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Chapter 4476

After that, the policeman looked at Hogan and said seriously,

“Sir, we need to take the hard disk in your recorder to retrieve the surveillance video and help solve the case.”

He finished with Hogan, then immediately said to his colleague:

“You go to remove the hard disk, we go straight back,”

“By the way, also take the girl to make a statement.”

“Yes!” The man nodded without thinking, and immediately asked Hogan:

“Sir, where is the hard disk recorder of your surveillance system?”

Hogan said with an embarrassed face:

“Officer, the recorder is there, but there is no hard disk inside ……”

“No hard drive?!” The police officer in charge frowned and asked,

“I see that the working light of your security camera is on, how can there be no hard disk?”

Hogan took out the hard disk that is counter connected and said:

“Look, there is indeed no hard disk, my hard disk has long been broken,”

“Have not bought a new one, my store itself is relatively small,”

“There is nothing malicious people thinking about, so it does not matter whether there is surveillance video or not,”

“So I simply did not change it, so it is the camera only just as a bluff.”

The police officer walked quickly to the front, and found that in the recorder the hard disk space is indeed empty,

The face immediately fell down and he said with a depressed face:

“I should say, sir …… You …… You are too stingy!”

“How much does a hard drive cost? The large capacity is not more than two or three hundred dollars right!”

“How can you even not save this money?”

Hogan said helplessly, “I’m not going to lie, officer, the business in Chinatown is really bad,”

“Usually I try to save some money, but the expenses eat up all my savings at the month’s end.”

The police officer was so angry that he could not say anything for half a day.

However, angry as he is, he also knows very well, that in this kind of thing they have no way.

Since there is no hard disk inside the hard disk recorder,

Naturally, it is impossible to save any surveillance video,

So the boss developed this trick but there is no way to execute it any further.

Since this is the case, there is no point for him to stay here,

So he spoke to the woman and said, “Ms. How about this,”

“You come to the precinct with us first to make a statement,”

“We will try to find other clues to help solve the case.”

The woman was also quite helpless, so she nodded and said, “Okay, then I’ll go with you.”

The police officer turned around and walked out, almost walked to the door,

Turned around and said to Hogan: “Tomorrow hurry to buy a hard drive!”

Hogan quickly nodded and said, “Yes, yes, don’t worry, I’ll go buy it tomorrow!”

The police turned and walked away, and soon saw the two men come to the police car at the door,

Let the woman sit in the back of the police car, started the car, and left the scene.

At this time, only the man and Charlie remained in the store,

Hogan then asked the man to hang a suspended sign at the door.

After hanging it, the man then went to the basement alone to rest,

Hogan sat opposite Charlie and said, “Young Master Wade, the police have been watching my place,”

“I don’t know exactly what it’s about, but I guess it must be related to you.”

“Related to me?” Charlie frowned and asked, “Uncle Chen,”

“Do you mean to say that the two policemen just now are running towards me?”

“It should be.” Hogan said seriously: “You see just now that woman and those two police officers,”

“Acting with so much drama, in fact, just wanted to get the recording,”

“Of my store’s security camera, so much trouble must have another plan.”

Charlie asked with some curiosity, “Uncle Chen,”

“How did you determine that the woman and the two police officers were acting?”

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