hurt me, it’s too early.” She sneered.

George Han wanted to fight back, but after thinking about it carefully, he was suddenly relieved.

Ants are small, but their body structure is

extraordinary .

Thinking of this, George Han gave a bitter smile and shook his head helplessly: “Looking at this situation, I don’t seem to have any other choice.”

“Judging from the strength of your armor, I will either directly break through the defense of your armor with the greatest strength. , or you will never be able to hurt you. In other words, your armor is a part of your body. If I want to win you, I must choose the former, but once the armor is broken, you will also die.”

“It’s a pity that you want me to die. You are still tender.” The Queen sneered.

George Han shook his head helplessly: “I’m afraid it won’t be as you wish.” The

queen snorted disdainfully, and the next second, she suddenly attacked George Han!

Facing the attack of the queen ant, George Han remained unshakable, but his right hand slightly exercised and burned silently.

Immediately afterwards, just as the queen ant directly hit China and George Han, George Han’s right fist suddenly followed…

Chapter 3783


The incomparably sharp spear was supposed to be invincible. With her speed and strength, she believed that even if anyone was standing in front of her, the spear would definitely pierce its stomach.

But the solution at this time, has played a huge joke with her.

With that bang, George Han’s stomach was still intact, but it was the spear, but at this moment it was completely changed into two sections.

Completely broken.

But she didn’t even have time to speak out because of such a surprise, George Han’s huge and ferocious right fist had already attacked frantically!

The reflection of the huge flame kept zooming in and out in her terrified eyeballs…

But just when it completely blocked all her sight, the fireball suddenly disappeared abruptly.

When she looked back suddenly,

she suddenly realized that the huge fireball had actually passed by directly beside her head and slammed into the space behind her.

In other words, George Han deliberately shifted his fist at the last moment and chose to give up the attack.

However, even though it was giving up, the ant queen at this time was just as lingering in fear.

Because obviously, from the terrifying level of the power she just felt at close range, she already knew very well that if such power hit her.

Then there is only one final outcome.

Destruction and death.

In addition, with his full blow, George Han was not injured in the slightest without dodging, so the result of this battle is already very obvious.

She lost!

“Now, do you believe it?” George Han looked at her and said indifferently.


Although there are 10,000 reluctances in my heart, even though there are 10,000 denials in my heart, at this moment, the facts are better than all the eloquence.

Half of the spear in his hand was loosened, and the previous arrogance of the queen disappeared without a trace.

“Okay, I’m defeated.” She nodded: “But all the ant tribes will not be defeated.” As the

words fell, her mouth moved slightly, and a small and sharp voice came out directly into her mouth.

George Han immediately frowned, and when he moved his hand, a burst of energy directly blocked the aisle to prevent any sound from coming.

“Do you want to move rescue soldiers?” George Han asked unhappily.

“You touch the forbidden area of ​​my ant clan, and naturally ten thousand ants will besiege.” She shouted coldly.

“It doesn’t take much effort for me to kill you, not to mention the group of ants? Do you have to force me to do it?” George Han

said impatiently.

“Hmph, I never wish you didn’t kill me, and I even begged you to kill me. Since you were sent by Goulong, I am at odds with you. I’m not afraid to tell you that you’d better kill me, otherwise If you do, I will kill you.” As the

words fell, the ant queen suddenly attacked George Han again.

Although George Han was extremely annoyed, at this moment, he was really helpless. While holding the seal of the aisle, he directly fought against him with one hand.

Thanks to the protection of the armor, this ant queen is in a state of death. Naturally, even if she is as strong as George Hanyi, it will be difficult to resist.

In addition to fighting and retreating, although the form can be stabilized, it is always difficult to stop its momentum.

George Han is actually not afraid of the ant swarm attack, but he is worried that Amelia Su, who is still in the energy circle, will face trouble.

Therefore, the aisle seal cannot be


But if because of this, if you keep being delayed and attacked by the queen, even if you are really an elephant, you will eventually be bitten into the air by the ant, and eventually collapse.

So, there must be a change.

How to change the situation?

George Han frowned, and the whole person fell into hard thinking.

Suddenly, he seemed to remember something.

In the next second, he smiled fiercely, blocked the queen ant with one hand, and released the barrier of the aisle, but his body quickly rushed towards the center of the swamp at this moment.

The queen ant just went to attack the seal of the aisle, but at this moment, she found out that George Han had done such a move.

But just when she arrived, George Han had already taken out the key and put it into the hole in the center.


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